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Infrastructure and power solutions in Hyderabad and Bangalore | CubaticGroup

Cubatic infrastructure services are recognized as the leading infrastructure and power solutions provider to meet your business needs. We are expanding our horizons and spreading our wings from building constructions to major road bridges, tunnels, water supply, sewers, electrical grids, telecommunications projects.

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Infrastructure and power solutions in Hyderabad and Bangalore | CubaticGroup

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  1. Infrastructure & Power CubaticInfra & Power Services

  2. INFRASTRUCTURE Infrastructure refers to the fundamental facilities and systems serving a country, city, or area, including the services and facilities necessary for its economy to function. CubaticInfra & Power Services

  3. Critical infrastructure The term critical infrastructure has been widely adopted to distinguish those infrastructure elements that, if significantly damaged or destroyed, would cause serious disruption of the dependent system or organization. Storm, flood, or earthquake damage leading to loss of certain transportation routes in a city, for example bridges crossing a river, could make it impossible for people to evacuate, and for emergency services to operate; these routes would be deemed critical infrastructure. Similarly, an on-line booking system might be critical infrastructure for an airline. These elements of infrastructure are often the focus of recovery efforts in the aftermath of natural disasters. Damage to critical infrastructure could also result in a public safety hazard. CubaticInfra & Power Services

  4. Urban infrastructure Urban or municipal infrastructure refers to hard infrastructure systems generally owned and operated by municipalities, such as streets, water distribution, and sewers. It may also include some of the facilities associated with soft infrastructure, such as parks, public pools, schools, hospitals and libraries. CubaticInfra & Power Services

  5. Green infrastructure Green infrastructure is a concept that highlights the importance of the natural environment in decisions about land use planning.In particular there is an emphasis on the "life support" functions provided by a network of natural ecosystems, with an emphasis on interconnectivity to support long-term sustainability. Examples include clean water and healthy soils, as well as the more anthropocentric functions such as recreation and providing shade and shelter in and around towns and cities. CubaticInfra & Power Services

  6. Land improvement and land development The terms land improvement and land development are general terms that in some contexts may include infrastructure, but in the context of a discussion of infrastructure would refer only to smaller scale systems or works that are not included in infrastructure because they are typically limited to a single parcel of land, and are owned and operated by the land owner. CubaticInfra & Power Services

  7. Public works and public services The term public works includes government owned and operated infrastructure as well as public buildings such as schools and court houses. Public works generally refers to physical assets needed to deliver public services. Public services include both infrastructure and services generally provided by government. CubaticInfra & Power Services

  8. CONTACT US Cubatic Infra & Power Pvt Ltd Girija Imperial, Plot No:22, Flat No:502, Gafoor Nagar, Madhapur, Hyderabad 500081. Phone : 040-20032444 Email : office@cubatic.net Cubatic Ventures Pvt Ltd 301, La Casa Blanca, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad 500033. Phone : 040-20032444 Email : office@cubatic.net CubaticInfra & Power Services

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