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OAKS Test Administrator Training 2008-2009 PowerPoint Presentation
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OAKS Test Administrator Training 2008-2009

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OAKS Test Administrator Training 2008-2009
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OAKS Test Administrator Training 2008-2009

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  1. OAKS Test Administrator Training2008-2009 Oregon’s Assessment of Knowledge and Skills Oregon Department of Education Office of Assessment and Information Services Version #1 Updated 8/22/08

  2. Goals for Training • Standardize test administration statewide for all students • Ensure test validity & fair testing for each student • Continue to reduce the number of test improprieties • Improve accuracy of student test data • Increase test security and student confidentiality • Make administration of Oregon assessments more efficient for you and your students • Become a qualified Test Administrator

  3. Test Administrator Requirements • Test Administrators are required to read and understand Parts I – VIII of the 2008-09 Test Administration Manual and Appendices A, D, E, Q, R, & T of the manual, as well as all appendices pertaining to those specific assessments which the Test Administrator will be administering. www.ode.state.or.us/go/tam • Test Administrators are required to sign the Test Administrator Assurance of Test Security Form and return to your District Test Coordinator. www.ode.state.or.us/go/testsecurity

  4. Resources • What’s New in the 2008-09 Test Administration Manual (www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=499) • Testing Schedule (www.ode.state.or.us/teachlearn/testing/oaks/testschd_0809_final.pdf) • Test Administration Readiness Checklist (www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=499) • OAKS Online User Guides and Training Site (www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=391) • ODE Provided Resources: Formula Sheet, Periodic Table, Graphic Organizers, Guide to Revision (www.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=486) • Contact information - Use Regional Assessment Support ESD Partner help desks for answers to all your assessment and accountability related questions (www.ode.state.or.us/teachlearn/testing/oaks/esdpartners0809.pdf)

  5. Your Roles and Responsibilities • Preparations for Testing • Test Security & Student Confidentiality • Test Administration • Completing the Testing Cycle

  6. Test Administration Readiness • Tests MUST only be administered by personnel who have received proper training, reviewed the appropriate portions of the Test Administration Manual (TAM) AND have signed an Assurance of Test Security Form. • Determine which tests students need to take (Part V of the TAM). Remember to check IEPs and 504 Plans – check for necessary test accommodations. • Ensure a secure testing environment. Examine the environment for posters, charts or other items not included in the Allowable Resources Table. • Remember sample tests are available for OAKS Online and OAKS Paper/Pencil. This gives students an opportunity to become familiar with the test and it gives TAs an opportunity to practice test administration as well.

  7. Test Administration Readiness Cont. • For OAKS Online: • Review appropriate OAKS Online User Guides • Ensure that the OAKS Online Secure Browser is available on each computer • Locate the following information for each student you are testing • SSID (Ensure that your SSID information is accurate) • Student Legal Name • Student’s Enrolled Grade (TAs should verify the grade level of the test that students are presented with) • Set up a Test Session(for details see the OAKS Online Users Guide)

  8. Test Administration Readiness Cont. • For OAKS paper/pencil • Identify individual students that would benefit from paper/pencil tests, notify DTC so they can order materials for those students • Braille and Large Print tests must now be ordered through your DTC • On the day of testing, ensure that each student has the appropriate test booklet and answer sheet

  9. Student Readiness • Familiarize students with test format by allowing them to take Sample/Practice Tests • Explain to students that the purpose of the assessment is to “measure your current progress on state content standards” and remind them that “I can’t help you with reading passages, test questions, test answers or formulas” • Encourage students to “do their best” • Be prepared that students may have an emotional reaction after being presented with their test score

  10. Accommodations & Modifications • Accommodation & Modification tables can be found in Appendix Q & R of the Test Administration Manual • Modifications • A modification is a substantial change in the standard administration of a test • Scores obtained under modified conditions count as non-participants in calculations of participations • Modifications should be specified in student’s IEP • Accommodations • An accommodation is a change in how a test is presented to or responded by a student • Is considered “standard administration” and students have the opportunity to “meet” or “exceed” standard • An accommodation offered to a student should be consistent with support provided during instruction

  11. Test Security • Security procedures are designed to protect the integrity & confidentiality of assessment questions, prompts and problems that are not released for public use; the security of these assessment materials is necessary so they can be used in later years to measure trends in performance. • Test Administration procedures are to assure consistent statewide test administration. • All test items, test materials, and student-level information, both for online and paper tests, are secure documents and must be appropriately handled. Secure handling must protect the integrity, validity, and confidentiality of assessment questions, prompts, and student results. • Test irregularities do not always improve student scores. • Breaches of security, whether through carelessness or intentional mishandling of test materials, could jeopardize licensure for certified and administrative staff.

  12. Student Confidentiality • Individual student results must not be made public. Student test materials/reports MUST NOT be unnecessarily exposed so that student’s names can be identified with student results. • Any misuse of a student’s SSID number is a breach of student confidentiality. • SSID numbers are intended to be secure and MUST NOT be associated with a student’s names and/or left in an unsecured place. • SSID numbers associated with student names and others identifiers MUST NOT be sent in an email.

