asia future internet workshop onelab can we build a test bed to explore the future internet n.
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Asia Future Internet Workshop OneLab Can we build a test-bed to explore the “future” Internet? PowerPoint Presentation
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Asia Future Internet Workshop OneLab Can we build a test-bed to explore the “future” Internet?

Asia Future Internet Workshop OneLab Can we build a test-bed to explore the “future” Internet?

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Asia Future Internet Workshop OneLab Can we build a test-bed to explore the “future” Internet?

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  1. An Open Federated Laboratory Supporting Network Research for the Future Internet Asia Future Internet WorkshopOneLabCan we build a test-bed to explore the “future” Internet? Serge Fdida Université Pierre & Marie Curie, LIP6 Paris, France

  2. Outline • Vision • Starting from the Customer end • A Facility - what is it? • The Federation concept • When and how to federate? • Current federation activities • From vision to Implementation: Offering • PlanetLab Europe Operation • Onelab contributions

  3. Questions? • What is the vision? • What is broken and need to be fixed? • What is the right approach? • Is the clean slate approach appropriate? • Any transition methodology? • How difficult do you expect that a new architecture would be adopted? • We have a few examples on how difficult it is to change the current architecture: multicast, mobile IP, Intserv/Diffserv, and IPv6. • Any enabling factor?

  4. Some possible scenario ….

  5. Clean slate vs evolutionary? Who cares?

  6. Vision – The « Facility » framework

  7. Vision • Explore the possible Future(s) of the Internet • Innovative research, multidisciplinary, demonstration • The future Internet might be Polymorphic • Multiple Federated Internets will co-exist build with different design criteria • Including the current one • Content, Wireless, DTN, Things, … • What is the foundation of this future? • How to assess the assumptions explored by candidate future internet solutions? • Network Science • Experimentation facility

  8. The Polymorphic Internet : Some Internet Future(s) • The Network is a Database • The (Access) Network is Wireless • The Network is the People • The Network is a global Virtualized resource • They’re allFederated (Inter-domain)

  9. Policies Monitoring Security Enabling continuous deployement of New architectures First applied to Test-beds federation IP world Federation Virtualized substrate

  10. Experimentally driven research • Why? • Research driven by Intuition & Experimentation + validation • A Playground for enabling new architectures • Enforce a Federation effort on building a large-scale facility for network research • On the importance of testing • Diversity and scale • Lower the entry cost for experimentation

  11. The federation vision

  12. Federate your testbed

  13. The EU FIRE Framework

  14. validation large scale experiment. long-term research requirements Testbed Testbed Testbed Testbed Testbed Testbed Purpose of FIRE Purpose of FIRE “creating a research environment for investigating and experimentally validating highly innovative and revolutionary ideas“ To investigate, test and compare, at large scale, new paradigms and future internet architectures, and their socio-economic impact

  15. Building the FIRE Facility FP7 – WP 2007/08: Prototyping the conceptof federating testbeds Next?: Expanding the concept & building the facility FP6: Early design & prototyping • enable socio-economic impact assessment • broaden involvement of large user communities • support sustainability • develop the facility in close cooperation with FIRE research projects • Join forces in Europeand collaborateinternationally PARADISO FIREWorks PII ONELAB2 VITAL++ WISEBED FIRE Facility FIRE-Research:New paradigms Network ofthe Future Other ProjectsFP7, MSs, … • supporting academia and industry • proof-of-concept → pre-commercial tbs • understanding the socio-economic dim. FEDERICA

  16. European Union Framework • ICT FP7 Framework Program (2007/2014) • ICT: Information and Communication Technologies • € 9.1 billion for funding ICT over the duration of FP7 • ICT Challenge 1 • Internet related projects from technology to services • Strong emphasis on the future Internet • Most are industry driven projects • Some innovative projects • Experimentally-driven research • European Experimental Facility • Fireworks FP7 SA coordinating FIRE projects

  17. FIREworks FIREworks PERIM PII Vital++ SMART OL2 NaDa WISEB N4C ECOD OPN Resum Self

  18. PII Architecture

  19. Federate your testbed

  20. FEDERICA Infrastructure KTH SE SUNET NORDUNET DFN DE PSNC PL HEAnet IE GARR IT CESNET CZ SWITCH CH ES GRNET ICCS GR FCCN PT i2CAT ES Hungarnet HU 1 Gbps Ethernet Each core PoP is equipped with a switch/router (Juniper) and two or more V-Nodes

  21. Context • Converged Telecom/ Internet Service & Network Environments • Industry focus • Distributed system • IP networking • Research focus • Networking Research • Network technology agnostic environment • GÉANT, NRENs Platform SOA (e.g. to federate IMS based testbeds among themselves and with others) PlanetLab – both public and private versions Own evolution with Federation Gigabit transmission equipment and computing nodes both capable of virtualization Focus • Converging network, service platform and application infrastructures • Complete Control over Dedicated Resources • Reproducibility • Shared Resources • Real World Environment • Applications enduring over time • Partial Control • Variability • Virtual slices composed of networking and computing resources • Isolation of experiments in slices • Operational environment • Reproducibility & monitoring A rough comparison of the FIRE Facility prototypes NSF/FIRE workshop, December 8, 2008, Madrid

  22. The Federation Concept!

  23. A Customer View on Experimentation • What do I want to achieve? • Test a proposition, e.g., • Technology • New service • End user acceptance • A new business hypothesis (e.g., business model) • A new regulatory approach with given objectives • Openness of results • Exclusive IPR • Scale of experiment • Diversity of environment, e.g., locality, technologies, … • Integration into larger facilities (for increased testing purposes)

  24. Where does the Facility Come In? A means to the (customers') ends! • Is A Facility… • …A collection of test beds (each individually governed)? • …A collection of test bed federations? • …A single test bed federation? • Or is it a toolkit to support the customers' needs with the ability to • Build a federation that match the objectives at hand • Build on working test beds but also allow to integrate its own • Apply technologies proven to work (to a certain extent) • Rely on a community of researchers and practitioners dealing with similar (testing and research) problems?

