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Summer EOC & TAKS Test Administrator Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Summer EOC & TAKS Test Administrator Training

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Summer EOC & TAKS Test Administrator Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Summer EOC & TAKS Test Administrator Training. Presented by:. This training does not take the place of reading and following the appropriate manuals. Testing Schedule. Materials must be turned in on Friday, July 11 by 2:00.

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Summer EOC & TAKS Test Administrator Training

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    1. Summer EOC & TAKS Test Administrator Training Presented by:

    2. This training does not take the place of reading and following the appropriate manuals

    3. Testing Schedule Materials must be turned in on Friday, July 11 by 2:00

    4. Students will be required to bring a photo ID in order to test Testing Sites Middle schools and satellite site students will test at feeder high school for any EOCs ALL Bonham students will test at Brackenridge No ID, No Test

    5. Who do we test for EOCs? • Students who have not passed an EOC exam in the subject • Students who were absent during the May administration for any subject • There is no STAAR Modified testing in the summer Who do we test for TAKS? • Students enrolled in grade 11 or higher needing to pass Exit Level TAKS

    6. Timed Tests • TAKS is untimed (testing ends at 3:00 pm) • EOC time starts after the directions have been read • If a test administrator goes over the 4 or 5 (English I & II) hours for EOCs, report it immediately to DTC • Start testing EOC students with extended time as soon as possible to ensure all time is given (school day ends at 3:00 pm) • Once the EOC test has begun, the test administrator must communicate (orally or in writing) the amount of time left to test in one-hour intervals and in shorter intervals during the last hour • Time for EOCs only stops for the following: - Nurse - Consolidation or movement into a new testing environment - Lunch - Emergencies

    7. Before Testing • Assign at least one test administrator for every 30 students • “Testing – Do Not Disturb” signs posted on testing rooms • Testing rooms should be quiet, well lighted, well ventilated, and comfortable • Bulletin Boards and instructional displays covered or removed if it contains anything that might aid students during testing • There must be a working clock in the room

    8. During Testing • Students must remain seated during testing • TAs must actively monitor • TAKS testers are not allowed to go back in their test booklet and work in a previous test subject or a test that has not been administered • Lunch breaks are permitted, however student(s) must be monitored by trained testing personnel so they do not discuss the test

    9. After Testing • The test administrator must inspect the answer document to be sure the student bubbled in answers as instructed. This is also the last time to have students erase stray marks and darken answer choices if needed • Students must leave after they complete the test • Immediately after each test session, the test administrator must return all test materials to the campus testing coordinator

    10. Responsibilities

    11. CTCs Responsibilities • Read all of the testing manuals • Attend training conducted by the District Test Coordinator • Receive and manage secure testing materials from the DTC • Observe all rules regarding test security and confidential integrity of the state testing system • Train so that the tests are given in strict compliance with the directions in the testing manuals • Supervise and actively monitor testing • Maintain security and control of all testing material (need key to testing room at location)

    12. CTCs Responsibilities • Coordinate campus logistics and procedures • Verify appropriate score codes, test taken information codes, testing accommodations codes, and all other coding is correct on answer documents • Report testing irregularities and security violations immediately to the District Test Coordinator • Return testing material and required documentation to DTC on time • Be the campus contact for all questions about testing • Ensure that all time sheets are completed and signed

    13. Test Administrator Responsibilities • Administer the tests in strict compliance with the directions in the Test Administrator Manuals • Supervise and actively monitor testing • Do not provide any unauthorized assistance to students during testing • Do not view the test, discuss the test, or score a student test either before, during, or after testing • Read the Test Administrator Manuals both general and specific • Attend training conducted by campus test coordinator • Receive secure testing materials from campus test coordinator • Observe all rules regarding test security and confidential integrity of the state testing system

    14. Test Administrator Responsibilities • Report testing irregularities and security violations immediately to the campus test coordinator • Prepare statements for submission if you are involved in a testing irregularity or test security violation • Mark the appropriate score code and date information for each student • Return all testing materials to the campus test coordinator immediately after students finish testing • Completely fill out all testing documents (i.e., seating charts)

    15. Staffing and Pay • All personnel must sign in and out for pay purposes (staffing will be based on daily student attendance) • Forms must be completed, checked and signed prior to CTCs and TAs leaving • All information must be completed or pay cannot be submitted • DTC must have cell phone numbers on all CTCs • There will not be district support during June 30-July 4 (district is closed)

    16. Must have all information complete. Do not exceed time limits. Consolidation should occur at least once around the 3 hour point (if possible). TAs that are not needed should be sent home within the first hour. Only one relief TA is needed.

