swanage 2016 may 11 th 13th n.
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Swanage 2016 May 11 th – 13th PowerPoint Presentation
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Swanage 2016 May 11 th – 13th

Swanage 2016 May 11 th – 13th

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Swanage 2016 May 11 th – 13th

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  1. Swanage 2016 May 11th – 13th

  2. Departure8.50:The children arrive and go straight to the hall. No need to wear school uniform, but children should wear school jumpers. Please drop luggage under coach signs ‘1’ or ‘2’. Children will have been issued with labels for the coach on which they’ll be travelling. The children should keep their hand luggage with them as well as their packed lunch, snack and a drink for the service station stop.9.10:Please say goodbye to your child in the hall and then leave the children to prepare for departure. We ask parents not to wave their children off to avoid any upset.9.20:Class teachers will take the register. 9.30: We depart for Swanage.

  3. Daily AgendaDay 1:11.30: Arrive at Roche Court and eat a packed lunch.3.30: Depart Roche Court4.30: Arrive Alnatt CentreArrive at the centre and unpack. Eat dinner and evening activity.Day 2:We enjoy a ‘long walk’, visiting famous coastal locations and stopping for lunch and to play games. Dinner and evening campfire and songs.Day 3:Beach and town visitsArrive back at school by 5.30pm

  4. Laura Ford Sculptures at Roche Court

  5. Old Harry’s Rock

  6. Letters from HomePlease write a letter to your child and hand it (in a clearly addressed envelope) into the school office before Thursday 5th May. We will give each child their letter at breakfast time on day 2 of the trip.

  7. Food On Day 1, please provide a snack and drink for the journey as well as a packed lunch to eat on arrival. Each day your child will be given breakfast, a packed lunch and a hot dinner. There will always be a selection of food to choose from. If your child has an allergy or dislikes certain foods, we will be aware of this and ensure provisions are made.

  8. GroupingsCoaches: 4R will be travelling on coach 1 and 4M will be travelling on coach 2Dorms: The children have been asked to select 3 friends who they would like to share a dorm with. They will be guaranteed to share with at least one of these friends. The children will be told their dorm groups on arrival.Activities: When the children are involved in activities at the centre, they will be working in small, mixed groups of 14 or 15 with one member of the Allnatt centre staff and a member of the St Stephen’s school staff. The school staff member will stay with that group throughout the week providing continuity through the different curriculum activities.

  9. MedicationYou will have already received a medical form to complete. If your child has to take a prescribed medicine while they are away on school journey can you please make sure that it is clearly labelled with the your child’s name and handed in to Mrs Morrison. If possible, she would like to speak to you beforehand about your child’s medical needs.If your child has asthma they will be required to carry their inhaler with them while out on group activities.

  10. PackingWhat to bringIn the hand out you have received, there is a copy of the suggested packing list for the journey. Please note that we do not want children to bring any items of value that may get lost or damaged. Strictly NO games consoles, i-pods or similar.We also give the children pocket money so there is no need to give extra.Names!As the children will be sharing rooms it is absolutely essential that every item (yes, including socks) is named clearly. We also ask that you involve your child in packing to come away, for two reasons:1. They know what they have actually packed so have a better chance of bringing all their things home. 2. As they will be the ones packing their bags on the way home, it is useful to have had experience of doing it before, including how to fold and fit their clothes into their case!

  11. Swanage 2016 Returning to SchoolOn the return journey we are aiming to leave at about 3.30pm to return to school (hopefully) by 5.30pm. If we are going to be significantly later than this we will activate the phone link.

  12. Any questions?