  25. The Onelab Vision Provide a facility to the consumer that constitutes a toolkit of methods and abilities by • Building on a proven basis • PLanetLab Europe (PLE) is a working federation of test beds • PlanetLab (PL) provides a proven and evolving platform basis for experimentation • PL has gathered a large community of experimental researchers worldwide to rely on • Building (and federating) actual test beds • PLE is the public version under a particular governance • Wireless and other (DTN) extensions under work (see later) • Building a toolkit that helps customers in experiments • Work on benchmarking, measurements, … useful beyond the test beds • Dissemination activities to potential customers

  26. Main questions? • Building a Facility, which affordable long-term vision can we develop? • No dogmatism! Usage/Cost Trade-off. • What is a reasonable starting point? • Users of the Facility from the origin • What are the purposes to be served? • Long-term / Short-term • Research / Industry • Public good / Commercial • What are the facility-specific research & industrial challenges? • The Semantic of Federation!

  27. Why to federate? • Many benefits • Diversity, realism (geography, technology) • Scale (number of nodes, resources) • Multiplexing (more efficient resource usage) • Creation of a global research community • But also challenges • Complexity • Legal and trust issues • Policies

  28. When and how to federate? • Different objectives: Scale, realism, reproducibility, heterogeneity • Different constraints: Security, privacy, allocation policies • When (not)? (which types of facilities) • Commercial vs. open testbeds • Reproducibility vs. realism • Heterogeneity/scale vs. capacity per node/simplicity • How? (under which policies) • Fairness vs. efficiency • Sophisticated incentive mechanisms vs. accounting • Independence vs. simplicity

  29. Can we achieve this?

  30. Or this, eg FEDERATION

  31. Distributed facilities PlanetLab Sites contribute nodes Researchers belonging to a site create slices that consume resources An Internet overlay Public good approach Slice-based Facility Architecture (MyPLC) Private vs. Public Give: Get: MyPLC Provision: Depends on sites (number, quality) Allocation: Short-term fairness

  32. Network infrastructure providers Geographic initiatives FEDERICA (Europe) VINI (US) SINET3 (Japan) Low-level network virtualization tools Main issue: resource allocation Provision: Fixed Allocation: Fair + Constrains (time, bandwidth) Payments?

  33. Stand-alone testbeds Testbeds managed by a single authority Geographically limited With affiliated users or not Different technologies Wireless, emulation, sensors, … E.g., ORBIT, Emulab, Haggle/ANA, WISENET Again, resource allocation is critical Scarce resources or need for users? In many cases virtualization is hard Provision: Fixed Allocation: Various reservation models

  34. A federation is a union comprising a number of partially self-governing regions united by a central ("federal") government under a common set of objectives. Federation (dictionary definition!)

  35. The federation vision

  36. Federation: main entities Facility B Slice Management Authority A Authority B Administrative border Facility A Researchers Slice Management Resources

  37. Federation (1) Facility A 1. Share user credentials Facility B Slice Management Slice Management

  38. Federation (2,3) 3. Allow experiments to run across facilities Facility A 1. Share user credentials Facility B Slice Management Slice Management 2. Share resource descriptions

  39. Federation: more than resource integration Policies Monitoring Security Facility A Facility B Slice Management Slice Management

  40. Slice Management Interface (SMI) • Different possible scenario • Only user credentials are exchanged and users can access other facilitie’s resources through their own SMI • Each facility can offer its own interface to the all available federated resources • Facilities could agree on a common interface to provide access to the federated resources • Running an experiment across facilities • None (an experiment per facility) • A gateway to bridge facilitie’s nodes • Synchronization functionality (reservation!)

  41. PLE-PLC federation policy

  42. Future Plans

  43. Need for hierarchical federation

  44. Other types of federation policies (PLE-Federica)

  45. PLE-Private PlanetLabs (Glab, EverLab, Emanics)

  46. From Vision to Implementation

  47. Oct’03 March’04 May’04 Sept’05 Sept’06 Sept’08 OneLab submitted as IST STREP OneLab2 accepted as IST project (IP), 2 years 6.3/8.9M€ Onelab funded as IST project (Strep), 2 years -1.9/2.9M€ ENEXT NoE Testbeds PlanetLab Europe Initiative PlanetLab meeting in Cambridge March’07 … Onelab History PLC/PLE PLJ Federation PLE PLC/PLE Federation

  48. OneLab ingredients • Currently funded for 2009-10 • Drawing on FP6 activities: Onelab, SAC, Evergrow • Three Pillars: • Platform, Tools and Customers • 26 partners • Industry: Alcatel, Ericsson, Thales, Thomson • Operators: BT, TelekomunikacjaPolska • Research Labs: INRIA, Fraunhofer, Nicta • Universities in France, Germany, Italy, Israel, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Hungary, Japan • External: PlanetLab, CoreLab, WINLab (ORBIT), VINI, CAIDA, …

  49. OneLab2 Organisation

  50. What Does OneLab Do?