Russian revolution
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RUSSIAN REVOLUTION. 1917: Revolution in a Single Year. Causes of the Revolution . Pressure/Problems of WWI V arious parties plotted revolution Feb 1917- Tsar Nicholas II forced to abdicate Romanov dynasty ends after 300 years. Tsar rule ends.. Now what?.

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Russian revolution


1917: Revolution in a Single Year

Causes of the revolution
Causes of the Revolution

  • Pressure/Problems of WWI

  • Various parties plotted revolution

  • Feb 1917- Tsar Nicholas II forced to abdicate

    • Romanov dynasty ends after 300 years

Tsar rule ends now what
Tsar rule ends.. Now what?

  • If you were living in Russia what type of rule would you desire?

  • Explain.

Provisional gov t takes power
Provisional Gov’t Takes Power

  • Provisional gov’t (Consisting of middle-class politicians and some socialist leaders) take over

Massive social upheaval
Massive Social Upheaval

  • WWI- Ordinary soldiers deserted in substantial numbers and despised upper-class officers

  • Major industrial centers:

    • New trade unions arose

    • Some workers seized factories

    • “Soviets”- (Grassroots organization) emerged to speak for ordinary people

    • Some peasants seized estates and burned manor houses

Provisional government fails
Provisional Government Fails

  • Fails to control revolutionary masses

  • Refused to take Russia out of WWI

  • Bolsheviks (Small socialist group led by Lenin) rose to power

  • Question: Why were the Bolsheviks able to ride the Russian Revolution to power?

Goals of the bolsheviks
Goals of the Bolsheviks

  • End WWI

  • Land for peasants- Slogan “Peace, land, bread”

  • Workers’ control of factories

  • Self-determination for non-Russian nationalities (example- Ukraine, Poland)

  • Lenin seizes power in 1917- civil war breaks out

Civil war 1918 1921
Civil War (1918-1921)

  • Three-year civil war broke out between:

    • White (Pro Czar/Anti Communist Forces) v. Red(Bolsheviks) Armies

  • Bolsheviks (calling their party “Communist”) battled an assortment of enemies all of which wanted to crush the communist regime

    • -tsarist officials,

    • landlords,

    • regional nationalist groups

    • troops from U.S., G.B., France and Japan

  • Bolsheviks won

Bolshevik victory
Bolshevik Victory

  • During Civil War the Bolsheviks took over the economy, seized grain from angry peasants, suppressed rebellions.

  • Integrated many lower-class men into Red Army (Bolsheviks military forces)

  • Defended against outside attack (U.S., France, Japan and GB)

  • Shortly after war ended they renamed country- Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Lenin stalin

  • Stalin took over after Lenin’s death in 1924