    17. Campus Procedures

    18. Campus Procedures Add specific campus procedures. Remember to address: • Material sign out/in • Lunch (only done if student request) • Extended Testing • Handling problem students • Illness • NO ID, NO TEST • Late Arrivals (not allowed) • Relief TAs • Emergencies

    19. Checking Out & In Add specific procedures for checking out and returning testing materials

    20. Security & Confidentiality

    21. Properly Controlling Secure Testing Materials • Secure materials must be stored under lock and key with limited access when not in use • Never leave secure materials unsecured in your room • Test administrators will check out secure testing materials on the morning of testing from the campus testing coordinator and will return them immediately when students finish testing

    22. Protecting Test Content • No person may view, reveal, or discuss the contents of a test or answer document unless specifically instructed to do so by the procedures in the test administrator manuals • No person providing an oral administration (questions and answers only) may write notes, calculations, or any other marks in a test booklet or in any other location. Must be trained to provide an oral administration.

    23. Protecting Test Content • Secure materials may not be duplicated by test administrators • Seals on test booklets may only be broken during testing sessions and only by persons authorized to do so in the instructions • No person may answer verbally or nonverbally any question that relates to the contents of a test before, during, or after a test administration • No person may review or discuss student responses during or after testing unless specifically authorized to do so by the procedures in the TA manuals

    24. Testing Procedures Related to Test Security and Confidentiality • All tests must be administered in strictaccordance with the manuals • No person may change any student response or instruct a student to do so • Test administrators must actively monitor testing sessions • Only students can erase stray marks or darken response ovals on their answer documents and only during the testing session

    25. Testing Procedures Related to Test Security and Confidentiality • There must be a trained test administrator present with students until students complete testing and submit their answer documents to the test administrator • During lunch trained testing personnel must monitor the student(s)

    26. Test AdministratorSecurity Oaths • TEA requires that everyone be trained and sign a security oath before handling secure testing materials or participating in the administration of a state test • Summer Test Administrators will need to sign another oath • If providing an oral administration the bottom box on the oath should be initialed and signed prior to testing. Oral and transcription duties require additional training.

    27. Active Monitoring Monitoring during test administrations is the responsibility of the test administrator, the campus test coordinator, and/or site coordinator. What is NOT active monitoring? Anything that takes the test administrator’s attention away from the students during testing. Examples include: • Working on the computer or checking email • Reading a book, magazine, or newspaper • Grading papers or working on lesson plans • Leaving the room without a trained substitute test administrator in the room • Leaving students unattended during lunch or breaks

    28. Using Paraprofessionals-Not authorized during summer unless the campus is paying for them • Paraprofessionals must complete a district noncertified personnel testing oath • CANNOT be used as test administrators • CANNOT relieve test administrators for breaks • CAN be used to take students to lunch without being with a test administrator • CAN be used as hallway or restroom monitors – cannot be working on anything while monitoring hallways or restroom

    29. Departures from Test Administration Procedures • Incidents resulting in a deviation from documented testing procedures are defined as testing irregularities • Each person participating in the testing program is responsible for reporting immediately to the campus testing coordinator any violation or suspected violation of test security or confidentially, including all testing irregularities

    30. Reporting Irregularities Notify the DTC immediately if you become aware of the following types of irregularities: • Eligibility, Timing, Monitoring or Procedural Errors • Cheating • IEP/IAP Implementation Issue • Improper Accounting for Secure Materials Note: Remember on all irregularities you will need to report the who, when, where, what and why. Always keep a log book and document everything.

