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Coca-Cola. Chelsey Petrey. “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit “ Robert Woodruff. Overview. History Leadership Sponsorship Financial Information Slogans What’s New Conclusion. Atlanta Beginnings.

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  1. Coca-Cola Chelsey Petrey “There is no limit to what a man can do or where he can go if he doesn’t mind who gets the credit “ Robert Woodruff

  2. Overview • History • Leadership • Sponsorship • Financial Information • Slogans • What’s New • Conclusion

  3. Atlanta Beginnings • Dr. John Pemberton created Coca-Cola • Sold at Jacob’s Pharmacy for 5 cents • Frank Robinson created the name and script logo • Pemberton sold the business to Asa Candler

  4. Beyond Atlanta • Incorporate and formula patented • Joseph Biedenharn bottled Coca-Cola using a common glass bottle called the Hutchinson • Root Glass Company manufactured the contour bottle in 1916, inspired by the shape of the African cola nut.

  5. Robert Woodruff • Candler sold Coca-Cola to Ernest Woodruff • Robert Woodruff assumed leadership • Advertising • Six- bottle cartons • Coca-Cola cooler • Coca-Cola bell glass • Used Sundblom’s Santa Claus picture

  6. Woodruff Era • Sprite Boy used to introduced Coca-Cola • Provided Coke to the military for five cents a bottle during World War II • First product on the cover of Time Magazine

  7. Woodruff Era • Expanded into foreign markets with local bottles, trucks, and personnel • Cans and plastic bottles • Coke Wave introduced • Fanta, Sprite, Tab, Mr. Pibb, and Mello Yello introduced

  8. Roberto Goizueta • Named Chairman and CEO • Intelligent and Innovative risk taking • Coca-Cola Enterprise, Inc • Diet Coke • New Coke • Coca-Cola Classic

  9. Douglas Daft • Introduced Coca-Cola Polar Bears • Donated 20,000 commercials to the library of Congress • Introduced Dasani and Vanilla Coke • Introduced new “Coca-Cola…Real” marketing platform in 2003

  10. Coke Commercial

  11. Sponsorship • Olympics • Project Hope • Art of Harmony • Tiger Woods Foundation • Coca-Cola Racing Family • Children’s Miracle Network • Boys and Girls Club of America

  12. Annual Income Statement

  13. Annual Balance Sheet

  14. Stock Chart

  15. Coca-Cola Slogans • 1886 Drink Coca-Cola • 1913 The Best Beverage Under the Sun • 1929 The Pause that Refreshes • 1937 America’s Favorite Moment • 1945 Passport of Refreshment • 1955 America’s Preferred Taste • 1963 Things Go Better With Coke • 1976 Coke Adds Life • 1984 Just For The Taste of It • 1985 America’s Real Choice • 1993 Always Coca-Cola • 2003 Coca-Cola Real

  16. What’s New • Introduced a Ginger-flavored version of Sprite in China • Started testing digital advertisements on its fleet of trucks in Atlanta, Chicago, Denver, Santa Fe, and New England • Constructed its first plastic recycling plant in Latin America • Launched DASANI in Ghana, Kenya, and will expand the drink throughout Africa

  17. “Look Up” • A new TV campaign has been launched in Thailand called “Look Up” • These Coca-Cola commercials target teens and commemorate teen lifestyle • They encourage teens to believe in themselves and follow their dreams

  18. Conclusion • Coca-Cola is one of the most popular beverages in the world • So many different products give you so many options; therefore, Coca-Cola is bound to please almost everyone • So, whenever you are thirsty, go ahead a crack open a refreshing can of Coke; you won’t be disappointed

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