wind erosion n.
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Wind Erosion

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Wind Erosion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Wind Erosion. By C asey J ones. WIND EROSION IS CAUSED BY. Sheets of sand travelling close to the ground. What wind erosion does . Wind erosion reduces the capacity of the soil to store nutrients and water. Aridity of climate.

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Wind Erosion

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    1. Wind Erosion By Casey Jones

    2. WIND EROSION IS CAUSED BY • Sheets of sand travelling close to the ground.

    3. What wind erosion does • Wind erosion reduces the capacity of the soil to store nutrients and water.

    4. Aridity of climate • Wind erosion can also take place in high-rainfall climates when certain months of the year are particularly dry but only if the soil is tilled with techniques that crush the surface fine.

    5. Soil texture • Loamy sand rich in particles between 10 and 100 microns in size.

    6. Wind erosion control • Wind erosion control is carried out on two fronts reducing wind-speed at ground level and increasing soil cohesion thus improving soil resistance to wind.

    7. Ice Erosion • The erosive power of moving ice is actually a bit greater than the power of water but since water is much more common, it is responsible for a greater amount of erosion on the earth's surface. • Glaciers can perform to erosive functions - they pluck and abrade. Plucking takes place by water entering cracks under the glacier, freezing, and breaking off pieces of rock that are then transported by the glacier. Abrasion cuts into the rock under the glacier, scooping rock up like a bulldozer and smoothing and polishing the rock surface.

    8. Wave Erosion • Waves in oceans and other large bodies of water produce coastal erosion. The power of oceanic waves is awesome, large storm waves can produce 2000 pounds of pressure per square foot. The pure energy of waves along with the chemical content of the water is what erodes the rock of the coastline. Erosion of sand is much easier for the waves and sometimes, there's an annual cycle where sand is removed from a beach during one season, only to be returned by waves in another.