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Streubing Acquisition Request

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Streubing Acquisition Request - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Streubing Acquisition Request. March 19, 2013 County Board Meeting. Brillion Wildlife Area Streubing Property. Streubing Property Woodland/Wetland/Escarpment. Marsh Overlook Platform. Brillion Nature Center Hiking Trails Map. N. SCALE 1" = 500'. 0 500 1000.

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Streubing Acquisition Request

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streubing acquisition request

Streubing Acquisition Request

March 19, 2013

County Board Meeting

Marsh Overlook Platform

Brillion Nature Center Hiking Trails Map


SCALE 1" = 500'

0 500 1000

Department of Natural Resources

Cottonwood Trail 0.6 Miles

Department of Natural Resources

Red Oak Trail 0.5 Miles

Sugar Maple Link 1.2 Miles

Handicap Parking

Fire Ring

Jason's Pond

Accessible Trail & Link— established 2004 & 2005 (used for pumpkin walk in October-Jack-o-


Nature Center building

Nature Center

Hickory Trail 0.6 Miles

Private Property



White Oak Trail 0.9 Miles

To County PP

Hickory Trail, Green

Red Oak Trail, Red

White Oak Trail, Blue

Department of Natural Resources

Sugar Maple Link, Red

Sugar Maple Trail, Blue

Marsh Boardwalk, Yellow

Salvage Area Private Property

Trail Name, Color Code


Lime Kiln

Deer View Road


Wildlife Pond

Sugar Maple Trail 0.7 Miles

Sugar Maple Link 1.2 Miles

Sugar Maple Camp


CLOSED AREA No Hunting except during regular deer gun season

Cottonwood Trail, Green

brillion nature center
Brillion Nature Center

Educational Programs: >70

2007 – 2536 participants

2012 – 4041 participants

Classroom: 100 seat

College classes:

Lawrence University



Traveler spending -$23.8 million (2011)

Nature Based Tourism:

  • High Cliff
  • County Park/Harbors
  • Ledge View
  • BNC
  • State Wildlife Areas (+ $3.8 million deer alone)

(County deficient: Ave. 5000/co; 12 >50,000; Calumet 340 in Forest Crop)

acquisition request
Acquisition Request


  • 56 acres/1.6 miles of trails leased to DNR
  • Lease ended 2010
  • DNR program changed/50% match required
  • Funding limited: $400,000 building expansion/staff

Contribute maximum of 50% of the purchase price so the 1.6 mile trail network on the Streubing property can remain open/accessible to the public, and function as part of the Brillion Nature Center

$4000 x 56 = $224,000

$224,000/2 = $112,000 max co. share

letters of support
Letters of Support
  • Fox Cities Greenways
      • Trail connection to Fox Valley
  • Wes Hedrich
      • Potential land use conflict with farming
  • City of Brillion
      • Resident recreational opportunities
      • Environmental education
      • Safe Routes to School/trail connection
  • Town of Brillion
      • Concern over selling to private party and loss of trail network


There is already a County investment in parks in the northeast area--'they' have Becker Lake...


Becker Lake County Park is a beautiful park. However, it is not developed to the point where it can be used for hiking. According to the Parks Department website there are no trails on the property. They have however installed a parking lot, planted a prairie, installed over 300 trees, and built berms to help reclaim some wetland areas. A beautiful sign was added at the south entrance to the park.

The park is a County park and used by visitors from the region, not just the Brillion community. It appears in our visitor brochures and is promoted statewide.



All that tax money will come off the tax roll!


DNR pays a ‘Payment in Lieu of Taxes’ (PILT)

PILT payment is based on the equalized value of the land the year prior to the year in which the land is purchased.

So the PILT payment will be based on this year's equalized value. 

Current equalized value is $63,000, with a current county tax payment of $355.00.

The PILT payment will be made directly to the town, who in turn is required to remit the PILT to the other taxing jurisdictions their proportionate share of the taxes.



We don't buy land and give it to the DNR. This will set a precedent.


Correct. Usually the DNR gives us money--over $2.6 million to the County and $449,000 to communities and organizations-- in the past ten years. We do however try to be a good partner. For example, we partnered with the DNR on the acquisition of Becker Lake County Park: the DNR paid a portion, the public paid a portion via contributions, and the County paid 36% of the purchase price (tax levy).

The Streubing property is the only land staff/DNR is aware of that has been used by the public and has public recreational facilities on it. Rather than set a precedent, it can be viewed as a 'unique' situation warranting assistance.



Why contribute to something that only benefits the Brillion community? If it's important to 'them', they should 'step up and pay'.


True in part.

If the trails are important to users of the Nature Center/Wildlife Area, they should help contribute. But...the community just contributed $400,000 for the Nature Center building expansion and Naturalist' salary, without any assistance from Calumet County.

Those users will also contribute by maintaining the trails in partnership with the DNR. Dick from the DNR is working with some of the users to obtain donations (Pheasants Forever and Ducks Unlimited). This past week he did receive a small donation ($500). …continued

comments continued
Comments continued…

…and the users are not specific to Brillion.

  • You saw a letter of support from the Fox Cities Greenways, and heard the property is used by Lawrence University and FVTC
  • As for student programming…29% of the students who use the facility/property come from outside the Brillion community
comments continued1
Comments continued…

In addition to the Brillion area students, the following schools/youth groups use the BNC/grounds:

  • Appleton
  • Collins
  • Greenleaf
  • Hilbert
  • Kimberly
  • Menasha
  • Manitowoc
  • Neenah
  • Oshkosh
  • Reedsville

In conclusion, staff requests your support for Resolution 2012-48 to fund a maximum contribution of $112,000 towards the acquisition of the Streubing property so the trail network and property features can remain in public use.