the height of imperialism l.
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The Height of Imperialism

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The Height of Imperialism - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Height of Imperialism. Southeast Asia Africa India Latin America. Introduction to Imperialism. What is “New Imperialism”? How is it different? What are the goals of Imperialism? Social Darwinism/Racism White Man’s Burden. Great Britain Singapore Burma France Vietnam Indochina

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The Height of Imperialism

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the height of imperialism

The Height of Imperialism

Southeast Asia



Latin America

introduction to imperialism
Introduction to Imperialism
  • What is “New Imperialism”?
  • How is it different?
  • What are the goals of Imperialism?
  • Social Darwinism/Racism
  • White Man’s Burden
colonial takeover in southeast asia
Great Britain







United States


Colonial Takeover in Southeast Asia
colonial regimes in southeast asia
Colonial Regimes in Southeast Asia
  • Indirect rule
    • Dutch East India Company
  • Direct Rule
    • Burma
  • Colonial Economies
    • Imports/exports
    • Plantations
    • infrastructure
resistance to colonial rule
Resistance to Colonial Rule
  • Resistance by the ruling class
    • Burma (Vietnam)
  • Peasant Revolts
    • Burma- Saya San
  • Nationalism
empire building in africa
West Africa

Intense European rivalries


Peanuts, timber, hides, palm oil

North Africa

Muhammad Ali

Suez Canal




Empire Building in Africa
empire building in africa7
Central Africa

Livingston; Stanley

King Leopold II

East Africa

German involvement

Berlin Conference

South Africa

200,000 whites

Boers (Afrikaners)

Cecil Rhodes

Boer War

Empire Building in Africa
colonial rule in africa
Colonial Rule in Africa
  • Indirect rule
    • Class/tribal conflict
    • Maintained local traditions
  • Direct Rule
    • French
    • Assimilation
rise of african nationalism
Rise of African Nationalism
  • Western educated- admire or resent the West?
  • Western hypocrisy
  • Segregation/racism
  • 20th century- native people began to organize
british rule in india
British Rule in India
  • Sepoy Mutiny
    • Cow and pig fat greased ammo
    • Hindu/Muslim rivalries
    • Kanpur
    • Queen Victoria became Empress of India
colonial rule in india
Colonial Rule in India
  • Benefits
    • Order and stability
    • Honest and efficient government
    • School system established (but only for upper class)
    • Railroads, telegraph, postal service
  • Costs
    • Destroyed local industries
    • Farmers switched from food to cotton production
    • Treated as inferior
    • Disrespect shown for India’s cultural heritage
indian nationalist movement
Indian Nationalist Movement
  • Began with upper-class educated
  • Indian National Congress- share in governing
  • Mohandas Gandhi- nonviolent resistance
colonial indian culture
Colonial Indian Culture
  • British colleges opened in India
  • Publishing companies
  • Rabindranath Tagore
    • Writer, poet, social reformer, spiritual leader, educator, philosopher, singer, painter
    • Set up an international university
    • Promoted pride in national Indian consciousness
nation building in latin america
Nation Building in Latin America
  • Creoles- had some power, but were second-class citizens
  • Peninsulares- held all the important positions
  • Mestizos- servants or laborers
  • Napoleon’s defeat of Spain weakened colonial control
  • Haitian Revolt
revolt in mexico
Revolt in Mexico
  • Miguel Hidalgo
    • Organized local Native Americans and mestizos to free themselves from the Spanish
    • Force was defeated and Hidalgo executed
    • Creoles and peninsulares joined in the revolt
    • Independence in 1822
revolts in south america
Jose de San Martin- Argentina

Spaniards must be removed from South America

Led a surprise attack over the Andes into Chile

Simon Bolivar- Venezuela

Led struggle for independence in Venezuela, New Grenada (Columbia), and Ecuador

Revolts in South America
  • Monroe Doctrine- guaranteed the independence of any new Latin American country and warned against any European intervention in the Americas
difficulties of nation building
Difficulties of Nation Building
  • Rule of the Caudillos
    • Santa Anna
      • Texas
      • Mexican War
    • Benito Juarez
      • Separation of church and state
      • Land distribution
      • Educational system
  • Economic Imperialism
  • Persistent Inequality
political change in latin america
Political Change in Latin America
  • United States in Latin America
    • Spanish War
      • Puerto Rico/Cuba
    • Panama
    • American investments- forces sent to Cuba, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Columbia, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic
revolution in mexico
Revolution in Mexico
  • Porfirio Diaz- ruled Mexico
    • Wages declined
    • 95% owned no land
  • Diaz forced from power
  • Emiliano Zepata- led a revolt against the wealthy landowners
  • 1917- new constitution
economic change in latin america
Economic Change in Latin America
  • Prosperity from exporting:
    • Argentina- wheat and beef
    • Brazil- coffee
    • Central America- coffee and bananas
    • Peru- sugar and silver
  • Began to build their own factories