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photosynthesis review n.
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Photosynthesis Review PowerPoint Presentation
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Photosynthesis Review

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Photosynthesis Review
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Photosynthesis Review

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  1. Photosynthesis Review Fall 2013

  2. Where does photosynthesis occur? In the chloroplasts

  3. The light independent reactions involve this cycle: • The Krebs cycle • The Calvin cycle • The Citric Acid cycle • The Glycolysis cycle ☺

  4. Light-dependent reactions require? Sunlight

  5. True or False: Cells that do photosynthesis do not do cellular respiration? FALSE!!

  6. Put these events in order:- Electron transport - Photosystem I- Photosystem II- Photolysis Photolysis  Photosystem I  Electron transport  Photosystem II

  7. What are three pigments commonly found in plants? Chlorophyll Carotenoids Phycobilins

  8. Which pigment do you see primarily in the fall/autumn? Carotenoids

  9. Which pigment do you primarily see in the spring/summer? Chlorophyll

  10. What molecule is produced at the same time as O2? Glucose

  11. What is the purpose of the mesophyll? Respiratory surface where gas exchange takes place and water is stored

  12. What is responsible for different leaf colors? Their wavelength (determines what is absorbed or reflected)

  13. Where does a plant get its biomass from? (Two places) • Water • Carbon dioxide

  14. What is the purpose of photosynthesis? Converts light energy to glucose  Allows plants to live and grow

  15. What is the purpose of cellular respiration? Converts glucose to energy  Allows animals to live and grow

  16. Where does ATP Synthesis occur? Mitochondria

  17. What two structures have multiple membranes that may indicate bacterial symbiosis? Chloroplasts Mitochondria

  18. What is the difference between thylakoids and grana? Both are membraneous sacs Thylakoids are stacked Grana are interconnected sets of thylakoids

  19. Where does gas exchange occur in the lead? Stomata

  20. What is in the middle of the porphyrin ring of chloroplasts? Magnesium

  21. What transfers electrons from photosystem II to the cytochrome complex? Plastoquinone

  22. What carries electrons from the cytochrome complex to Photosystem I? Plastocyanin

  23. What color is a green plant under a red light filter? Black Green is the only light reflected (red is absorbed)

  24. What two things do plants need for photosynthesis to occur? Sunlight Carbon dioxide

  25. What does photolysis literally mean? Using light to break water

  26. What products of the light dependent reactions are used during the light independent reactions? ATP NADPH

  27. What molecule transforms solar energy into an excited electron? ☺ • Chlorophyll • Carotenoids • Water • NADPH

  28. What is produced between PS II and PS I in the ETC? ATP

  29. Is the ph of the thylakoid space acidic or basic? Acidic

  30. Is the ph of the stroma acidic or basic? More basic

  31. If you have a hydrogen gradient, which way will the H+ atoms move? From [high] to [low]

  32. What two things may make your produce ripen faster? Temperature Oxygen

  33. Name one reason that photosynthesis is important to animals. • Animals eat plants (somewhere in the food chain) • Plants produce oxygen so animals can breathe

  34. How does water move from the roots of a plant to its leaves? Pressure (turgor)  Guttation

  35. Where is water stored in the leaf? Spaces in the mesophyll

  36. What are two things you need to remember about science? • Curiosity • Skepticism