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  1. Cleopatra Change Seeker By Tasos

  2. Biography • Birth: In 69BC, Cleopatra was born in Alexandria, Egypt. • Married in 51BC. When Cleopatra was 18 she married her brother, Ptolemy. It was only a formality. • Queen In 51BC Cleopatra became queen of Egypt and was driven out in 49BC. Cleopatra was twenty and Ptolemy’s advisers drove her out of Egypt. • Death: Nobody knows for sure how Cleopatra died.They believe it was an asp, a poisonous snake. It was 30BC.

  3. Biography part 2 • Children: Cleopatra had four children:Caesarian, Alexander,Cleopatra and Ptolemy.The first by Caesar and the other three by Mark Antony. Alexander and Cleopatra were twins.

  4. Personal Qualities • Beauty: Cleopatra was a great beauty. • Mind: Cleopatra had a brilliant mind and a good education.She spoke nine languages. • Organized: Cleopatra organized her own army after she got kicked out of Egypt from Ptolemy and his advisers.

  5. Personal Qualities • Splendid: Cleopatra was the most splendid person in ancient Egyptian history, who led world history by her nose. • Kind: She was well liked by her servants because she treated them well.

  6. Motivation Rome: Cleopatra did not want to turn over Egypt to Rome. Save Egypt: Cleopatra wanted to save Egypt. Fighting: This is what helped Cleopatra push her to be the type of person she was, fighting against Rome.

  7. Hardships Loves. She lost her 2 great loves, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony. Egypt. Cleopatra was pushed out of Egypt by her brother, Octavian King of Rome. Overcoming Rome. Cleopatra had to over come Rome when they were attacking her.

  8. Accomplishments • Saving Egypt. Her beauty and elegance saved Egypt by bringing great Roman heroes such as Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony to their knees.

  9. Accomplishments,2 • Age. She lived longer than the average age expected for a women of her time.She died at 39. • Egypt. Cleopatra kept Egypt independent. • Death of her brother. Killing her brother Ptolemy. The reason Ptolemy turned against her was because he wanted to rule and he was ruling when he got married to Cleopatra.

  10. Interesting Information . Ptolemy defeats. Ptolemy defeated Cleopatra. Ptolemy turned against her. • Death of Ptolemy. Cleopatra became Queen again after Ptolemy's death in 51BC.

  11. More • Shakespear. Cleopatra was immortalized by Shakespear in his play Anthony and Cleopatra. • Life story. Her life story has inspired playwrights, and movie makers,making her the most famous personality of Ancient Egypt.

  12. Three questions I would like to ask my change seeker • What is it like to marry your brother? • How did it feel when your husbands died?. • What is it like to kill somebody?.