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    Veda, Jyotish, Yagya, Vastu, Sanskrit & Hindi

    Slide 2:What is Ved Bhawan ?

    An Organization of Vedic Scholars working in more than 42 countries throughout the world To preserve and spread Vedic Knowledge & wisdom To train Pandits, to provide education, to promote researches and To arrange authentic services for the society in professional manner with help of modern sciences & technology.

    Slide 3:Jyotish : Vedic Astrology

    Ved Bhawan selects Jyotish Post-Graduates from the universities, trains them for profession and provides them resources to produce a constructive services. Every center of Ved Bhawan has some groups of astrologers who render different kinds of advises to the needy people for getting natural & spiritual solutions of the problems.

    Slide 4:Vedic Jyotish Programme

    Jyotish Services- Specific Advise-Packages- Based on horoscope for professionals, like businessmen, politicians, diplomats, officers, Professors, Doctors, Lawyers, Astrologers, Technicians, Artists Marriage Compatibility- Helps you finding your best suitable partner to have a long-lasting and harmonius marital life with all pleasures.

    Slide 5:Vedic Jyotish Programme

    More Astrological Services Business Partner Compatibility Live Consultations Annual Horoscopes Birth Time Rectification Horoscope Without Birth Time Muhurta (Auspicious time) for Specific Undertakings like marriage, travel, businesses Sthapatya Veda (Vastu) Examinations

    Slide 6:Vedic Yagya Programme

    Rapid and Authentic system of healing through Mantra. Yagya is a combination of Mantra Recites, Fire Sacrifice and many more rituals & donations that helps you getting rid of problems and getting support in improving all major part of life but specially where everything is beyond human control. The most important benefit is that a Vedic Yagya is most effective remedy of everything, but also an act of devotion towards God and worships that we really are obliged to do but cant do regularly. Thus performing Yagya not only helps getting rid of problems but in this manner your spiritual part also strengthens.

    Slide 7:Yagya Undertakings for

    Help in health and all relevant problems dangers. Prevention of dangers For improving business / economy For getting suitable love / partner sooner, saving marriage / having harmonies. For getting / saving work / promotion For having good family relations For child, education, success, enlightenment

    Slide 8:Education

    Online / class-room courses on- Jyotish Yoga Veda Karmakand Sanskrit Hindi

    Slide 9:Matrimonials

    Finding a suitable partner, checking your social, material & intellectual compatibility Checking astrological compatibility with full analysis of future marital life. Januine works and advises by experienced scholars Transparent service and contact

    Slide 10:Special Features -

    We are the organisation run by Pendits, so we know our professional technics better. All services are organizational unlikely other one-man-shows. Therefore, no risk of personal interests. We always monitor the services to fulfil the commitment to provide an authentic level of services. We are the only organization who uses latest technology to promote Vedic Activities. For example - we were first to introduce teleconsultation in 1995 in India - We were the first to undertake the first online class of Jyotish & Sanskrit in 2001 from England. - We are the only organization with whome you can monitor your Yagya, right from your table.

    Slide 11:Our Specialist Web-Sites : Launching

    Yagya : Jyotish : Astrologer : Megazine : Veda : Organization : Vastu : Education : Yoga :

    Slide 12:Jyotish Special Sites : launching

    Service : Muhurta : Vastu : Informative : Educative : Nadi : India :

    Slide 13:Country Astrology Sites

    England : USA : Netherlands : Belgium : Switzerland : Italy :

    Slide 14:Our Country Sites : Launching soon

    Germany : Austria : Netherlands : Russia : Belgium : Italy : India : Spain : Africas : Latin Americas : Australias : China :

    Slide 15:Organization Structure

    Slide 16:Finally, thank you for your attention

    Where you would like to go ? - Yagya - Jyotish - Ved Bhawan - Indian Institute - Request a service - Service Index Page - To apply for a job with Ved Bhawan - Donate & begin to have your service now !