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MU Ethicbots Team

MU Ethicbots Team. Satinder Gill Penny Duquenoy Chris Huyck Steve Torrance. Disciplinary backgrounds. Psychology Communication Philosophy Cognitive Science AI. Coordination and social intelligence.

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MU Ethicbots Team

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  1. MU Ethicbots Team Satinder Gill Penny Duquenoy Chris Huyck Steve Torrance

  2. Disciplinary backgrounds • Psychology • Communication • Philosophy • Cognitive Science • AI

  3. Coordination and social intelligence • Symbiotic systems - how technology alters our interactions and our capacities for intersubjective co-construction. (e.g. impacts on human cognition and affect.) • Coordinated autonomy • Entrainment - our capacity to shift from response to anticipation • Designing for human-centred performance • Ethical - a)may not be freely able to express myself as I would be able to otherwise - interferes with natural performance, b) deskilling of human social intelligence

  4. Design • Impact of ICT on ordinary people • Scaleability and interoperability of mulit-device coordination e.g. mobile devices (phones, PDAs, laptops) • Ethical issues - where does the awareness lie of location and flow of information? Security of information? • Design: • Awareness and responsibilities of designers • Embedded values • Decisions, judgements, priorities • Multi-agent systems - decisional responsibilities (what are going to do with this practically?)

  5. Autonomy • Agency • Coordinated autonomy and impacts of symbiotic systems • Moral responsibility • Transhuman identity

  6. Related Domains • Neural nets: • Self-learning systems - and predictability • Autism • Music and science • Medical informatics and ethics

  7. Dissemination • IFIP WG9.2 Computers and Social Accountability • SIG Ethics/Disability • INSEIT: International Society for ethics and information technology • British Computer Society Ethics Panel • AI &Society: Journal of Human-Centred Systems (Springer) • ICES - Journal of Information and Communication and Ethics in Society (Troubador)

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