five downsides of hsa l.
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Negative Aspects Of HSA Health Savings Accounts Reviewed PowerPoint Presentation
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Negative Aspects Of HSA Health Savings Accounts Reviewed

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Negative Aspects Of HSA Health Savings Accounts Reviewed - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Pointers to useful information at In the PowerPoint Slide Presentation, 5 secret downsides of HSA policies are outlined.

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Presentation Transcript
five downsides of hsa Downsides Of HSA
  • Five Not-So Secret Downsides Of HSA Health Savings Account Revealed
looking to sign up to sign up?
  • Are you looking to sign up for a tax-advantaged HSA? At your job or like an individual?
the benefits sure sound appealing benefits sure sound appealing.
  • The benefits sure sound appealing. Who wouldn't want to cover for healthcare expenses with pre-tax money, or compound the financial savings tax-free?!
check out five key disadvantages out "five" key disadvantages!
  • This is a quick overview of "five" not-so-secret key disadvantages of HSA, and you may not know the full degree of many of them.
1 fines of 20 Fines of 20%
  • 1) Fines for early distribution: getting higher! This past year 10%, this current year 20%.What will they be in five years?
2 bank charges Bank charges
  • 2) Bank charges: at $3/month, you will pay nearly $2,000 over a fifty year time span in bank charges alone.
3 restricted availability of funds Restricted availability of funds
  • 3) Restricted availability of funds: Funds turn out to be extremely immobile. Who wishes to pay out 20% in fees and penalties upfront plus any private net income taxes at up to 35%, a total of 55%?
4 restricted investment options Restricted investment options
  • 4) Restricted investment options: "Spend what you will need on medicine and invest the rest" sounds good. But most banks provide sub-par investment options ("to safeguard you from yourself"?)
5 high actual inflation High actual inflation
  • 5) High actual inflation: Even though the feds report 3% inflation, your wallet and knows best. The realistic inflation in the States is more than ten percent. Each and every $10,000 you keep in a HSA, you'll lose $1,000 each year.
what are the alternatives are the alternatives?
  • So what are the alternatives? Should you figure out how you can invest money for a lot more than 1-2% annually, and do not anticipate numerous health related expenditures, then HSA might not be for you, but an replacement, after-tax savings account may be far better.
more information information...
  • Look at to find out much more about HSA accounts, and to find a HSA financial institution which will best aleviate the 5 not-so-secret drawbacks of HSA accounts.
just visit visit...
  • Just visit
  • for much more information on the best way to find a fantastic HSA bank account.