interactive websites for the world language teacher n.
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Interactive Websites for the World Language Teacher

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Interactive Websites for the World Language Teacher - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Interactive Websites for the World Language Teacher. Karen Brooks Sampling from resources. Do You Speak English.

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interactive websites for the world language teacher

Interactive Websites for the World Language Teacher

Karen Brooks

Sampling from resources

Will be focusing mostly on Spanish and French. However, I also have German and Chinese resources as well and will be sharing a few general resources first.
slide4 Spanish Phrase Finder
  • Cortland University Internet Resources for Foreign Language Teachers
  • Internet Website in French, can be translated into German or English. Has many articles on technology and is from Europe.
slide5 Spanish Children’s stories (Also in English) offers different levels, Infant, preschool and also a book hive.
  • Learn French online - Has games and fun activities for different levels.
  • Wiki in French – under construction and being developed.
slide6 -Preofessor from St. Joseph’s College in Australia – their webpage to help students learn French.
  • Online Language Learning Community – Free – Social Networking to Learn Languages
  • Comic Strip Creator - Can use to make comics in the language they are studying.
slide7 Planet Juniors – French children’s television station.
  • Igore and Me – French site for kids also in English.
  • Online picture dictionary in French. Also in Spanish and German. Offers interactive activities.
  • Geoportal - French
slide8 Children’s site for French
  • Tween/Teen French Canadian Magazine
  • French Songs and Poems – iPod downloadable. 
  • Say it Right in French – Great Resources
slide9 Language Resource Page from Australia in German
  • World Languages Textbook resources – Middle School Target
  • French Webpage
slide10 French Teacher Resource for language, math, history, etc.
  • Language Resources from the UK for European Languages and
  • How to Pronounce French
  • Virtual France
slide11 Comes in French, Spanish, German and English. After a popular cartoon. Offers games, wallpapers, etc. kids like to use.
  • Education and Images from French 5 TV.
  • History – French
  • Blog - focus is French
slide12 BBC Primary French
  • Elementary Bilingual Links
  • Explore Europe - You choose one of its many languages.
  • Coffee Break French
slide13 Talk and Listen Kit
  • French Halloween Flash Cards
  • Cinderella in French
  • Halloween Matching Game
slide14 Matching French Numbers
  • Languages online - French
  • Interactive Birthday site
  • List of French Words used by English Speakers 
slide15 French Resource Center
  • Embassy of France - Just for Kids Page
  • Language Guide – French
  • French Pronunciation
slide16 Primary French from England Prescot School
  • Games in French and Spanish
  • Christmas in France
  • Goldilocks in French
  • Foreign Languages Podcast
slide17 French Search a World
  • Animals in French
  • Animals in French
  • Clock faces in French
  • Matching Time French
slide18 A bilingual site for Educators and Parents
  • Education Blog in Spanish
  • Spanish Alphabet
  • National Grid for Learning - Spanish
slide19 Learn Foreign Languages in SL
  • High School Ace
  • E-Pals
  • Spanish Vocabulary Lists
  • Children’s Songs and Nursery Rhymes from Around the world.
slide20 TV 5 Spanish
  • Spanich Club resource study quizes
  • Spanich Activity Book
slide21 Beginner Spanish Course from BBC
  • Spanish Department Resources
  • Foreign Language Library of Practical Resources
  • Primary Spanish
  • Spanish Flicker/YouTube Site
slide22 Day of the Dead Resources
  • Word Search Generator
  • Windows to the Universe . More and more have alternate language views
  • Foreign Language Wiki for teaching resources – 21st Century Learning Perspective
slide23 Language Sites for High School: French, German, Spanish and Japanese.
  • Uruguay Newspaper
  • Resource Center dedicated to Mexico
  • Latin America Resource Information Center
  • Honoloko Interactive
slide24 German Kids Website for Education K-2
  • Discover Germany in English or German.
  • Interactive Art Gallery in English or German
  • Spanish Stories and Poems
  • South American Children’s Website
  • Spanish Town for Kids – Grade 1
  • PPT stories in Spanish for the IWB
slide25 Mexico for Kids
  • Spanish Unlimited
  • Multilingual Word Search
  • Salon Hogar
  • Especially Spanish – Knowledge Resource Center
  • Spanish Resources
slide26 In Spanish French and Italian as well.
  • Spanish Tutorials and Flashcards
  • Interactive activities for Spanish by grade level.
  • Vocabulary Quiz in Spanish, French and German
slide27 Learn Spanish, Fun resources.
  • Spanish Grammar Tutorial
  • Spanish Games
  • Spanish PPTs
  • Chinese Flashcards
slide28 Viki for Foreign Language Instruction
  • Wiki TRavel
  • Collaborative Writing in Spanish
  • Game PPT Templates
  • Translates any webpage (Software)
slide29 Complete Guide to Spanish Language Websites
  • Foreign Language Podcasts
  • Spanish Properties for sale.
  • Basic Spanish Words
  • Spanish Publications from the 50-60- and 70s
slide30 The Best of Spain in America
  • German English or Spanish Phonics created in Flash
  • Posters of the Spainish Civil War
  • Spanish Internet Radio - iPod downloadable
slide31 Top Web 2.0 Spanish applications. Also list French and German in this Web 2.0 Blog
  • Blog in Spanish about Technology
  • Podcasts for Learning
  • - Practice for Learning a Foreign Language
  • Movies in French and Spanish
  • European Language Dictionary
slide32 Translator
  • Translator
  • Translator
  • German Translator
  • German To Spanish – German to Portuguese Translator
  • Spanish English Dictionary
slide33 Translator
  • Learn Spanish on your iPod
  • Free books in Spanish and French

Karen Brooks