June, 2005
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CO2 and Clean Coal Future Needs for Energy Research Infrastructure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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June, 2005. Subtitle (Arial 24). CO2 and Clean Coal Future Needs for Energy Research Infrastructure. Tony Kaiser. - Add text to be highlighted here -. Long Term Energy Market. IEA projections of global power stations to be built by 2030. Capacity. IEA World Energy Outlook 2003.

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June, 2005

Subtitle (Arial 24)

CO2 and Clean Coal

Future Needs for Energy Research Infrastructure

Tony Kaiser

- Add text to be highlighted here -

Long Term Energy Market

IEA projections of global power stations to be built by 2030


IEA World Energy Outlook 2003

Continuous reliance on fossil fuels

  • especially likes of China and India

  • Different needs world-wide

    • uneven access to modern energy

  • Growth of Renewable Energy but ….

Long Term Competitive Position

IEA projections of global power station to be built by 2030

  • Huge growth in China

    • inward investment in capability

    • Chinese equipment suppliers likely

      to become world players

      eg Steam Turbines companies (like Shanghai and Harbin) have annual capacity of over 30 GW

IEA WEO 2004


  • Europe will face harsh competition

    • global markets

    • not just from USA and Japan

    • but also increasingly from Asia

Continuous need to develop the technology – focus on high added value components and systems

Market Intelligence / Trends / TR190 JW1 / 980531

  • Improve “business as usual”

  • fuel switch to less carbon-intensive fuels

Technology Solutions: Increasing Efficiency of Thermal Power

Potential co 2 reduction in eu
Potential CO2 Reduction in EU

Power Plant Efficiency Evolution

  • Plant efficiency has improved steadily over the years

  • Efficiency increase from Subcritical to USC can, for example, yield up to 30% CO2 emissions reduction




CO2 Capture Options

  • Pre-combustion Front End

    • IGCC based systems

    • Carbonate capture

    • Chemical looping

  • Oxygen Combustion

    • Internal (membrane) or external (ASU) oxygen supply

  • Post Combustion “Tail-end” CO2 capture

    • Absorption/stripping process using MEA, physical absorbents …..

Towards Zero Emissions at the right price

Post combustion capture with exhaust gas recirculation
Post Combustion Capture with Exhaust Gas Recirculation

  • Allows increase in CO2 concentration in exhaust gas

Strategic trajectories
Strategic Trajectories

Flexible strategy to cover uncertain future

`Zero Emissions`




Value of CO2?





High efficiency combined with `Capture ready` concept?





FP7 - Importance of Energy

  • Energy RTD and D is a critical issue for future in Europe and world-wide

    • Wide range of drivers : Competitiveness, Market Need, Security of Supply, Environment, Global Climate Change, ……..

    • Needs to be a recognized identified theme in FP7

    • Needs to have a significant budget assigned in FP7

  • Portfolio approach needed in FP7 for Energy RTD and D

    • Non-nuclear energy programme needs to be comparable with that of Euratom/Nuclear

    • Renewable Energy, Hydrogen/FCs, Networks/T&D, Energy Efficiency, Storage ……… and

    • Clean use of fossil fuels (= near zero emission power generation)

Importance of a balanced approach to Energy RTD & D

Helicopter viewpoint
‘Helicopter’ Viewpoint

  • All measures will be required

    • different solutions in different parts of the world

  • Not one single winning technology

    • complementary actions

  • Broad portfolio approach necessary

    • energy efficiency, REN, fossil, nuclear

  • Development of energy technology will be essential

  • Clean use of fossil fuels: a critical transitionfor decades yet, in getting to a sustainable energy future

General issue demonstration and upscaling of technologies
General issue – Demonstration and Upscaling of Technologies

  • Small scale test rigs are readily available in EU

  • EU-Funding of Upscaling of Technology and

  • Large scale Demonstration of Technology

  • Need for energy infrastructure and demonstrator projects to

    • better deployment energy technologies,

    • reduce technical risks,

    • Show economical competitiveness

      • See e.g. U.S. with “FutureGen”, H-Class GT….


not solved in EU

Current energy research infrastructures not complete

Cologne, DLR Technologies


H2 combustion test rigs

test centre (GT26, GT8C) CH

Whetstone test centre

Siemens test facility in Berlin


IGCC plants

Puertolano, Buggenum


CCP (BP, Shell, Statoil…)

Numerous universities

Cranfield, ETH Zürich, PSI, etc


Test rigs for “chemical looping”

Linde, BOC

Air separation membranes

NTNU Norway, University Paderborn

Modelling and optimization of zero emissions power plants

Current energy research infrastructures – (not complete)

Energy technologies for which research infrastructures needed i
Energy technologies for which research infrastructures needed (I)

  • Air separation

    • Membranes, CAR (Ceramic autothermal recovery), etc.

  • Oxygen-fired boilers

  • Chemical looping

    • O2 transport into boiler

    • CO2 capture within boiler

  • CO2 capturing and stripping

    • CO2 capturing from diluted streams (low T, low p)

    • CO2 capturing within GT cycle (high T, high p)

  • Efficiency increase (and cost reduction)

    • CO2 capture cycles and

    • Benefits to standard cycle as well

Energy technologies for which research infrastructures needed ii
Energy technologies for which research infrastructures needed (II)

  • H2, syngas capable gas turbines

    • Combustion

    • Aerodynamics

    • Materials, e.g. high-strength rotors, thick TBCs

    • Hot gas clean-up

  • GT with flue gas recycle

    • CO2 capture by membranes

    • Flue gas treatment

  • Integration of technologies

    • Gasifier with gas turbine

    • CO2 separation in gas turbine cycle

    • Gas cleaning

Examples for future energy research infrastructures needed
Examples for future energy research infrastructures needed needed (II)

  • Oxygen fired circulating fluidized bed demo ( O2CFB )

  • Oxygen fired pulverized coal demo ( O2PC )

  • Oxygen separation unit demo

  • Chemical looping demo

  • GT, ST with enabling technologies for higher efficiency (GTCC>60%)

  • Hydrogen, syngas combustion lab

  • Flue gas recycle GT and CO2 capture demo

  • CO2 membrane demo

  • CO2 anti-sublimation (CO2 frosting, GT, Steam cycle)

  • New CO2 scrubbing technology demos (other than standard MEA scrubbing)

    • (this is not a priority order yet)

Proposal for working team
Proposal for working team needed (II)

  • Work out details of proposed research infrastructure needed

    • Optimal Place

    • Partners (equipment suppliers, power generators, universities, SMEs)

    • Cost

    • Size of pilot/demonstration equipment

    • Technical specifications to reach R&D targets

  • Team members proposed (not complete yet)

    • ALSTOM

    • S/W

    • Vattenfall, RWE, EdF and European subsidiaries, Endesa,

    • SINTEF, IFP, NTNU, …more to be defined!

  • Due date for specific proposals?

www.alstom.com needed (II)