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r i gh t h e re , r ig ht n ow

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r i gh t h e re , r ig ht n ow. I n tr od u ct i o n of t he C o mp a n y.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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r i gh t h e re , r ig ht n ow

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Presentation Transcript

Introduction of the Company

PIRANHA– is a new joined union of like-minded persons, young, active, dynamically developing agency of professionals. Projects which PIRANHA embarks on will be carried out in time and high-quality. Yes, we are young as an agency, but we are assertive in our forces and skills.We are tactful and polite, but when it is needed – we may show character and will-power.We adore our business and, therefore, our work is always pleasure for us and we hope sincerely, that you will like cooperating with us.

o u r p ro fi l e
Our profile

Our Company profile is provision of complete spectrum of services in the field of PR.For us, PR is consolidation of all activities, able to link Your company with public: from close corporate events and core exhibitions to press tours organization, Promo-BTL- actions,as well as ensuring your Company publicity by means of all available and currently allowed PR methods.

As your partner, we shall undertake all responsibility for development of ideas, organization and technical realization of all modules of the event program, being realized by us.

o u r p h il o s op hy
Our philosophy

Our philosophy is well reflected in the expression of the great philosopher of our time:

«Life should be a constant holiday, a festival of lights all the year round» (OSHO.)

o u r mi ss io n
Our mission
  • Our workisyour festive occasion.
  • To be right here, right now and together with you.
  • To organize here and now your festive occasion, BTL-action or PR-event, which will be discussed and kept in mind for a long time.
  • Here and now, we are working and You are having a rest, but it is already the focus of our business.
o u r ai m s
Our aims
  • We are working while you are having a rest – it is our basic aim.
  • Reducing emotional, physical and pecuniary investments of a client.
  • Undertaking all responsibility for ultimate result of the organized event.
  • We desire that you forget your occupational issues after addressing our agency.
  • Our work is an occasion for us.

And for you?

o u r p ri n c i pl es
Our principles
  • Creativity
  • Complexity
  • Responsibility
  • Decency
  • Budgets optimization
  • Honesty towards client
  • “Result-orientation” in activities
  • Punctuality
  • To promise less than, to do anymore
o u r s er vi c es
Our services


  • PR-program development
  • Holding press-conferences
  • Press-tours organization
  • Writing articles
  • Writing press- releases
  • Conduct of corporate events
  • Preparation of corporate publication
  • Internal and external PR audit
o u r s er vi c es1
Our services

Events & BTL:

  • Start-service. Shops and salons openings; launch of the new product/service, trademark presentation
  • Business events. Exhibition service, conferences, seminars, business meetings
  • Corporate events
  • Festivals, concerts
  • Private parties
  • Organization and conduct of samplings and tastings
  • Sales stimulation at selling locations
  • Promo andBTLactions
e xh i b it io n b u s in es s o u r s er vi c es
Exhibition businessOur services:
  • Preparation to participation in industrial tradeshows in Kyiv, Ukraine and abroad;
  • Recommendations on form and content of participation;
  • Direct mail with invitation to exhibition to your partners or interested companies;
  • Preparation and implementation of activities on extramural participation in an exhibition –

distribution of printed products and company goods, models placement in exhibition catalogue;

  • Stand designing with its further production;
  • BTL –actions during exhibition;
  • Event activities during exhibition;
  • Organization of exit banquets and stand-up meals during exhibition;
  • Preparation and production of presentation, advertising and corporate output;
  • Modeling and production of printed goods – the whole spectrum;
e xh i b it io n b u s in es s o u r s er vi c es1
Exhibition businessOur services:
  • Small offset printing services;
  • Large-format printing;
  • Printing on plastic;
  • Preparation of electronic presentations and replication on electronic carriers, including on electronic business cards;
  • Preparation and realization of corporate films;
  • Photography and video filming during the period of exhibition;
  • Florist' services;
  • Assistance in organization of subject seminars and conferences during exhibition;
  • Provision of standists and promoters for work at stand and exhibition;
  • Provision of models for work at stand;
  • Welcome and seeing off of newly arrived participants, provision with transport for the period of exhibition;
  • Reservation of hotel rooms or apartments;
  • Assistance in obtaining international passports, visas and invitations;
  • Booking air and railway tickets.
e xh i b it io n b u s in es s
Exhibition business
  • Individual approach to every client is our distinctive feature and exceptional politeness of our employees contributes to the most pleasant impressions. Cooperation with us is always effective. We won‘t miss any detail during preparation of event or organization of business trip. Our basic task is to provide comfort to our clients.
s p e ci al o ff e r p o ly gr a p h y
Special offerPolygraphy
  • Printing of business cards.
  • Printing of leaflets and flyers.
  • Printing of postcards and invitations.
  • Printing of posters and bills.
  • Printing of booklets and brochures.
  • Manufacture of notebooks.
  • Manufacture of letter-heads and envelopes of a company.
  • Printing of self-replication forms, stickers and labels.
  • Production of folders. Printing of business and technical documentation
  • Printing of calendars
s p e ci al o ff e r p o ly gr a p h y1
Special offerPolygraphy

With the aim of improving of external appearance and quality as well as durability of printed matter, we would like to propose to our clients all variants of post-print products processing, namely:

- wire-stitching joint;

- glued jointless connection;

- screwed connection as well as connection by means of staples and springs;

- cutting, collating, creasing;

- stitching;

- running and perforation;

- execution of special orders, requiring application of numerator;

- lamination;

- stamping (blind, foil and relief stamping);

- silk screening;

- thermolifting.


Special offerPolygraphy

Prepress works.

Advertising agency «PIRANHA» offers the services of its creative group in the sphere of:

- designing;

- preparation of texts and advertising articles;

- corporate styles development;

- preparation of files for printing;

- nesting;

- coloring tests production;

- films output.

Our advantage is in individual approach to every client, in complex solution of all issues and, respectively, we save your time and money. Moreover, we are able of printing not only large, but also little number of copies. That is also our special advantage.



The Great Sensei Morihey Uesyba once said:«”Yesterday” is recollection, “tomorrow”ishope, but only “now” is reality».

We are ready to co-operate with you rightnow!

Our contacts:

1/27 Bulv. Likhachova, оff.303, Kyiv

t. 285-23-19