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Political Cartoon Assignment. Due date, Thursday, October 18, 2012. The Assignment. Research a cause of the American Revolution by locating and reading a source. Create a bibliography using www.bibme.org of the source you utilized.

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Political cartoon assignment

Political Cartoon Assignment

Due date, Thursday, October 18, 2012

The assignment
The Assignment

  • Research a cause of the American Revolution by locating and reading a source.

  • Create a bibliography using www.bibme.org of the source you utilized.

  • Create a full page political cartoon that combines creativity, color, and historically accurate facts about one of the causes of the American Revolution. (Reminder: Please do not utilize the Boston Tea Party as your cause.) This cartoon must not be copied from a political cartoon you found in a book or online—it must be an original work composed by you.

Points to consider
Points to Consider:

  • Did you design your cartoon in a way to make the viewer think? 

  • What is your cartoon’s message?

  • Which cause of the Revolutionary War will you choose to depict? (No Boston Tea Party Designs Will Be Accepted)

  • The goal is to combine what you know about the events leading to the American Revolution with your creativity.

  • You must incorporate historically accurate information into your cartoon.

  • Add color to bring your political cartoon alive.

The assignment continued
The Assignment continued

  • On the same page as your bibliography, type your answers to the questions found on the next slide. Your complete and detailed answers should be at least ½ - ¾ page . The font must be size 12 Times New Roman and should be spaced at 1.5. Please do not use bold or italics unless it is for one or two words. 


  • Are there any images of famous places or famous people?

  • What objects/people are present?

  • Are any of the images being used as a symbol to stand for a larger concept or idea? If so, what is the meaning of the symbol?

  • Are any objects labeled in the cartoon? If so, what is the importance of the label? Are there any other words within the cartoon?

  • What is happening in the cartoon?

  • What message is the author trying to convey in this cartoon?

  • What evidence in the cartoon supports your opinion/message?

  • Whose perspective is presented within the cartoon? Who might agree or disagree with the message presented within the cartoon?

2 nd period only
2nd period only

  • Examine how the style of cartooning has changed over time. Locate a political cartoon from the 1700s, 1800s, and today (in the last year).

  • Create a bibliography for these sources.

  • Create a mini-poster with pictures of these political cartoons. Afterwards, write and paste a paragraph on the mini-poster answering the following questions: What might account for the changes? What continuity exists? What might account for the continuity?