rokonok relatives by szab istv n n.
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Rokonok (Relatives) by Szabó István PowerPoint Presentation
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Rokonok (Relatives) by Szabó István

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Rokonok (Relatives) by Szabó István - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rokonok (Relatives) by Szabó István
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  1. Rokonok(Relatives)by Szabó István Based on the novel by Móricz Zsigmond

  2. Zsigmond Móricz was a Hungarian novelist and social realist. The 1932 novel  "Relatives" became one of his best-known novels among his  many other notable works. Zsigmond Móricz1879-1942

  3. The novel was turned into a movie firts in 1954 directed by Félix Máriássy . The main characters were played by László Ungváry, Gábor Rajnay, Sándor Pécsi and Klári Tolnai. • At that time the Hungarian communist system wished to present  the country´s swindle, corrupt world with biting irony. The director: Félix Máriássy

  4. Hungary's everyday life resembles the relations of the town " Zsarátnok" sketched in the book. Szabó István took this to reason, and filmed the novel in 2006 again. At Tiburon International Film Festival  " Relatives" won an award for best director in 2007.

  5. Szabó István Tamás(1938. february 18,Budapest) • István Szabó has won more than 60 awards as a director. • In 1982 he won an Oscar with his film: „Mephisto”

  6. His Important films • Te „You”(1963) • Apa „Father” (1966) • Mephisto (1981) • Redl ezredes „Colonel Redl” (1985) • Édes Emma, drága Böbe „Sweet Emma, dear Böbe” (1992) • A napfény íze „The sunshine’s flavour” (1999) • Csodálatos Júlia „Amazing Julia” (2004) • Rokonok „Relatives” (2006)

  7. Szabó István: Rokonok The plot takes place in the 1920´s in a small town somewhere in the Great Plain of Hungary.  The protagonist Istvan Kopjas and his wife Lina, are both from noble families with great past, but lost their wealth and properties.  Suddenly Kopjas  has been elected for the town´s  crown prosecutor´s position. Being an intelligent person he quickly realizes that how to jump-start the towns economy by reinventing the local pig farm. Slowly, he realizes that the leaders of the town are all corrupt and the only cohesion holding the officials together is money and power.

  8. Kopjas becomes popular  with the principal of "everybody should take his own part, but without giving up everything, giving up  his own moral".The town leaders, run by the major force him into a mortgage deal, and later when he refuses to corrupt himself searches his safe secretly. Ildikó Tóth (Lina) Sándor Csányi (Kopjas)

  9. Finally the pig farm director´s wife Magdalena uses her beauty to corrupt him. • Lina, Kopjas’s wife is  scared and triesto keep their smooth, modest positiveness. Kopjas’s uncle, Berci thinks that Kopjas is going to give money for a big deceit. Károly Eperjes (Kardics) Erika Marozsán (Magdalena)

  10. Kopjas is trying to fight for the fragments of low left in among the citizens of this corrupt little town. As of the result of his moral actions, the major furiously attacks him. Kopjas can not take the pressure and  makes a suicide with the gun of his predecessor. Kopjas end the mayor

  11. The End