gerald tan licensing manager microsoft singapore
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Gerald Tan Licensing Manager Microsoft Singapore

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Gerald Tan Licensing Manager Microsoft Singapore. Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor. Partner-in-Confidence. MPLA Introduction & Overview.

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gerald tan licensing manager microsoft singapore
Gerald Tan

Licensing Manager

Microsoft Singapore

Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor



mpla introduction overview
MPLA Introduction & Overview

Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor (MPLA)The Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor (MPLA) is an easy-to-use online resource that can help you find and select Microsoft products, find the right licensing program, and determine estimated retail pricing (ERP) based on software needs.

MissionDeliver an easy to use customer facing configuration tool on that will measurably improve Licensing business simplicity in the mid-market IT-Pro worldwide community. Provide a seamless experience that is integrated with call centers to assist those customers needing additional guidance.


What Does it Feel like to be a Mid Market Licensing Customer?How is Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor the Answer?CPE Feedback

Mid Market customers

feel that…



I am confused and don’t know where to turn

…They are lost in Microsoft’s licensing policy and there is no place to find dependable advice assistance

Convenient and easy to use access to dependable advice assistance

Microsoft takes no responsibility for our relationship

….Microsoft is not being proactive nor taking accountability for their role in the business relationship

Proactively addresses needs of customers and drives down cost of software acquisition

Microsoft is not in touch with the Mid Market

…Microsoft’s policies and practices aren’t in concert with the needs of Mid Market customers

Educates customers with simplified user rights and licensing options

EasySaves Time Cost Saving Implications

Source:  WWCPSS FY ‘05



benefits of the microsoft product licensing advisor
Benefits of the Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor

Customer Benefits

Flexible product licensing configuration abilities (begin with products or an IT Solution) increases customer usability

User-interface localization provides deeper reach to mid-market IT Professionals in more markets

New Wizard-driven help identifies applicable product versions

Product recommendations showcase value of Microsoft's full portfolio of products

English-speaking chat functionality quickly connects users to Microsoft Support Professionals

Unique quote IDs allow the customer to convey needs quickly and efficiently to Microsoft partners

Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor links customers with accessible and accurate licensing/pricing information 24 hours/7 days a week.

Product Use Rights, Product Specific Information, and other features link customers with a valuable licensing knowledge resource

Partner Benefits

  • Unique quote IDs allow Microsoft partners to quickly understand customer needs by sharing completed configurations.
  • Customer use of MPLA increases understanding of options and provides an opportunity for richer sales discussions.
  • Refers users to partners that support Microsoft Licensing.
  • Assists in educating and preparing customers for Microsoft license-related product orders
  • Provides consistent information when aligned with other configuration tools provided by Microsoft for partners’ use


mpla engagement cycle
MPLA Engagement Cycle

Build Relationships

Enhance Customer Support

Deliver Simplistic Licensing Info

Decrease Sales Cycle

Easy Access to Partner Info

Unique Quote IDs



MS Customer Services/Account Managers


Report Download with product specific PUR content

Product information from MS Product Catalog

Provide Microsoft product SKUs for immediate use


use scenario 1 partner engagement
Use Scenario # 1: Partner Engagement

Carolyn Brown, an IT manager for a Seattle consulting firm, with several years of experience in software licensing has purchased products in the past from a Microsoft reseller. She hears about the Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor (MPLA) from her reseller as a resource for more information. Carolyn launches the MPLA to learn about the Microsoft Open License Program. Carolyn selects: Office XP Professional and Small Business Server 2003 products for her first query.

The MPLA generates a report for her query that provides her with the product SKU numbers. She has a question about her previous purchases of Office 2003 Professional from her reseller.

Carolyn calls her reseller and using the SKU from the report, queries about her previous purchases. The reseller is able to immediately retrieve her purchase history and answer her questions. Realizing that she does need to purchase additional licenses she generated from her report, she also provides the reseller with the unique report identification number that allows them to conclude the order within 15 minutes.


use scenario 2 partner engagement
Use Scenario # 2: Partner Engagement

John Green is a project manager for a Chicago advertising firm. He discovers the Microsoft Product Licensing Advisor (MPLA) on Intrigued, he generates a report to understand what the investment is to license Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and Biz Talk Server 2004. Encouraged by the data on the report, John remembers there is a link in the MPLA to find a reseller, so he returns to the MPLA and finds a reseller with which to speak.

