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Gay/Lesbian Bullying Suicide PowerPoint Presentation
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Gay/Lesbian Bullying Suicide

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Gay/Lesbian Bullying Suicide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Gay/Lesbian Bullying Suicide. By: Sean Abney, Chris Fambro, Kyle Cummings, Josh Jolly. Have you ever seen someone being bullied? Do you have a friend who is gay or lesbian?. People are committing suicide because they are being made fun of their sexual preference.

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gay lesbian bullying suicide

Gay/Lesbian Bullying Suicide

By: Sean Abney, Chris Fambro, Kyle Cummings, Josh Jolly


One in two lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender youth reported being cyber bullied about their sexual identities.


The highest point of emotion is when kids or teenagers commit suicide. This is not healthy for the world.


People who are afraid to take off their mask are looking up to other people. They want you to prove to the world that you don’t care about what people say.


When people commit suicide, they are telling the bully that he/she can ruin the next gay person’s life.


This makes the bully think that he has power over certain people. This is when solutions come into place.


We need a law that protects gay teens because we live in a community in which people bully other kids about their difference.


There are many organizations, such as GLAAD and ILGA that can help make the world a better place.


95% of teens go online to check out Web sites and videos. 80% of teens use social media sites like Face book.


15% of teens say they've been the target of mean comments on social networking sites. 9% of teens have been bullied by text messages.


22% of teens have lost a friendship over something that happened on a social networking site. 6% of teens have gotten in trouble at school because of an online bullying incident.


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