lead us through the challenge of change n.
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Lead Us Through the Challenge of Change PowerPoint Presentation
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Lead Us Through the Challenge of Change

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Lead Us Through the Challenge of Change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lead Us Through the Challenge of Change
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  1. Lead Us Through the Challenge of Change John R. Rymer, Vice President & Principal Analyst January 25, 2011

  2. Fast business change is now the defining requirement for IT.

  3. This is the best opportunity we in IT have had for years!

  4. Agenda

  5. “Our planning cycle was annual, but we are moving to biweekly meetings. Yearly wasn’t cutting it.” – VP of Operations, integrated FS firm

  6. “The catalyst for our transformation is commoditization of our core business. Customers now ask, ‘What else can you do that brings value?’” – Regional ops director, transport firm

  7. Fast change = Both big and small transformations

  8. How would the business rate your organization? Rate the ability of your IT organization to implement changes needed by the business.

  9. Five ways customers achieve fast change

  10. A standardized IT capability (services, software, or infrastructure) delivered as-a-service via Internet technologies in a self-service and pay-per-use model. Enter cloud computing

  11. Cloud computing services offered in three packages Software-as-a-Service Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce.com… Platform-as-a-Service Cordys, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce.com… Infrastructure-as-a-Service Amazon, Flexiscale, Microsoft, Rackspace…

  12. How cloud helps shops achieve fast change

  13. Risks to overcome in gaining cloud’s benefits

  14. Certain industries are well-matched to cloud “What are your firm’s plans to adopt pay-per-use hosting of virtual servers (also known as cloud computing infrastructure- as-a-service or IaaS) at service providers such as Amazon Web Services, Terremark, Savvis, or Rackspace/Mosso?” Base: 1,252 server and storage IT decision makers Source: Forrsights Hardware Survey, Q3 2010

  15. Don’t be confused by the private vs. public cloud debate How Most IT Pros Want to Adopt Cloud Public Cloud Existing Data Center & Apps Portfolio Dev & test, new Private Cloud or Hosted Cloud Existing apps

  16. Deciding whether and how to “cloud”

  17. How to get the most from cloud economics

  18. You will lead the shift to fast change

  19. Thank you With contributions from: James Staten (jstaten@forrester.com) Andrew Bartels (abartels@forrester.com) Mike Gualtieri (mgualtieri@forrester.com) John R. Rymer +1 650-581-3857 jrymer@forrester.com Twitter: @johnrrymer www.forrester.com