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Micro Trend: Fringe Details PowerPoint Presentation
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Micro Trend: Fringe Details

Micro Trend: Fringe Details

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Micro Trend: Fringe Details

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  1. Micro Trend: Fringe Details Fringe details are bound to catch your eye. Love them, or hate them, but you simply can’t ignore them. Seen in the spring/summer collections at all major fashion weeks and online women clothes shopping sites, this little detailing is here to stay. Have a quick look on how to incorporate fringes in your wardrobe: 1.Dresses: What is that one trend that can suit all hemlines- floor length, mini, or mid-calf hemline? The answer is fringes. It can accentuate dresses of any length and any material. Buying dresses online is more convenient than conventional shopping, and with sites like, you are sure to find a great variety.

  2. We recommend: This viscose floral dress with black fringe detailing is perfect for a Sunday brunch. 2.Tops: An easy way to brighten up any simple pair of pants is to play with the top. Along with lending a playful touch to a top, the fringes are a great way to camouflage a bit of extra fat too. Ladies crop tops are the emerging trend in the fashion scenario. If you want to flaunt a crop top, but are a bit unsure about exposing your mid-riff, why not try crop tops with fringes? This way, you can show without hiding it all.

  3. We recommend: Try this black top with fringes over any beige trouser or printed pants, and Voila! You are ready to rock.

  4. 3.Shrugs: Layered clothes lend you a look perfect for the fall season. Complement your spaghetti tops or tank tops with fringe detailed shrugs. You can even opt for fringe detailing at both the sleeves and waistline or any one of these. For those who are not too willing to experiment, you can first try out shrugs with fringes only on the sleeves. We recommend: Jazz up a white dress or tank top with this shrug in bright colors. 4.Scarves: Scarves are definitely one of the easiest ways to transform an outfit from plain to chic in a few seconds. And, admit it, scarves with fringe detailing at the ends do look cool. P.S. Try out different draping styles to give a new look to your scarf each time you wear it. We recommend: These printed scarves in multi colors are a must-have in your wardrobe.

  5. 5.Bags: Not only clothes, you can also let fringe details play with your accessories. Use a sling bag with fringe detailing to complement any simple outfit. We recommend: Carry these black faux-leather beauties with a mid-length floral dress. The above-mentioned are just a few of the many ways to play around with fringe details. provides a wide variety of women’s clothes and accessories to shop from. So, the next time when you buy clothes online, look out for the fringe-detailed pieces.