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Working-Group Case Study Reports

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Working-Group Case Study Reports. GRULAC BAT and BEP Consultation March 16 th , 2005. Waste Management Case Study. It is obvious that there was tremendous lack of planning on the behalf of the people of Bucciniland. Remember he who fails to plans to fail. The people of Bucciniland

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working group case study reports

Working-Group Case Study Reports

GRULAC BAT and BEP Consultation

March 16th, 2005

waste management case study
Waste Management Case Study
  • It is obvious that there was tremendous lack of planning on the behalf of the people of Bucciniland. Remember he who fails to plans to fail.
  • The people of Bucciniland
  • Needs a waste management plan. The plan should include waste minimization, separation and recycling
  • There should be public awareness (to increase education of waste management practices)
waste management case study3
Waste Management Case Study
  • If an incinerator is in place: There should be well trained operators and persons trained in the maintenance of the same
  • There should also be monitoring to establish initial levels of Dioxins and Furans
  • For BAT there should BAT there could be a recommendation for alternatives such as autoclaving
barbados case study
Barbados Case Study
  • Look at examples in neighbouring countries like Saint Lucia
  • Assessment of how the medical facilities manage their waste using a waste audit as an assessment tool (Ministry of Health/private consultants)
  • Look at running a waste survey to determine how the medical waste is now treated
  • Awareness raising of the hospital management is essential in the handling and disposal of medical waste
  • Promoting waste stream separation after results of the audit
barbados case study5
Barbados Case Study
  • Complete an assessment of alternatives
  • Develop instruments that will compel the hospitals to act, some policy or legislative requirements
  • Useful to amend specific regulations to manage the hospitals and public healthcare sector.
  • Public awareness and public interventions
  • Goal to have the best combination of alternatives to reduce the generation of POPs
  • Acquiring the base line data is the first step before move to implementation actions.
production of metals case study
Production of Metals Case Study
  • Comparative study of Utopia and Fantasia both carried out industrial activities
  • Utopia had two steel companies and Fantasia had lead and nickel production
  • The future projects for Utopia such as a primary production plant for iron and steel etc. are apparently acceptable under BAT.
  • Guidance needs clarification on the term “significant modification”
  • Reference for cross linkages especially for the cross cutting issues and duplication in the respective chapters should be eliminated.
production of metals case study utopia
Production of Metals Case Study Utopia
  • Two plants AA with post combustion and bag filters and AB with electrostatic filters for flue gas cleaning
  • Based on the guidelines it was concluded that Plant AA was better because of the presence of post combustion equipment and bag filters
  • Plant AB was considered not to represent BAT due to the electrostatic filters which was used for flue gas cleaning, these are not as efficient as those used in AA.
  • In addition the ESPs were operated at a temperature range where PCDD and PCDF are formed.
production of metals case study fantasia
Production of Metals Case Study Fantasia
  • Companies P1 to P4 had cyclones for flue gas cleaning and these are not as efficient with a dioxin and furan removal efficiency was low as a result these plant did not meet the considerations under BAT.
  • P5 has two rotary kilns, rapid cooling of gases and bag filters and was therefore was considered BAT.
general recommendations
General Recommendations
  • Training on the use of the guidelines should be made available for the users or Parties to POPs.
  • The guidelines was found to contain much information, but unfortunately the present document is not user friendly.
  • It is recommended to make the document more user friendly and indicate the linkages between chapter sections.
  • Create an interactive cd-rom using the guidelines which will easily provide the linkages between relevant sections.
  • To develop a flow chart on sequential steps for easy application of the guidelines.
  • Fill gaps for technologies not yet included, for example steel production from iron ores.
group of countries




Saint Lucia


Trinidad and Tobago

Group of Countries