  13. Test Security • OAKS Paper/Pencil • All materials must be securely handled and stored in accordance with Part IV of the TAM • All individuals who have access to testing materials must sign an Assurance of Test Security Form • Test Administrators should be given test materials on the day of the test administration • Test Administrators should return test materials to the School Test Coordinator the same day as the test administration

  14. Test Security • OAKS Online • Only students may log in to their OAKS Online or ELPA testing session. Test administrators or other staff or volunteers may not log in using a student’s SSID except when helping a student who is having problems logging in. • All printed passages or scratch paper must be shredded immediately after the test session. • Student information (SSID, name, test scores) must remain secure at all times. • Examples of Testing Improprieties from 2007-08 can be found at www.state.or.us/go/testsecurity

  15. Test Security • Testing Environment(OAKS Online or Paper/Pencil) • See 2008-09 Test Administration Manualfor allowable resources, posters, charts • Ensure students are using only allowable resources and all other materials are inaccessible to students or confiscated by Test Administrator • Visual barriers and adequate spacing between students • Test administrator MUST actively monitor the testing session • No electronic devices that allow communication among students or the photographing of test content

  16. Printed Passages & Test Security • Do not photocopy, digitize, or enlarge passages • Each passage must be securely disposed after each SESSION • Test Administrator will be approving printing requests • Test Administrators must not remind or prompt students to print passages during a test session (unless required by IEP or 504 plan)

  17. Test Security Reporting a security breach: • All potential test improprieties or irregularities must be immediately reported to the DTC, even if you are unsure of the exact situation. • DTCs must then submit an initial report for all potential test improprieties or irregularities to ODE within one day of learning of the potential test security breach. DTCs must submit their initial report electronically using the form available at http://www.ode.state.or.us/go/testsecurity. DTCs should e-mail the completed form to Holly Edwards, Security Coordinator for Test Design and Administration, along with any additional documentation. • Based on the initial report, ODE may request further investigation by the DTC, in which case the DTC must provide results to ODE within 30 days. In regard to any potential teacher or administrator violation, DTCs will work within district policy & rules established by TSPC.

  18. Policies • Modified and partial assessments will count as non-participants in calculations of participation.  • For OAKS Online, test resets will not be allowed. Any assessment administered will count as one of the three test opportunities available to students even if it was modified in error. • Targeting down is not allowed. • Targeting up is allowed. However, 8th graders must take the 8th grade test. They can take the 10th grade as well. • To count as a partial test, students must submit <5 responses on OAKS Online and <10 on OAKS paper/pencil • OAKS Paper/Pencil tests are available to individual students on IEPs or 504 plans and individual students documented by the District.

  19. OAKS Online Test Administration • User Guides are atwww.ode.state.or.us/search/page/?=391 • Visit www.oaks.k12.or.us/training.html for the OAKS Online Training Site. Teachers and students should use the training site to become familiar with the system before testing. • New for 2008-09 • Default display size and test language can be set by TA before students log in • OAKS Portal – new design, one login • Participation Report • Students can change display size while testing • Highlight and strikethrough features • Keyboard navigation • Reading Passages can be printed • Students may mark a single item in a group of Reading items

  20. Test Administration Procedures • Student Directions • Review the student directions before testing • Read the appropriate script to all students verbatim prior to beginning each test • These are the ONLY instructions you may give to students • Troubleshooting (OAKS Online) • Contact your Regional Assessment ESD Partner for assistance in troubleshooting technology problems

  21. Test Administration Procedures • If a student believes there is a problem with an OAKS Online test item, ask the student to report it using the ‘Comment’ feature • Appropriate response to student questions during testing • Use caution: check your verbal and nonverbal cues so that you don’t provide inappropriate coaching that would impact a student’s response to a test item • Scoring tests or providing students with any feedback as to how well you believe they are performing is a security breach

  22. Completing the Testing Cycle • For OAKS Paper/Pencil: • Collect ALL testing materials from students at the end of the testing session or upon completion of the test • Securely shred any scratch paper immediately after the testing session • Keep student answer sheets and test booklets together – if students need to resume testing they must receive the test booklet they previously used • Ensure that student’s answer sheets are properly coded (including modification or accommodation codes) • Turn ALL materials into your school testing coordinator as soon as possible for secure storage

  23. Completing the Testing Cycle Cont. • If you are testing on OAKS Online: • Be sure students successfully log off their computers • As soon as a student completes a test, the student may view their test results. • Test scores will be made available to approved administrators on the ODE Student Centered Staging site (https://district.ode.state.or.us) and via the OAKS Online reports • Securely shred any scratch paper or printed passages immediately after each testing session

  24. Completing the Testing Cycle Cont. • Watch deadlines for returning paper/pencil testing materials • Paper/pencil materials not shipped on time will count as non-participants in calculations of participation Assessment Collections • Districts are responsible for making sure that the correct data appears in Student Staging • Many data collections take place over the course of the school year, your district is responsible for submitting data • Please contact your Regional Assessment Support ESD partner if you need support for data collections

  25. Questions? • Contact your District Test Coordinator • Contact your Regional Assessment Support Partner (http://www.ode.state.or.us/teachlearn/testing/oaks/esdpartners0809.pdf) Thank you!