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The Genesis

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The Genesis
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The Genesis

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  1. The Genesis Of Rad Waste-Free Reactors

  2. The Genesis By Gordon Ziegler Electrino Energy

  3. The Genesis Steps in the process

  4. The Genesis March 1964 As a high school physics student, decide there is an aether after all (Einstein notwithstanding). Aspire to derive relativity in an aether.

  5. The Genesis 1970 Write historical summary of physics discoveries.

  6. The Genesis 1977 Derive special and general relativity in an aether.

  7. The Genesis 1981 Begin theoretical work on science of chonomics (particle structure).

  8. The Genesis 1983 Discover in theory electrino fusion power.

  9. The Genesis 1983 See value of reversing second law of thermodynamics.

  10. The Genesis 1987 Begin paper on structure of elementary particles.

  11. The Genesis 1990 Begin synthesizing scientific discoveries in manuscript The Unified Universe

  12. The Genesis February 27, 1992 Received a letter from E.R. Siciliano, Ph.D. pointing out that existing incoherent particle beams can collide only about one in 10,000 particles accelerated. This letter had large impact on quest for electrino fusion power, apparently showing the need for coherent beams.

  13. The Genesis 1994 Enlarge and redraft physics work under the title, Formulating the Universe, Volume 1, which in part contained work on the unified field theory and unified particle theory.

  14. The Genesis November 1994 Begin in earnest to theorize and design coherent electron and coherent positron sources to help in electrino fusion processes.

  15. The Genesis February 16, 1995 Founded Coherent Electron Source, LLC.

  16. The Genesis 1995 Drafted Formulating the Universe, Volume 2. Learned how to reverse order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics through the fusion of positron anti-semions. Initially had incorrect r² model of second law reversal.

  17. The Genesis April 1, 1996 Conceived the basics of cavity electron source.

  18. The Genesis April-October 1996 Worked together with JEOL USA, Inc., an electron microscope company, to design, fabricate and test a substrate cavity electron source.

  19. The Genesis 1996-1999 Attempted to achieve coherent electron source through various methods of cavity fabrication and testing.

  20. The Genesis 2000 Learn of a U.S. patent for “A Method and Apparatus for Generating High Energy Coherent Electron Beam and Gamma-Ray Laser”, by Hidetsugu Ikegami, Takarazuka, Japan (U.S. Patent No. 5,887,008 March 23, 1999)

  21. The Genesis 2001 Begin draft of formulating the Universe, Volume 3.

  22. The Genesis August 2003 Disclose method of using positive anti-semion fusion as a force field bomb shelter. Was then off by a factor of 10⁴ in efficiency calculations.

  23. The Genesis 1996-2004 Revise and correct Formulating the Universe, Volumes 1 and 2, several times.

  24. The Genesis August 2004 Made contact with the one man that is qualified to build the EF2LTF accelerator-collider, James M. Potter, Ph.D. of JP Accelerator Works, Inc., Los Alamos, New Mexico. Obtained from him an estimate of how much this would cost.

  25. The Genesis December 2004 Discover that electrino fusion may be 6.24 x 1018 times as efficient as e- e+ collisions, because the magnetic and weak forces make the particles smart guided bombs to fuse with each other. If this is true, electrino fusion power generation may be possible as a new and cheaper source of electricity. If not, EFP generation may not be possible.

  26. The Genesis December 15, 2004 Completed version of FTU, Vols. 1 and 2, incorporating this question in Volume 2, Chapter 6. Saw super nova as pre-existing test of the high efficiency version of EFP.

  27. The Genesis January 2006 Published “A New Way to Calculate Electron and Muon g/2-factors” in Galilean Electrodynamics Journal.

  28. The Genesis March 11, 2007 Finish Electrino Physics book, synthesizing, correcting and extending materials in Formulating the Universe, Volumes 1-3.

  29. The Genesis October 2007 Discover field of Refresher 1 would greatly increase the efficiency of the EFP Reactor, making it possible.

  30. The Genesis July 2008 Learned principal reactions of EFP Reactor in field of Refresher 1. Wrote about radioactive wastes (or lack of them) in field of Refresher 1.

