beatific adj n.
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Beatific ( adj )

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Beatific ( adj ) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Beatific ( adj ). Blissful; rendering or making blessed ***beautiful things/events make one feel bliss. Behemoth (n). A creature of enormous size, power, or appearance ***a behemoth is mammoth. Blandishment (n, often pl).

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Beatific ( adj )

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Presentation Transcript
beatific adj
Beatific (adj)

Blissful; rendering or making blessed

***beautiful things/events make one feel bliss

behemoth n
Behemoth (n)

A creature of enormous size, power, or appearance

***a behemoth is mammoth

blandishment n often pl
Blandishment (n, often pl)

Anything designed to flatter or coax; sweet talk, apple-polishing


cacophonous adj
Cacophonous (adj)

Harsh-sounding, raucous, discordant, dissonant

***cackle on the phone

chicanery n
Chicanery (n)

Trickery, deceptive practices or tactics, double-dealing


consign v
Consign (v)

To give over to another’s care, charge, or control; to entrust, deliver; to set apart for a special use

***sign something to turn over control

coup n
Coup (n)

A highly successful stroke, master stroke, tour de force, act, plan or stratagem; a sudden takeover of power or leadership

***the coup went through the city by storm

euphemism n
Euphemism (n)

a mild or inoffensive expression used in place of a harsh or unpleasant one; a substitute

***use less offensive language

febrile adj
Febrile (adj)

Feverish; pertaining to or marked by fever; frenetic


gainsay v
Gainsay (v)

To deny, contradict, controvert; to dispute, oppose

***against what you say

We deny any wrongdoing in this case!

imminent adj
Imminent (adj)

About to happen, threatening


innate adj
Innate (adj)

Natural, inborn, inherent; built-in


loath adj
Loath (adj)

Unwilling, reluctant, disinclined

***loath to do things one loathes

manifest adj v n
Manifest (adj)(v)(n)

Clear, evident to the eyes or mind; (v) to show plainly, exhibit, evince; (n)a list of cargo and/or passengers

***manifest destiny

minutiae pl n
Minutiae (pl. n)

Small or trivial details, trifling matters


moratorium n
Moratorium (n)

A suspension of activity; an official waiting period; an authorized period of delay

***there was a moratorium on the payment for the new auditorium

nostrum n
Nostrum (n)

An alleged cure-all; a remedy or scheme of questionable effectiveness

***putting rum in your nose to cure a cold would be a nostrum

pariah n
Pariah (n)

One who is rejected by a social group or organization

***stay away from a piranha

visionary adj
Visionary (adj)

Not practical, lacking in realism; having the nature of a fantasy or dream; (n) one given to far-fetched ideas; a dreamer or seer characterized by vision or foresight


wizened adj part
Wizened (adj., part.)

Dry, shrunken, and wrinkled (often as the result of aging)

***wise old person may have wrinkles