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Different times have defined being Basque:

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Different times have defined being Basque: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Basque Continuity Challenge.  A brand can include a name, slogan, design scheme or logo associated with a service or product.  The brand must stimulate consumer trust, credibility , and make emotional connections with the audience. 

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Basque Continuity Challenge

 A brand can include a name, slogan, design scheme or logo associated with a service or product.  The brand must stimulate consumer trust, credibility, and make emotional connections with the audience. 

___ Develop a case statement. This mission is the primary objective and should be reflected in the brand. ___ Identify core values, products and services. Keep these in mind as you are developing a brand that represents these values.___ Define the choices offered. Include not only the products and services but what makes these unique.___ Create a tagline or "catch phrase." Think about what message it sends and adjust it if necessary.___ Identify the target audience. Attracting the right audience is essential for success.___ Create an overview of Basque distinctiveness. Use the information you gathered to define what sets being Basque apart and why one would want to commit their “time, treasure & talent” to this endeavor.

A multi-disciplinary program of advanced study of the Basque people specifically—while exploring the human condition generally—that involves varied aspects of language, history, politics, economics, etc., all the while seeking to forge learning links to empower students (Basque & non-Basque alike) to generate a satisfying, self-directed pursuit of life-long learning.

Basque Generations



Team folders

In this section, use (or create more) these text boxes to develop the highlights—in an appealing visual form—of the case statement you prepared by cutting and pasting your text directly into the text boxes below to preserve formatting size.





Spring Term 2014 | Boise State University, Basque Studies Workshop

Student Name, Freshman, Degree program

< < < You can leave this two sections if you wish, or replace some or all of them >>>

Different times have defined being Basque:


In a real sense, Basques are “Europe’s oldest family.”  They are the oldest indigenous inhabitants of this corner of western Europe; they were there when the Indo-European ancestors of the Spanish and French arrived. 

Student Poster Presentation Guidelines[Delete all of this to make room for your presentation]

1. Remember PAD—Purpose, Audience, and Design. The purpose of the poster is to display graphically the highlights and main points of your essay, report, and research. Don’t try to include everything, and don’t copy and paste paragraphs onto the template. You have to treat everything you put on the poster—images and text—in a way that is visually clear, accessible, and appealing. The audience is multidisciplinary, so you might have to define key terms and / or rephrase sentences to include definition phrases.

ACTION ITEM: Consider only including thesis statements, topic sentences, and major examples and illustrations.

2. Treat Text Visually. Borrow ideas from magazine layouts. For example, use pull quotes, sidebars, framed or boxed text, and other print layout tricks. Maybe use bulleted lists, tables and other data to organize text. For example, if your essay compares and contrasts quotes or personalities of characters in a novel, then you can organize those quotes and verbatims into a table.

3. Remember Design Basics.

a) Use contrasting colors—for text /background combos.

b) Rather than use full paragraphs, use phrases or short sentences in lists.

c) Font sizes for headings should be between 36-48 points; 30-36 points for body text. d) Use source lines if you borrow images: EX: (Source: US Department of Energy)

This people—always small in number and against the odds—found ways of keeping their traditions alive.  But modern times have presented a new set of challenges of retaining a sense of “Basqueness”—the sense of being Basque.

If a culture does not possess effective means of transmission from one generation to the next, then that culture is doomed to perish. Somehow, someway, against the odds, earlier Basques succeeded in finding ways to preserve “Basqueness. largely by adapting tradition to new cultural realities. Now the latest generation or link in the chain is being presented the same challenge: will they too be able to find a way to endure?

GENERATION A(utomatic). Earlier Basques were made largely because there were few other options in the marketplace of cultural identities.

GENERATION B(etweeners) Basque immigrants were in between; they & some of their kids were raised in a Basque world but here they had more choices.

GENERATION C(hoosers) Nowadays, will young Basques decide to remain Basque now that there are many more options in the marketplace of identity?

Students demonstrated more skill at solving open-ended problems involving estimation when compared to past semesters; evidence of some improvement in critical thinking skills.

Student Comments:

“I found it extremely helpful

Photos, at above and at right , sh.

Photos, above and below, show teams working on a team-based activity during the lecture. These photos were taken in the larger, more crowded lecture.