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Texas Technology Applications Standards PowerPoint Presentation
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Texas Technology Applications Standards

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Texas Technology Applications Standards - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Texas Technology Applications Standards. See TEA’s web site about Technology Applications . Texas Technology Applications Standards. with Anita Givens, Senior Director Educational Technology Texas Education Agency

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Texas Technology Applications Standards

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see tea s web site about technology applications
See TEA’s web site about Technology Applications.

Texas Technology Applications Standards

with Anita Givens, Senior Director

Educational Technology

Texas Education Agency

and Karen Kahan, DirectorTechnology Applications Educational Technology

Texas Education Agency

texas essential knowledge and skills
Texas EssentialKnowledge and Skills
  • TEKS are the center of the curriculum and define the knowledge and skills specified for Texas students.
  • TEKS are available for students of Grades K-12.

All the TEKS are listed at the TEA’s TEKS page.

technology applications curriculum
Technology Applications Curriculum
  • Required enrichment curriculum specified in the Texas Education Code.
  • Focuses on the teaching and learning of technology skills and the use of computers and related tools like digital cameras, scanners, and handheld digital devices.


More information can be found atTEA's Technology Applications web site.

four strands in the ta teks
Four Strands in the TA TEKS
  • Foundations
  • Information Acquisition
  • Work in Solving Problems
  • Communication


four strands in the ta teks1
Four Strands in the TA TEKS
  • Foundationsincludes technology-related terms, concepts, and data input strategies.
  • Information acquisitionincludes the identification of task requirements; the plan for using search strategies; and the use of technology to access, analyze, and evaluate the acquired information.


See aninteractive chart describing the strands in Featured Links.

four strands in the ta teks2
Four Strands in the TA TEKS
  • Solving problemsincludes selecting the technology appropriate for the task, synthesizing knowledge, creating a solution, and evaluating the results.
  • Communicationsuses a variety of technologies and different formats to communicate with diverse audiences.


ta teks grade clusters
TA TEKS Grade Clusters
  • K-2
  • 3-5
  • 6-8
  • 9-12





A short explanation of requirements for each grade cluster

is linked from Featured Links.

  • Benchmarks are provided for grades 2, 5 and 8.
  • Students should have these skills when they exit the grade cluster.
  • Each grade should work toward the benchmark standards.




technology applications teks
Technology Applications TEKS
  • Based on concepts, not on a particular piece of software or hardware, so they don’t become outdated as easily.
  • Simple to integrate into the content area curriculum.


technology applications knowledge and skills
Technology Applications Knowledge and Skills
  • Separate curriculum area for grades K-12.
  • Technology skills embedded in all curriculum areas.
  • Prekindergarten Guidelines available from the state.


SeeCurriculum Connections in Featured Links.

high school courses
High School Courses
  • Computer Science I
  • Computer Science II
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Digital Graphics/ Animation
  • Multimedia
  • Video Technology
  • Web Mastering
  • Independent Study in Technology Applications


See High School Technology Applications Course Descriptions in Featured Links.

high school courses1
High School Courses
  • Students learn advanced skills.
  • Students become lifelong learners in a digital world.



course credit
Course Credit

Students must have one Technology Applications credit to graduate.

Courses that satisfy the graduation requirement are in Featured Links.

educator standards
Educator Standards

Standards in Technology Applications for all beginning educators (SBEC Standards I-V):

  • Included in all SBEC-approved educator preparation programs.
  • Integrated as a part of the new certification assessments in Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities.
  • To be implemented in the fall 2002.

More information about Educator Standards.

technology applications teacher certification
Technology Applications Teacher Certification
  • Offered through educator preparation entities across the state.
  • Separate certifications for Computer Science and the other Technology Applications courses.
master technology teacher
Master Technology Teacher
  • A new certificate for K-12 teachers
  • Primary duties will be to teach technology and technology integration strategies and to serve as a mentor to other teachers.
  • Certification assessments will be implemented in the 2003-04 school year.
  • Pending appropriations, there will be stipends for teachers.


More Information on Bill HB1475.

texas long range plan for technology 1996 2010
Texas Long-Range Plan for Technology 1996-2010
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Educator Preparation and Development
  • Administration and Support Services
  • Infrastructure for Technology


Read and download the Long-Range Plan for Technology, 1996-2010.

instructional materials
Instructional Materials

Proclamation 2001

  • Up-to-date.
  • Online or electronic.
  • Subscription based.

Visit the Technology Applications Center for Educator Development for resources.

learning for life
Learning for Life

Because of ongoing change, Texas students and teachers must develop skills and strategies for learning that will serve them for a lifetime.