march madness productivity drain
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March Madness… Productivity Drain?

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March Madness… Productivity Drain? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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MGT 207 – Dr. Hal Lazarus Bryan Berg Jason Berg Barry Dirrane Matthew Giammarinaro Ross Greenberg Sherwin Ninan Chris Sweeney. March Madness… Productivity Drain?. Overview. Our Hypothesis Survey Methodology Survey Results Survey Analysis & Assumptions Our Conclusion Questions.

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march madness productivity drain
MGT 207 – Dr. Hal Lazarus

Bryan Berg

Jason Berg

Barry Dirrane

Matthew Giammarinaro

Ross Greenberg

Sherwin Ninan

Chris Sweeney

March Madness…Productivity Drain?

  • Our Hypothesis
  • Survey Methodology
  • Survey Results
  • Survey Analysis & Assumptions
  • Our Conclusion
  • Questions
what makes a good hypothesis
What Makes a Good Hypothesis?
  • Easily identifiable
  • Random Sample
  • Can be thoroughly tested
    • (survey, questionnaire, etc.)
    • Lower risk of error
    • Only necessary variables included

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament has a negative effect on employee work productivity.

  • Hypothesis Testing
    • The rational framework for applying statistical tests.
  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament
    • A single-elimination tournament held each spring, featuring 68 college basketball teams, to determine the national championship, in the top tier of college basketball. Held mostly in March, it is known informally as March Madness of “The Big Dance.”
  • NCAA Bracket Pool
    • A competition amongst friends, co-workers, or even between strangers online, where participants predict the results of all games in the NCAA Tournament. Typically, the participant who correctly chooses the winners of the most games is crowned the champion of the pool and is awarded any prizes associated with victory. These pools are very popular in office settings and are a main reason as to why the tournament is associated with a lack of productivity.
  • Work Productivity
    • The amount of goods and services that an employee produces in a standard 8-hour work day.
background purpose
Background & Purpose
  • Understanding Workplace Habits
  • Current Event
  • Common Interest
  • Curiosity
background purpose1
Background & Purpose

The excitement of “March Madness” results in the second most popular organized office pool next to the Super Bowl according to a poll by the Society of Human Resource Management (SRHM) .

researched information
Researched Information
  • “Boss Button”
    • CBS
  • Legal?
  • Grey & Christmas
    • Released annual report estimating the amount of productivity lost to the NCAA Tournament
survey approach
  • Online survey
    • Convenience for distribution and tabulation
    • Anonymity and convenience for respondents
    • Best way to target our desired population
    • Survey with jumps
      • Allowed for maximum

response accuracy

survey distribution
Survey Distribution
  • Online-only distribution
    • E-mail
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
  • Sent without any mention of the subject matter
  • Sent at varying times of the day to gauge which times got the most responses
survey goals
Survey Goals
  • To see if people followed the NCAA Tournament during work hours
  • How they followed the tournament
  • How they felt it impacted productivity
  • What other types of personal business were being conducted by respondents during work hours
    • What prompted respondents to engage in this behavior
survey assumptions and limitations
Survey Assumptions and Limitations
  • Assumptions
    • Respondents will:
      • Be familiar with NCAA Tournament and pools
      • Work typical 9-5 shifts
      • Answer questions about work habits truthfully
  • Limitations
    • Convenient Sample vs. Random Sample
    • Survey self-reported
    • Small sample size

Based on our survey results and analysis, we came to the following conclusions-

  • Survey results suggest the NCAA Tournament does not significantly impact productivity
  • Office pools may just be one of many ways for employees to “slack off” at work
  • Further testing would have to be done to truly prove or disprove hypothesis