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The Human Body PowerPoint Presentation
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The Human Body

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The Human Body
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The Human Body

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Presentation Transcript

  1. The Human Body The Skeletal System Click on the skeleton to continue!

  2. Today we are going to play a game to practice the name of our bones. The Pre-Quiz will test what you already know. At the end you will be quizzed on what you learned. Click on the Skeleton to go to start!

  3. Buttons = Takes you to the index = Takes you to the Practice Quiz. Here you will be able to review the bones you don’t know. = Takes you to the Pre-quiz, to see what you already know. ? = Takes you to the Quiz. Here you will find out how much you learned. = Takes you to the Bone Index. This is where you will learn about the individual bones. = Takes you back to this page, just incase you forget what the buttons mean. = Takes you to the Game, where you will practice matching the bones = Exits you from the system = Click to hear the bone name.

  4. Index = Pre-quiz = Bone Index = Game = Practice Quiz ? = Quiz = Buttons = Exit

  5. Pre-Quiz Questions will be about the Human Body- Skeletal System. This quiz is only to see what you already know about the Skeletal System. Question 1

  6. Pre-QuizQuestion 1 Click on the Cranium

  7. Correct Cranium Question 2

  8. Incorrect Try Again Question 2

  9. Pre-QuizQuestion 2 What bone is the arrow pointing to? a) Sternum b) Cranium c) Humerus d) Pelvis

  10. Correct Sternum Question 3

  11. Incorrect Try Again Question 3

  12. Pre-QuizQuestion 3 Click on the Humerus

  13. Correct Humerus Question 4

  14. Incorrect Try Again Question 4

  15. Pre-QuizQuestion 4 What bone is the arrow pointing to? a) Ribs b) Cranium c) Ulna and Radius d) Femur

  16. Correct Ribs Question 5

  17. Incorrect Try Again Question 5

  18. Pre-QuizQuestion 5 Click on the Ulna and Radius

  19. Correct! Ulna and Radius Question 6

  20. Incorrect! Try Again Question 6

  21. Pre-QuizQuestion 6 What bone is the arrow pointing to? a) Ribs b) Cranium c) Pelvis d) Femur

  22. Correct! Pelvis Question 7

  23. Incorrect! Try Again Question 7

  24. Pre-QuizQuestion 7 Click on the Carpal Bone!

  25. Correct! Carpal Bone Question 8

  26. Incorrect! Try Again Question 8

  27. Pre-QuizQuestion 8 What bone is the arrow pointing to? a) Carpal Bone b) Humerus c) Femur d) Patella

  28. Correct! Femur Question 9

  29. Incorrect! Try Again Question 9

  30. Pre-QuizQuestion 9 Click on the Patella!

  31. Correct! Patella Question 10

  32. Incorrect! Try Again Question 10

  33. Pre-QuizQuestion 10 What bone is the arrow pointing to? a) Femur b) Tibia and Fibula c) Tarsal Bone d) Patella

  34. Correct! Tibia and Fibula Question 11

  35. Incorrect! Try Again Question 11

  36. Pre QuizQuestion 11 Click on the Tarsal Bone!

  37. Correct! Tarsal Bones

  38. Incorrect! Try Again Bones

  39. Now we are going to learn about the bones! Start!

  40. Bone Index Click on the bone you want to learn about! Cranium Sternum Humerus Ribs Ulna and Radius Pelvis Carpal Bones Femur Patella Tibia and Fibula Tarsal Bones

  41. Cranium! Cranium: the part of the skull that encloses the brain

  42. Sternum! Sternum: The breast bone

  43. Ribs! Ribs are the long curved bones which form the rib cage. Ribs surround the chest of land vertebrates, and protect the lungs, heart, and other internal organs of the thoracic cavity

  44. Humerus! Humerus- a long bone in the arm that runs from the shoulder to the elbow

  45. Pelvis! Female Pelvis Pelvis- the group of bones connecting your legs to your spine. Male Pelvis

  46. Carpal Bones! Carpals are the cluster of bones in the wrist between the radius and ulna and the metacarpus

  47. Ulna and Radius! Ulna forearm bone that runs from the tip of the elbow to the little finger side of the wrist Radius is the bone of the forearm that extends from the outside of the elbow to the thumb side of the wrist.

  48. Femur! Femur is the thigh bone.

  49. Patella! patella – the bone that makes up the knee cap

  50. Tibia and Fibula! • Tibia - The inner and larger of the two bones of the lower human leg, extending from the knee to the ankle. Fibula- outer and smaller bone of the lower leg