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Magnificent Me The Secret Of The Stone

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Magnificent Me The Secret Of The Stone
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Magnificent Me The Secret Of The Stone

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  1. Magnificent Me The Secret of the Stone By Sherry Guyberson

  2. Once upon a time there was a girl they called Jillian. On her 10th birthday she received a strange gift. This gift was said to have the power to change her life FOREVER!! Her journey was terrifying at times, because you never know who or what awaits you in the here, there or anywhere in the great beyond..

  3. Take the journey with Jillian as she explores the universe, from the outside - in! She was accompanied by Illianna, a beautiful white mare that helped guide her until she reached the Trinity Of Time. In her quest to unlock the secret of this stone she traveled to strange lands and found the wisdom of the ages in the most peculiar places. She learned how to create the future and was given the gift to understand the power she held in a new and brilliant light.

  4. Amazing bugs and birds and butterflies, flowers and trees.  Some were so close you could see the tiniest details. A dragonfly smiling, the feathery antennae of a moth, and tiny suction cup toes stuck to the camera lens.

  5. Sometimes when she looked at the pictures she could find things that she had not seen before.  One time she asked her aunt, “How does that happen?” With a big smile her aunt said, “I think it depends on what you are looking at, or looking for.  It depends on what you are focusing on at the time. When you are looking for more, you WILL find it."

  6. I Am beautiful! she thought. “Oh yes, you are magnificent!” came a voice from the empty meadow. Standing beside her was an iridescent white mare with silver and gold braids.

  7. "The next time you start to get scared of something, maybe you’ll think about how you are judging what you don’t know!"  Twilla said swaying to imaginary music.  “That is a beautiful stone you possess." "Thank you.  Do you know anything about it?  Is it special?"  "Of course it is special.  It belongs to you doesn't it?  Maybe it is how you focus on the stone.  What if you are the one to make it magic?” 

  8. “Jillian, have I helped you in any way?”  Elora asked politely.  “Oh yes!  Thank you!  You have helped me to focus on focusing!  Especially when it’s right in front of me!” 

  9. You’re talking to me. “Yes I am.”  But I’m not talking, I’m thinking. “Yes, I am too,” the horse replied.  How can you hear what I’m thinking?  “I just asked what you were thinking and I could then hear you.”

  10. Zen said,  “The world you find yourself in while dreaming or awake, everyone and everything you create first in your mind.” 

  11. Jillian read the labels on the glass vials; “Essence of Clarity, to see and to know” “Essence of Gratitude, to feel thankful” “Essence of Faith, a calm knowing inside” and “Essence of Joy, a feeling of such happiness it must be shared”

  12. “Well, where are all of the other kits hiding?” a voice said from the edge of the meadow.  Jillian turned to see a rabbit. “That one looks like a heart,” the rabbit said watching the clouds as they passed by.

  13. “My thoughts do create my feelings!”    Jillian said in amazement. “How would you like to feel that kind of happiness all the time?” it said.  Jillian started to laugh and wipe the tears from her eyes.  “Is that possible?”  “That's up to you Jillian!” 

  14. Mirabella shook her head, “Without the gift of the stone, you wouldn’t be here.  This quest and the ones that will follow, I’m sure you’ll soon agree that you wouldn’t have missed them for the world.” Jillian’s eyes got really big.  That’s true. Can there really be something neat hiding in every disappointment?   Illianna nodded. “You must learn to go with the flow,” Mirabella said smoothing out Illianna’s hoof prints in the sand with her big bunny feet. “It’s tough to be up stream without a paddle or a boat!  Listen to your tum-ometer telling you to let go and let God take you downstream.”

  15. “Sooner or later the bees learn,” Mirabella said nodding her head at Illianna.  “Learn what?” Jillian asked as she squinted, trying to see into the rain.  “That everything has a purpose.  Without the rain the flowers wouldn’t grow.  So it certainly doesn’t make any sense to waste their energy being mad at what is.” 

  16. Is this the stream? Jillian wondered.  “Love is one choice fear is the other,” she heard a voice say.  You have to choose to love or to fear.  Every choice comes down to these two directions.

  17. Do you know why you are here? Jillian heard a voice inside her say. “Yes, I Am exploring, remembering, creating.  That is all I have to do!”  With her eyes closed, she could see a brilliant white light burst outward from her chest in all directions.  Standing breathless she slowly opened her eyes as the tears began to fall. It was as if she were a string on a harp quivering in the sun. She knew this was the pure white light of God’s love.

  18. This was her, but older.  The older Jillian took her paintbrush and titled the painting “God.” She closed her eyes and said out loud, “Thank you for your unconditional, infinite love.  I painted your portrait, though I don’t create as well as you.

  19. Jillian smiled and looked down at the pouch around her neck.  It was still glowing pink.  When she looked back up to Illianna she was gone. “Illianna, will I ever see you again?” Jillian asked hugging her.  “I will be in your heart until the next time we meet. There are many others that will help you too. You will meet them when the time is right.”  As Illianna started to walk away she said over her shoulder, “No one wants to see a frown, think of me and turn it upside down.” 

  20. Chapter 1: Never Enough  Chapter 2: Party Time  Chapter 3: The Stupidest Gift Ever Chapter 4: The Journey Begins Chapter 5: The Opposite of Love  Chapter 6: Divine By Nature  Chapter 7: Wisdom From the Mother Chapter 8: Trusting the Feelings   Chapter 9: Trinity of Time  Chapter 10: A New Heart, New Eyes Chapter 11: A New Chapter in Forever . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  21. Photos by Sherry Guyberson Illustrations by Janice Clarke