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BMSS Performance Group PowerPoint Presentation
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BMSS Performance Group

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BMSS Performance Group
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BMSS Performance Group

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  1. BMSS Performance Group 2014 - 2015 season

  2. Welcome to the grind • Welcome to the new season • This is the outline of the new group • And the training process • It all starts with this; • Welcome to the grind video

  3. The Group Structure Speed Focus Group Distance Focus Group The BMSS Performance Group JNR DistanceFocusGroup Breast stroke Group

  4. The Competition Format

  5. Phase 1 Group Outlines • Each group has specific requirements • Each group therefore has its own training outline (see the excel outlines) • These detail the types of work to be done in each 2 or 4 week cycle to best advantage the performance development • Managing this diversity is going to be a difficult task in our pool spaces

  6. The performance group goals • As a club, the aim is to take 40+ swimmers to the Darmstadt Meet in early July 2015. • Additionally, 16 swimmers + should qualify for the British National AG and Youth • This is what I believe is possible, • BUT. It will only happen if you as a swimmer and your parents want to put the effort and commitment into it.

  7. Your goals • These need to be Specific, • Measurable • Achievable • Realistic • Timed

  8. Goals for you as an individual • Pace charts have been developed and will be put on the web site to help you understand and achieve your aims. • An example follows;

  9. Other measurable’s; • We will be doing the 5 x 200 swim test to set your initial training paces which you can use with the times shown above • You will also get a blood glucose and lactate profile to show you the balance of your fitness capabilities. • From this you will also get the force you place against the water. • We can use this to work out how much your strength should be improved by.

  10. Your cords program • This needs to be done pre session and for all of you as your land based training on Monday and Friday evenings. • The following video shows most of the exercises you will do. Stretch cord video

  11. Breathe right • This is a progressive use program. • Follows what is outlined on the group program

  12. The abs Program • To be done every land work out • And to be used as part of your Monday and Friday evening session.

  13. The Trollies • You will need these on Monday and Friday Evening and Saturday AM. • This you have already seen on the program. • It will help you develop strength control and control of movement.

  14. Training is only as good as the meal you eat after it is completed • To help you with this an outline 2 week menu has been put together for you. • In the next week, you will receive booklet with many recipe's in it that will give you many ways to modify the menu. • It’s meant as a guide to help you balance easy meal planning quicker prep and family needs

  15. Week 1

  16. Week 2

  17. Supplements • This is individual in requirements. • If you have been able to do a blood test then that’s great. • If not. We will work it out. • This was to assess your iron state • IF haemoglobin is not at 15g/dl then you are not going to be at your best or be able to cope with the stress of training • Haematocrit should be 45% (fm) 46%(m) • Ferritin between 100 & 120 ug/l

  18. Taking Iron • 40 mg per day with vitamin C. Not around tea or coffee or chocolate! • Do this for 10 days. • Then 4 days off. • Repeat 2 or 3 times. • This will raise haemoglobin levels by 1g/dl per week

  19. Vit B complex • Take at the wrong time and you will not absorb it, you WILL pee it out. • Take just before and just after training.

  20. Other supplements • Iodine 25mg per day (70kg) less if you weigh less!! • Selenium 100ug per day • Magnesium 0.6gm per day. More on hot days or in a hot pool.

  21. If your not well… • Take 2000mg Vit C per day, for up to 5 days • Take Zinc also 50 mg per day for 5 days • AND don’t come and spread it round your training mates!!!

  22. Older athletes 15+ amino’s to take • 2 grams of ornithine • 2 grams of Arginine • Taken on Saturday • Every 2nd week taken Friday, Sat and Sunday

  23. The Expectation of your training

  24. That means • 7 sessions per week. • Remember your equipment • Ensure you all have a sponge and paddles • Your bands and trolley on the correct days • Look after them!

  25. Pre race warm ups • No more weak and feeble land based warm ups. • Pre race means be prepared • So you will need to do a minimum of 20 minson cords calisthenics and other exercises drawn from your land programs • This is additional to the main warm up you do (which is never long enough)

  26. Post race debrief • We have used these before, well a few of you have;…?? • Before you come for your debrief you will need to fill in your scores so when we talk through your race, you have a considered view of what you did.

  27. You now have everything laid out for you. • The only weak factor is your commitment to you. • So; Why we fall video