what is the work of the cranes n.
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What is the work of the cranes?

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What is the work of the cranes? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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crane occupies a great part in the aspect

Crane occupies a great part in the aspect of material handling in ware houses and factories. But, to an ordinary man Crane and Hoist are only the pieces of equipment’s for handling and lifting things. But for a professional, who is engaged to the field of material handling knows very well about the cranes. The cranes not only used to finish a task easily but also save lot of money and time.

the crane services in chennai use the crane hoist

The Crane Services in Chennai use the crane hoist for lifting and lowering of loads. The hoisting process is done by wrapping a rope around a drum and a barrel and then lifting the material through its weight. The hoisting process can be operated manually and electrically. The whole process is also driven by Pneumatic way.

In the history of handling materials, the tools like cranes are most used by the Crane Service. It is the permanent part in construction and manufacturing industry. In most cases the equipment’s are controlled by the use of a radio, by push of a button, or controlled by an infrared. An operator is a must for all these cases. Some of them are only temporary structures and can easily be disassembled once the work is done.

types of cranes

Types of Cranes:

There are different types of cranes available in the market.


The tower cranes are stationery and are attached to the ground. These cranes are mainly used for lifting capacity and height. The main function of these cranes is making a sky scrapers and towers.

jib bridge cranes

Jib & Bridge cranes:

The Jib cranes belong to Overhead crane category. These types of cranes are very much effective and compact for carrying lighter loads. With one end attached to the wall, the crane will rotate the way the user wants. It can span over a distance of 20ft.


This crane also belongs to the overhead crane category. In this process the crane runs through the ceiling. The ceiling is attached to two metal beams on either side. There is a trolley attached to it which carries the hoist and the load. It is mainly required for lifting and lowering of objects.

truck mounted

Truck Mounted:

The truck mounted cranes are essentially mounted on a rubber truck for maximizing its portability. These cranes provide a speedy solution for constructional problems.


These cranes are mounted on a horizontal beam. They are stationery at 90 degrees facing the floor. In the time of requirement they can go up and down. The whole lifting process takes place in circular motion.

There are many powerful lifting equipment’s available at the construction site. Be cautious while choosing them. The customers can also make use of Crane Hire or Crane Rental services.

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