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  1. -FICTION- By: Louis Sachar HOLES Scrapbook By: Anna Graves Rogers 5th period

  2. SETTING • The story Holes was set in Camp Green Lake during the summer. • Camp Green Lake is a camp for boys who have done a crime. • Camp Green Lake is actually a flat, dried up lake somewhere in Texas. • The land is hard and barren with holes everywhere.

  3. THEME • Many messages come out of Holes. One message is that some things that you don’t want to do can turn out to be a good experience overall. Stanley didn’t want to go to Camp Green Lake, but it helped him in the end. Another message I gained from this book is that friends can come from the oddest places. Stanley would have never thought he’d become friends with Zero, but they actually became very helpful to each other.

  4. PROBLEMS & SOLUTIONS • Problem: Stanley takes a long time digging his hole. • Solution: He helps teach Zero how to read, and in return Zero digs a part of Stanley’s hole everyday. • Problem: Stanley and Zero don’t have any food or water when they run away from Camp Green Lake. • Solution: They climb to the Big Thumb and find onions in the ground and water in the soil. • Problem:Elya loved Myra Menke, but she was interested in someone else. • Solution:Elya went to MademeZeroni for help.

  5. Stanley Yelnats (Caveman) Stanley Yelnatshad never been to camp before. He was given the choice of Camp Green Lake or jail, but he was not guilty of the crime for which he was sentenced. When Stanley (Caveman) got to camp, it was hard to make friends at first. He was always the last one finished digging his hole. At camp he met a kid named Zero. They became friends, and Stanley even helped Zero learn how to read. Stanley faced many challenges at Camp Green Lake, especially after running away. Stanley’s overall experience at camp made him a stronger more hopeful person in the end. • DESCRIPTION: • Overweight • Poor Family • Only Child • Not Guilty • Unlucky

  6. Zero (Hector Zeroni) • DESCRIPTION: • Quiet • Small • Fastest Digger • Doesn’t know how to read or write Zero is a small, quiet kid at Camp Green Lake. He hardly ever talks or answers questions, but he is one of the fastest diggers. He lost his mom, and he doesn’t know how to read or write. When he meets Stanley, he asks Stanley if he would teach him to read in exchange for help with digging his hole. Stanley accepts, and they become very good friends. But things change when Zero runs away from camp. With help from Stanley, Zero survives, and he is in for an adventure he will never forget.

  7. Warden (Ms. Walker) • DESCRIPTION: • Tall • Red Hair • Freckles • Bossy • Violent The Warden is pretty much the head of Camp Green Lake. Every camper there is scared of her. She keeps cameras everywhere around camp. She says that the campers are just digging to build character, but really she’s looking for Kissin’ Kate Barlow’s treasure. Her violent personality gets her everything. She’s highly dangerous, especially after just painting her nails!

  8. Mr. Sir • DESCRIPTION • Scary-Looking • Rattlesnake Tattoo • Rough • Strict Mr. Sir is another head worker at Camp Green Lake. He is very rough on the boys and doesn’t put up with any joking around. He is always seen with his bag of sunflower seeds in place of cigarettes. Mr. Sir is not going to waste his time on the campers, and he makes sure they know that, “This isn’t Girl Scouts.”

  9. Mr. Pendanski (Mom) • DESCRIPTION: • Counselor • Tries to help the campers • Almost Bald • Curly, Black Beard • Sunburned Nose Mr. Pendanski is the camper’s counselor. He respects the campers, and he tries to help make their life better. The campers call him Mom, and overall he is a nice man.

  10. X-Ray Rex • DESCRIPTION: • Dirty Glasses • Small • Leader of the Group Despite his small size, X-Ray knows how to make his mark at Camp Green Lake. When Stanley arrived at camp, he immediately took advantage of him. He is pretty much the leader of the campers in his tent.