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Let’s Get HAPPY! PowerPoint Presentation
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Let’s Get HAPPY!

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Let’s Get HAPPY! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Let’s Get HAPPY!. August 23 , 2014 Valley Forge Service Center. Terri Dean Senior Vice President, Membership. Kim Fraites-Dow Chief Operating Officer. Because the Girl. Because the girl has a need, We have an obligation Because the girl has a choice, We must be her better choice

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Let’s Get HAPPY!

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Let’s Get HAPPY!

    2. August 23, 2014 Valley Forge Service Center

    3. Terri Dean Senior Vice President, Membership

    4. Kim Fraites-Dow Chief Operating Officer

    5. Because the Girl Because the girl has a need, We have an obligation Because the girl has a choice, We must be her better choice Because the girl has high expectations, We must excel

    6. Because the Girl Because the girl wants to explore, We must be her guide Because the girl wants to belong, We must open our arms Because the girl is searching for direction, We must be her compass

    7. Because the Girl Because the girl encounters times of turmoil, We must be her safe haven Because the girl is tomorrow’s woman, We must care today Because of the girl… We exist.

    8. Because The Girl GSUSA Summer 2014 Pulse Poll with Girl Scout Volunteers • Benefits for Girls • 95% of you agree that you make a difference in the lives of girls • 95% of you believes that Girl Scouts offers experiences that are fun and exciting • 95% of you are happy knowing you are making girls’ lives better • Benefits for You • 88% of you believe your life is better because you volunteer with Girl Scouts • 94% of you have made new friends in Girl Scouting • 86% of you say that the volunteer experience has helped you personally

    9. Today’s Agenda Welcome, Terri Dean 10:00 – 10:05 AM“Because the Girl”, Terri Dean 10:05 – 10:10 AM Jeopardy – Cheryl Hess10:10 – 10:25 AMGuest Speaker, Emily Gallo 10:25 – 10:40 AM Volunteer Essentials, Georganne Seeley 10:40 – 11:15 AM Break 11:15 – 11:25 AM “Can a Woman?” – Emily Stones 11:25 – 11:35 AMProduct Program, Ken Anderson 11:35 – 12:05 PM Marketing, Jennifer Richards 12:05 – 12:20 PM Membership Updates, Cheryl Hess 12:20 – 12:30 PM “Recruit a Friend”, Dale Moelter 12:30 – 12:35 PM Breakouts – Overview and Training 12:35 – 1:00 PM

    10. Cheryl Hess Senior Director, Membership Engagement

    11. Jeopardy

    12. Welcome Emily Gallo Gold Awardee 2014

    13. Georganne Seeley Senior Director, Governance & Volunteer Management

    14. Volunteer Intake

    15. Overview of Volunteer Intake • The Intake team processes all aspects of on-boarding to include: • Volunteer Application • Criminal Background Check (CBC) • Interview • Membership Confirmation • Placement • Volunteer applications are processed through the Volunteer Management System (VMS) by an Intake Specialist • The Volunteer Intake team operates out of the Valley Forge location

    16. What does Volunteer Intake do? • The Volunteer Intake team provides technical assistance and support to the volunteer life cycle from recruitment to retirement • The Volunteer Intake team supports the GSEP mission by providing the background, tools, and guidance needed for volunteers’ success in providing leadership to girls • - Internal Support – Membership Department, Program, Product Program, and Fund Development • - External Support - Volunteer members, Service Units, and the communities we serve • The Volunteer Intake team is a division of the Volunteer Management Department, along with the corresponding team, Learning and Support

    17. Learning & Support

    18. What’s New with Learning and Support? 1. New Website Organization under “For Volunteers” 2. Introduce New Volunteer Essentials 3. Introduce New Step 2 Design Sheet

    19. New Website Organization Under “For Volunteers” • Review Layout • Logical structure • Links at top of each page help you see what’s on that page and jump right to what you’re looking for • Explain new Training Request Form • Under Volunteer Training > Training Request Form • Any time there isn’t a training that fits your needs, request one here • Staff will respond within 5 business days • Although we can’t accommodate every request, we will certainly do our best • Show New CLF Process • Under Volunteer Training > New CLF Process • The process is still the same, but we’ve clarified it for volunteers and staff • Christie Bett and Georganne Seeley will oversee the process

    20. Introduce New Volunteer Essentials • How to Navigate • PDF version and Issue version • Use links from Table of Contents • Use links back to Table of Contents from top right of each page • Review Changes • Emphasis on Child Abuse Reporting (Ch. 1, Your Responsibilities) • First Aid Levels (Ch. 4, First Aid/CPR) • Volunteer Driver Form (Ch. 4, Checklist for Drivers) • High Risk Activity Form (Ch. 4, Approaching Activities) • Request Process for Paper Copies • Email

    21. Introduce New Step 2 Design Sheet • Hand Out Copies • Review Preference Process and Tool Key • Two new pages at front of Step 2 Design Sheet • Every facilitator must read and prepare to adjust their approach before their next Step 2 training • Begin using this September 1, 2014 • New Step 2 Training Kits • 2 available for borrowing at each Service Center • Each kit includes 10 paper copies of VE and a flash drive with VE on it • Reserve your kit one week before your training by emailing

    22. Questions?

    23. August 23, 2014 Valley Forge Service Center

    24. Emily Stones Membership Engagement Manager

    25. Can A Woman? Can a woman fly an airplane?Yes, she can, yes she can! Can a woman build a building?Yes, she can, yes she can!

    26. Can a woman fight a fire?Can a woman change a tire? Can a woman lead a choir?Yes she can, yes she can!

    27. Can a woman be a lawyer?Yes, she can, yes she can! Can a woman fix an engine?Yes, she can, yes she can!

    28. Can a woman be a drummer?Can a woman be a plumber?Can she play ball in the summer?Yes, she can, yes she can!

    29. Can a woman be a doctor?Yes, she can, yes she can! Can a woman drive a tractor?Yes, she can, yes she can!

    30. Can a woman lead a nation?Can she run TV station?Can she head a corporation?Yes, she can, yes she can!

    31. Just you wait until we're olderThen you'll see! Then you'll see!! We'll be women in tomorrow'sHistory, History!

    32. As we grow up through the yearsWe'll sing out loud and clear Can we start the process here?Yes, we can, yes we can!

    33. Ken Anderson Senior Director, Product Program

    34. Product Program Team

    35. Product Program Team Here’s how to participate

    36. 2014 Nuts About Reading Program “Ollie” the Sea Otter

    37. Nuts About Reading Important Dates

    38. 2015 Cookie Program

    39. 2015 Cookie Program Important Dates

    40. Questions?

    41. Jenn Richards Senior Director, Marketing & Communications

    42. “I can’t wait to …”recruitment campaign

    43. E-communications

    44. 2014 Summer Camp Marketing

    45. 2014 Summer Camp Marketing

    46. SPARK Magazine

    47. Social Media

    48. Share your stories/photos with us!

    49. Questions?