  31. The Genesis How Does It Work?

  32. The Genesis Two Aspects: • Position Collider • Electron Collider

  33. The Genesis • Positrons are accelerated to 940 MeV and collided (positrons on one leg to the collider are spin-flipped before collision). Spins are axial. Guided by the magnetic force and the weak forces, the half particles (anti-semions) in the colliding positrons fuse to two whole particles (unitons), which are the core particles of protons and neutrons. The rest of the Refresher 1 reactions are concomitant thermodynamic reactions (see next view graph). The Genesis

  34. The Genesis • I have discovered that there are at least two different kinds of energy: order energy Eo and entropy energy Es. Order energy is the quantum mechanical positive or negative energy in the creation or annihilation of particles. Entropy energy is the absolute value term by term of the order energy terms in the equations. For instance, the order energy of an electron-positron annihilation is Eo = (Ee)+ (-Ee) = 0. The entropy energy for the same reaction is Es = |Ee| + |-Ee| = 2Ee, a positive value.

  35. The Genesis • The entropy arrow of time that in a closed system entropy tends to increase with time can be expressed simply with entropy energy Es as ∆Es ≥ 0. • The order to disorder arrow of time, that in a closed system order tends to decrease and disorder tends to increase, with time can be expressed simply with order energy Eo as ∆Eo ≤ 0.

  36. The Genesis

  37. The Genesis • Would it be possible to reverse the direction of the arrows in human existence? Not unless we could find a way to reverse the sense of the order to disorder arrow in a closed system – namely to make ∆Eo > 0.

  38. The Genesis • In other words, in a closed system we would need a net increase in positive order energy with time. We could not do that with either pair production or the annihilation of particles. The negative and positive order energies exactly cancel out in those phenomena. Particle decay won’t do it either. Particle decay introduces a trace of negative order energy to the system.

  39. The Genesis • No particle reaction in the Standard Model can increase net positive order energy. It evidently is not occurring anywhere on Earth today. But what about the fusion of anti-semions in positrons described earlier in this section?

  40. The Genesis • It both subtracts from the negative order energy and adds to the positive order energy – doubly increasing positive order energy. The fusion of anti-semions in positrons promises to reverse the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics and reverse the arrows of human existence in a controlled area.

  41. The Genesis • Electrons are accelerated to 940 MeV and collided (electrons on one leg of the collider are spin-flipped before collision). Spins are axial. Guided by the magnetic force and the weak forces, the half particles (semions) in the colliding electrons fuse to two whole particles (anti-unitons), which are the core particles of anti-protons and anti-neutrons, which then collide with ambient protons and neutrons; annihilating them. Twice as much energy is given off by the annihilation as was required to cause it.

  42. The Genesis • When the order to disorder arrow in the second law of thermodynamics is reversed in a local controlled area, it is not alone human biology that is affected, but everything in an active sphere. If the accelerator-collider for an EFP Reactor is placed within the active sphere, several notable effects will occur.

  43. The Genesis • Aging and radiation losses will not occur in the photovoltaic energy recovery cells – making the system more than self sustaining. There would be no resistive heating in the field, making the accelerator room temperature superconductive – with no cryogenic energy losses.

  44. The Genesis • One other effect on the EFP Reactor by the reversed order to disorder arrow is that all the arrows of radioactive decay are turned around, and radioisotopes are un-formed or not formed. Another effect on the EFP Reactor by the reversed order to disorder arrow is that the energy production is nearly 100% efficient.

  45. The Genesis • Two legs of the accelerator with 1.0 Amp beams each leg at 940 MeV collided give 1.88 GW gross power generated. At 90% energy recover rate, that is 1.692 GW power recovered. It requires 0.94 GW of that to make it self-sustaining. That leaves 752 MW saleable power.

  46. The Genesis • These added costs are figured into the costs of the construction and operation of the facility in the second and third years. Also revolutionary things in particle physics would occur for the first time at the EFP Reactor, so provision is made to provide the necessary personnel and equipment for those measurements with the first EFP Reactor.

  47. The Genesis • The maximum radius of the active area of the second law reversal can be determined through dimensional analysis. It depends on the beam current I, the speed of light c, and the change in order energy for a single source reaction (or electrino fusion reaction) (∆Eo)1.

  48. The Genesis • A length is obtained if the variables and constants are assembled in the following relationship: rmax = (∆Eo)1 c/ik where k is the ratio of particle energy to particle charge, roughly 109 joules per coulomb.

  49. The Genesis • Incredibly, the lower the current, the bigger the radius of the affected area. And the greater the current, the smaller the radius of the affected area. • With 10-11 Amp beam currents, the affected radius r solves for 9.6 meters – roughly 10 meters. To get an idea of the positron beam currents needed to reverse the order to disorder arrow of the second law of thermodynamics in what size of affected radius, see Table 1 below.

  50. The Genesis Table 1: Beam currents versus affected radius for reversal of the order to disorder arrow of the second law of thermodynamics.