John phones the reseller and references the MPLA along with the unique report identification number generated from his visit. Together, the reseller and John review the report and selections.  The reseller points out a few additional products and options to complement the overall purchase. John and the reseller finalize the purchase that reflects the MPLA quote and the reseller sends John a final proposal for the software purchase.

John uses the proposal from the reseller to present an end to end Customer Management solution to his executive sponsor. Impressed, the Vice President of Marketing agrees to trial the solution and approves the investment.


exploring the ms product licensing advisor
Exploring the MS Product Licensing Advisor

Allows user to profile self, configure using a specific licensing program, select products first, or choose an IT solution

Enables country-specific programs and pricing & is localized in nine languages


mpla report capabilities
MPLA Report Capabilities

Detailed Software Assurance Benefits related to the agreement are also available

Report provides SKUs, ERP, Recommendations, & Total Agreement Pricing


mpla comparison recommendation capabilities
MPLA Comparison & Recommendation Capabilities

Recommendations detail key prerequisites and add-ons available to the customer for the products configured

Comparison provides side by side analysis of two most applicable licensing programs


unique quote ids resume function
Unique Quote IDs & Resume Function

When a user saves a report it will create a unique quote ID. This ID can then be shared with a partner/reseller can easily facilitate the sales cycle.


mpla download report
MPLA Download Report

Provides full report data with product specific Product Use Rights


ms product licensing advisor roadmap
MS Product Licensing Advisor Roadmap
  • Release 2.05
  • Winter 2006
  • Additional Information Worker IT Solutions

Mid-size Business Center Skinning

Late Summer 2006

Release 2.1

Early 2007

Release 3.0

Summer 2007

Release 3.1

Late 2007-Early 2008

Release 2.0

Fall 2006

Maintenance (Quarterly Updated PURs & Additional QFEs as needed)

  • Enterprise Desktop (Enterprise Agreement)
  • Office 2007, Windows Vista
  • Online Services Products
  • Enhance product configuration flow
  • Search for Licensing information
  • Dynamics Products
  • Extended Localization (Potential Languages: Japanese, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Greek)
  • Links to Product Trials
  • Merge with Microsoft License Statement (Customers can see purchases, entitlements, and link to MPLA for configuration of identified needs)
  • User Interface enhancement
  • Partner Skinning of MPLA
  • Extend Focus to Enterprise Customers
  • Offer for Sales Reps to Contact Customer Directly


partner related faqs
Partner Related FAQs

Q. Do MPLA’s capabilities compete with partners?

A. MPLA is not designed to replace the capabilities of Microsoft’s partners. MPLA can be used to enhance partners’ productivity and effectiveness. It is designed to simplify the product licensing for customers, partners and Microsoft internal users. MPLA can save partners’ time spent on configuring licenses, modeling scenarios, quoting activities and eases access to product SKUs.

Q. How can I get help with specific licensing questions beyond what MPLA provides?

A. Please contact your Volume Licensing partner. A list can be found at Microsoft Licensing Program Reseller page.

Also, you may review the Licensing section ( for information on specific program details, licensing briefs, and other resources. Or in the US you can call (800) 426-9400, Monday through Friday, 6:00 A.M.– 6:00 P.M. Pacific Time to speak directly to a Microsoft Customer Service agent about the program options best suited to meet your needs.

Q. When I click on the link for a local reseller, I am redirected to the site in my country. Where can I find a list of local resellers?

A. MPLA will direct you to your local website which will have the most up-to-date reseller information and provide you with local resources.


partner related faqs cont
Partner Related FAQs, cont.

Q. Why can’t I see my country’s pricing?

A. Your country’s pricing may not be published. Not all country-specific pricing is available within the MPLA and you may need to contact a local reseller to receive pricing information.

Q. What price does MPLA quote to customers?

A. MPLA quotes estimated retail price (ERP) for Microsoft Licensing programs, excluding any taxes that may apply.

Q. How accurate is my MPLA quote?

A. MPLA is designed as an initial configuration resource designed to provide initial licensing program comparisons, guidance and estimated quotes. For final quotes and more detailed licensing information, please contact your Microsoft partner.

Q. Can I purchase Microsoft licenses using MPLA?

A. No, MPLA is designed to provide licensing program comparisons and ERP/RRP quotes (where available). You must contact a Microsoft partner to purchase licenses.

Q. Can I share my MPLA report with other parties?

A. Yes, you can provide others access to your MPLA report by sharing your unique report ID, which is generated when you save the report. When another user accesses MPLA and inserts your report ID, they will see the report that you generated.