    31. May Testing Irregularities & Answer Document Issues • Eligibility Errors • Discussing test content • TA not given the same form # booklet for an oral administration • Student given wrong test version answer document • Unauthorized viewing • Score codes left blank • Missing Test Form #s • Missing Test booklet #s • Missing Test Date Taken • Incomplete hand gridded answer documents

    32. Collecting Documentation • All irregularities require the following documentation to be submitted: • Incident report including a plan of action (local form) • Signed statement(s) from individual(s) involved (typed, printed and signed name and dated) • Statements should not include names of students • The local disciplinary referral form must be used to report disciplinary actions taken against students for cheating, cell phone issues, and or disruptions. A copy needs to be included in the report.

    33. Answer Documents

    34. TAKS Test booklet number must be filled in by student Mark July for summer testing You will be provided labels to place on the answer document

    35. TAKS Must input test taken information and four score codes for all subjects. A – Absent X – ARD Decision P – Previously passed O – Other S – Score

    36. EOC English I & II Test booklet number must be filled in You will be provided labels to place on the answer document

    37. EOC Algebra I, Biology, US History Test booklet number must be filled in Answer documents will come precoded

    38. EOC English I & II Algebra I, Biology, US History Test date must be filled in Mark the correct score code O- other S- score You will not submit an answer document for students who are absent

    39. Hand Gridding Answer Documents • Hand grid a new answer document if a student’s PEIMS #, name or DOB is incorrect • Remember to bubble in all information and write the district and campus name at the bottom of the answer document • Right justify local ID #s (include preceding 0’s) • Bubble in all 0’s in the demographic section (do not leave blank)

    40. Accommodations

    41. Accommodations (TAKS) • ACCM 2010-2011 • Accommodations on ADs are only marked if used during the test • Do not mark “P” and “OA” if an oral is given. Mark only “OA”.

    42. Dictionary (TAKS) • Combined dictionary/thesaurus • Ratio 1 to 5 • LEP students may also use an ESL dictionary (not a bilingual dictionary) Calculators (TAKS) • For math, graphing calculators on a 1 to 1 ratio. Must be cleared prior to and after testing. Cannot have a QWERTY keyboard or computer algebra system (CAS) • For science, graphing, scientific, or four function may be used on a 1 to 5 ratio. If graphing calculators are shared they must be “hard” cleared prior to each student’s usage. Cannot have a QWERTY keyboard or computer algebra system (CAS)

    43. Marking Accommodations onAnswer Documents for EOCs GA- General Accommodations (Type 1) BR- Braille LP- Large Print OA- Oral Administration XD- Extra Day (Type 2) LA- Linguistic Accommodations

    44. Oral Administration Requires additional training • More info on page 103 of EOC manual • TA should get a copy of the accommodation page found in the State Assessment Reference Guide • Must date, initial and sign bottom box on oath prior to the test administration

    45. The Two Types of Oral Administration ALL • all questions and answer choices • A student’s IEP/IAP may have assigned the option to “change” level of support during the test • Students who are able to “change” level of support based on documentation in IEP/IAP can go back and forth • Test administrator receives a test booklet PART • Questions, answer choices, words or phrases • Students cannot change from “PART” to “ALL” • Test administrator reads over the student’s shoulder Test administrators should NEVER read the reading passages. FULL and PART oral cannot be in the same testing room.

    46. Items Containing Boxed Information All parts of the question and answer choice may be read aloud.

    47. Items Containing Content Specific Terms Read aloud words, numbers or symbols in the same way as a student hears them in class.

    48. Items Containing Passage Graphics in Answer Choices All parts of the question and answer choice may be read aloud without aiding student in interpreting the information.

    49. Items Containing Graphics in the Question Read aloud words, numbers or symbols without aiding student in interpreting the information.

    50. Basic Transcription Transcribed by Cindy Blair on 6/24/14 due to IEP. If the student has the accommodation, then complete transcription and note on the top of the answer document the reason and name of person that transcribed. The transcription is not included in the time limit