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Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts. Sherry Glied HPM MSPH, Columbia University. Ten Worst Things about HSAs. Progressive. fragment the insurance market. $120. $0. regressive. Health Care Professional. discourage coordinated care. add administrative complexity for MDs. Economic Policy Wonk.

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Health Savings Accounts

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  1. Health Savings Accounts Sherry Glied HPMMSPH, Columbia University

  2. Ten Worst Things about HSAs

  3. Progressive

  4. fragment the insurance market

  5. $120 $0 regressive

  6. Health Care Professional

  7. discourage coordinated care

  8. add administrative complexity for MDs

  9. Economic Policy Wonk

  10. www.Kff.org increase health care costs

  11. The greatest improvement in the productive powers of labor, and the greater part of the skill, dexterity, and judgment with which it is anywhere directed, or applied, seem to have been the effects of the division of labor work against the division of labor

  12. 529 Education Savings Account HSA IRA lead to inefficient savings behavior

  13. Libertarian

  14. BANKERS FORM HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT COUNCIL WASHINGTON, Dec. 20—The American Bankers Association and the American Bankers Insurance Association jointly announced the formation of The HSA Council, an organization of banks, insurers and technology leaders committed to increasing the distribution of health savings accounts through banks. HSA COUNCIL MEMBERS MEET WITH PRESIDENT BUSH ON STRATEGIES TO EXPAND HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNTS WASHINGTON, April 4 — Two members of the HSA Council met with President Bush this morning to discuss ways to make it easier for Americans to participate in health savings accounts. expand regulatory capture

  15. over-regulate the insurance market

  16. variations in care Rising costs Poor quality treatment Medical errors 46 million uninsured are an absurd distraction HSA

  17. fragment the insurance market • are regressive • discourage coordinated care • add administrative complexity for MDs • increase health care costs • work against the division of labor • lead to inefficient savings behavior • expand regulatory capture • over-regulate the insurance market • are an absurd distraction

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