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A MATTER OF RESPECT. Sexual Exploitation & Abuse Training Workshop . What is Sexual Exploitation?.

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a matter of respect


Sexual Exploitation & Abuse Training Workshop

what is sexual exploitation
What is Sexual Exploitation?
  • Sexual coercion and manipulation (includes all types of sexual acts) by a person in a position of power providing any type of assistance in exchange for sexual acts. In these situations, the survivor believes she or he has no other choice than to comply; this is NOT consent and it is exploitation.
examples of sexual exploitation
Examples of sexual exploitation
  • Humanitarian worker requiring sex in exchange for material assistance, favors, or privileges
  • Teacher requiring sex in exchange for passing grade
  • Sex with a commercial sex worker
  • Driver requiring sex to give a girl a ride to the next village
  • One person in power getting sex in exchange for something the more vulnerable person needs
what are the necessary ingredients for informed consent
What are the necessary ingredients for “informed consent”?
  • Being old enough and mentally sound enough to understand the agreement and the consequences.
  • Being of equal power relationship
what is sexual abuse
What is Sexual Abuse?
  • Actually threatening or forcing someone to have sex or provide sexual favors under unequal or forced conditions. Could include sexual intercourse, harassment or molestation.
what are the consequences of sea
What are the consequences of SEA?
  • For the beneficiary
  • For the alleged humanitarian worker perpetrator
  • For ARC
  • For the donor
arc s sexual misconduct policy
ARC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy
  • ARC strongly condemns and prohibits any behavior on the part of any ARC employee which constitutes any form of sexual misconduct, including sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and sexual violence towards any other staff member, client, patient, beneficiary (refugee and/or IDP) or other individual participating in an ARC program or activity.
examples of prohibited behavior
Examples of prohibited behavior
  • Threatening or taking adverse employment actions or limiting ARC services if sexual favors are not granted.
  • Demanding, requesting or suggesting sex, sexual activities or favors of any kind in exchange for preferential treatment in hiring, promotions, evaluations in exchange for any ARC service such as access to materials, medicine, healthcare, money, or other financial resources.
  • Objectionable physical contact, including unwanted and unwarranted physical touching of any kind.
  • Unwanted or unwarranted remarks of a sexual nature, repeated offensive sexual flirtations, propositions or invitations.
  • Unsolicited displays sexually explicit or demeaning materials.
  • Sex with prostitutes including commercial sex workers.
consensual relationships
Consensual Relationships
  • Sexual relations between ARC employees and a client, patient, beneficiary (including refugees/IDPs employed by ARC) or other individual participating in an ARC program have the potential to lead to exploitation because of the power differential between the two groups.

So—considered unethical and are prohibited

consequences of prohibited behavior
Consequences of prohibited behavior


staff responsibilities
Staff Responsibilities
  • Report any incidences of SEA by ARC staff or other humanitarian works (other NGOs, UN staff, peacekeepers, etc.)
  • You can report for yourself or others
  • Report can be in writing or in person
  • Cooperate with investigations
  • Read and sign the Sexual Misconduct Policy
true or false
True or False?

A refugee who is employed by ARC must abide by ARC’s Sexual Misconduct Policy as any other humanitarian worker.

true or false1
True or False?

The sex life of an employee of a partner NGO is his/her own business. ARC should not get involved in what a staff person of a partner organization does outside of work hours.

true or false2
True or False?

Sexual violence and exploitation by respected members of the community, such as doctors, teachers is very rare.

true or false3
True or False?

ARC employees can be disciplined for not reporting incidents of suspected sexual exploitation that they are aware of.

true or false4
True or False?

Refugees who have sex with ARC humanitarian workers are just as much to blame as the ARC worker.

three benefits to having a sea complaints investigative procedure
Three Benefits to Having a SEA Complaints & Investigative Procedure
  • Beneficiaries are protected, especially women and children.
  • ARC staff are protected.
  • ARC’s reputation is upheld.
key sea investigation principles
Key SEA Investigation Principles
  • Confidentiality
  • Anonymity
  • Safety & Welfare Needs of Beneficiaries
  • Professional Care & Competence
  • Thoroughness
  • Independence
  • Planning & Review
key sea investigation principles1
Key SEA Investigation Principles
  • Respect for all concerned
  • Timeframes
  • Working partnerships
  • National authorities
investigation process
Investigation Process
  • Investigator assigned
  • Preliminary investigation to determine if full investigation will occur
  • Alleged perpetrator may be suspended with pay during the investigation
how is the investigation handled
How is the Investigation Handled?
  • All parties fully informed
  • All allegations addressed, witnesses interviewed, statements verified
  • Time to prepare for meetings
  • Guidance on behaviors and conduct of meetings
  • Report on findings and recommendations
how is the investigation handled1
How is the Investigation Handled?
  • Director of HR reviews findings and recommends a course of action
  • If allegations are true, appropriate action taken including termination of employment. Practical support will be give to the victim.
  • If allegations unproven, monitor the situation in the future.
  • Report will be confidential
  • Precautions for privacy and reputations of both parties
  • Information given only to those who have a need to know
  • Prohibited--including threats to retaliate if someone complains or participates in an investigation
  • Cause for termination of employment
false claims
False Claims
  • Intentional false claims prohibited
  • Cause for termination
receiving a complaint
Receiving a Complaint
  • React calmly
  • Reassure
  • Explain Confidentiality
  • Take everything seriously
  • Avoid too many questions
  • Ensure safety
  • Complete the complaint form and give it to your supervisor and the Country Director
responsibilities of managers
Responsibilities of Managers

ARC is obligated to create and maintain an environment which prevents sexual exploitation and abuse and promotes the implementation of its Sexual Misconduct Policy. Managers at all levels have particular responsibilities to support and develop systems which maintain this environment.

developing a programmatic response
Developing a Programmatic Response
  • What are the specific conditions and circumstances in your ARC program that increase the vulnerability of women and children to sexual abuse and exploitation?
  • Formulate recommendations to reduce vulnerability and/or strengthening preventative measures.
  • Think of a complaints / reporting mechanism for your program that is safe, confidential, transparent, and accessible.
30 day plan
30 Day Plan
  • Determine up to 3 things you will do in the next 30 days to reduce beneficiary vulnerability to SEA and promote a positive environment.
  • Identify a partner to follow-up with in 30 days to review your progress.
  • Send Colleen the list of your accomplishments!
a matter of respect1


Respect is the most effective way to eliminate sexual misconduct.