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Beginning My Research Paper PowerPoint Presentation
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Beginning My Research Paper

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Beginning My Research Paper
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Beginning My Research Paper

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  1. Beginning My Research Paper How to Get Started

  2. Formatting Your Research Paper • First, be sure you have followed the “Cover Page Directions” PowerPoint. • Go to “View” “Header/Footer” “Insert Page Number” (the first icon) • Change centering to “Align Right.” • Hit “Close.”

  3. Formatting Your Research Paper 5) Change your centering to “Align Left.” 6) Type in your MLA heading (the same one we used in class all year—see “Cover Page Directions” for format. 7) Hit “Enter.” Change your centering to “Center.”

  4. Formatting Your Research Paper 8) Type in a “working title” (a title for-the moment). See “Minilesson 10—Writing an Effective Title” for help. 6) Hit “Enter.” Hit “Tab” once. • Begin typing your introduction --See next slide for help with your Introduction

  5. Drafting Your Introduction • Remember that you want to include the following three elements in your introduction: A. An Attention Getter/Lead B. Background C. Your thesis

  6. A. Experiment withAttention Getters/Leadssuggested at these links:

  7. B. Background Information • Remember that background information will include the who, what, when , and where for your topic. The how and why will usually come in later as your draft your research paper. --See next page for more

  8. B. Background may include i. Important names ii. Literary works iii. Historical background iv. Narrowing of topic v. Definitions vi. Dates vii. Popular opinions

  9. B. Background Information Once you have written your background information, you will want to draft your thesis.

  10. C. Thesis Statement Your thesis consists of your topic, plus your specific assertion (opinion—not in 1st person) about that topic. Thesis = topic + assertion

  11. C. A thesis should --state a position. --not be a fact. --not be too broad. --be proven within the context of your research paper.

  12. C. Sample Thesis Statements

  13. Checking Your Introduction 6) Read through some of the samples provided to see if your introduction passes the test:

  14. Congratulations! You have just finished writing the introduction for your research paper. You are now ready to use your T-notes to write the body of your paper. --See “Body Paragraphs” PowerPoint for help.