author louis sachar by davien cook n.
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  1. Author: Louis Sachar By: Davien Cook Holes

  2. He is kind of Fat. Isn’t very athletic. He came to Camp Green Lake by shoe’s flying off a wire so he got caught by the police and had the choice of jail or camp. StanleyYelnats/ Caveman

  3. Rex/X-ray-Hecantseevery well. Jose/Magnet-Wantstobeananimaltrainer Theodore/Armpit-Chubby,Husky,andMusty Ricky/Zigzag- Mean Hector/Zero-Hasnothinginhismind. The other campers

  4. Caveman Zero Armpit X-Ray Zig Zag Squid Magnet

  5. Dear Mom, Today was my first day at camp, and I’ve already made some friends. We've been out on the lake all day so I'm pretty tired. Once I pass the swimming test, I’ll get to learn to water ski. Letter to mom

  6. Mr. Pendanski- The counselor. He is nice. Mr. Sir- Mean has a gun kills lizards with it. The Warden- Can be mean. Can be nice. Your choice. Is Head of the camp. Personnel at Camp

  7. The Problem was that Stanley Had to dig holes everyday for something that he didn’t do. The resolution was that Stanley Ran away to find Zero.The both of them found refuge on Gods thumb.Then they went to the actual hole where they found the tube with K.B. on it.So they found a treasure chest and the Warden wanted to take it from them butZero said ”It belongs to Stanley it has his name on it.” Then they got to go home early. Problem/Resolution

  8. By Davien Cook Holes By Louis Sachar Thanks for watching The end