proposal campus hiring pt coca cola amatil indonesia n.
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Proposal Campus Hiring PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia PowerPoint Presentation
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Proposal Campus Hiring PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia

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Proposal Campus Hiring PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia

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Proposal Campus Hiring PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia

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  1. Proposal Campus Hiring PT Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia

  2. About was founded in 1999 as the pioneer of the Indonesian Career Portals. Since December 2014, becomes the part of EMTEK Group, an integrated group of companies with Media, Telecommunications & IT Solutions, and Connectivity as main business divisions. Some of EMTEK's online portfolios are,,, and now; we provide services for companies to hire the best talents through online job ads. As a partner to the Indonesian professionals, has participated in harmonizing the industry needs with a more skillful workforce. Through a wide-range of innovations, has committed to provide solutions for career development and hiring the most suitable talents. Some innovations are the MT Academy, a management trainee solution where partners with companies and universities to select future business leaders. has partnered with noteworthy universities in Indonesia, such as UGM, ITB, UI, IPB, also Melbourne University, also big companies like Hero Group, Mayora Indah and Indonesia Stock Exchange, delivering to fulfilling one of its mission; to be the matchmaker between the supply and demand for qualified workforce. Background

  3. Coca Cola Amatil Indonesia wants to find the best candidate for Management Trainee all around Indonesia finds this as an exciting and challenging campaign to do as we would like to tap in the FMGC Industry. With our Customized Recruitment Project, will be able to gather candidates in a more effective and timely manner. Background

  4. Objectives • To Recruit 113 top Indonesia Graduates from Selected Universities in Indonesia and aboard to become the future leader in organization • To actively conduct employer branding online and offline supporting the brand leadership in the market. • To reach the most-effective way to hire the best talent

  5. GTP 18 Plan

  6. Recruitment Proses Plan

  7. Database Female / Male Bancelor Degree from Any Major GPA min 3.00 for the best university Good Communication Fluent in English Duration 8 Weeks Process scheme: Target

  8. What Has Been Done Digital banner

  9. What Has Been Done On ground activities Campus hiring Job Fair

  10. Headquarter Jl. Bumi No.10, KebayoranBaru - Jakarta 12120 Ph. (+62 21) 2930 5891 Surabaya Branch Office SCTV Building, Jl. Raya DarmoPermai III, SukoManunggal - Surabaya 60189 Ph. (+62 31) 991 41126, 991 41127, 991 41328 Jogja Branch Office Ruko Panda Kavling Q Jl. ArteriRingroad Utara, Sleman – Yogyakarta 55281 Ph. (+62 274) 292 0790 Thankyou