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Home School Friendly. Developing A Home-School Friendly Admissions Office. Presented by Angela J. Evans, Ed. D. Understanding the Home School Movement Developing Recruitment & Networking Strategies that Work Implementing Alternative Evaluation Methods for Home-Educated Applicants.

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Home School Friendly

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home school friendly

Home School Friendly

Developing A Home-School Friendly Admissions Office

Presented by

Angela J. Evans, Ed. D.

Understanding the Home

School Movement

Developing Recruitment &

Networking Strategies that Work

Implementing Alternative Evaluation Methods for Home-Educated Applicants

understanding the home school movement
What is the philosophy behind the home schooling movement and why are parents eager to seek alternative methods of schooling?Understanding the Home School Movement
what is home schooling
What is Home-schooling?

Cited from the Home School Legal Defense Association

concept of home education
Concept of Home Education

The concept of home education

as an education movement is

growing in unprecedented

fashion throughout the United

States and recent research studies

indicate that more than 1.2 million school age children are currently being taught at home by a parent-teacher (Ray, 1998; Lines 1996).

why home education
Parents are selecting home based

education for a variety of reasons, including:

Fear of Violence in Schools

Quality of Education

Cost of Private or Alternative Education

Flexibility in Home School Scheduling

Religious Reasons

Special Needs (Health, Learning Disabilities)

Why Home Education?
what about regulation
What about Regulation?

The increased levels of state regulations for home schooling have prompted many families to seek acceptable accreditation for students to

avoid the hassles and

negative stereotypes placed

on home schooling students

by local and state college

administrators (Callaway,


what does this mean for colleges
What Does This Mean for Colleges?

“Admissions officers know little about the performance of a home school graduate’s academic performance in college, but this fact doesn’t stop colleges and universities from developing admissions policies (accommodating or

unaccommodating) for

the home school


(Jones & Gloeckner, 2004b, p. 17)

the impact on students and admissions
The Impact on Students and Admissions

Students are faced with overwhelming requirements that command extensive documentation of their home based education including:

  • transcripts of academic performance and curriculum
  • standardized high school summation exams
  • SAT or ACT Scores
  • letters of recommendation
  • proof or compliance with state regulatory standards
  • and often a personal interview with an admissions officer

It is vital that these admissions representatives be prepared to aid students in making the transition from home school to post-secondary education (Evans, 2001).

developing recruitment and networking strategies that work
Developing Recruitment and Networking Strategies that work
  • Appointing a senior admissions officer to work

specifically with home-educated students

  • Realizing the time saving benefits of developing

a targeted home school website

  • Creating a comprehensive admissions forum

for home-educated students and their families

that includes a vendor fair, as well as sessions

on completing the admissions process and

applying for financial aid

  • Offering a guide for families that provides information on accreditation, curriculum, testing agencies and dual enrollment opportunities
a home school friendly case study
A Home School Friendly Case Study

Kennesaw State University

  • Georgia’s Third Largest University
  • Public Institution
  • 4 Year Liberal Arts
  • 20 Miles North of Downtown Atlanta
  • 19,000 students
  • 200 + Home Schoolers
ksu a home school friendly place
KSU - A Home School Friendly Place
  • A Dozen Years of

Experience With

Home Educated


  • Specialized Counselors
  • Web Page / Other USG Institutions Are Linking to Our Site / over 14,000 Hits Since 1999
  • Workshops for Admissions at Local, State, Regional and National Level Organizations
  • Regents Level Student Advisors – 2 in a Row
  • Portfolio Model…
a new home for home schoolers
A New Home for Home Schoolers

Fall 2000 36 Enrolled

Fall 2001 52 Enrolled

Fall 2002 32 Enrolled

Fall 2003 24 Enrolled

Fall 2004 24 Enrolled

Fall 2005 29 Enrolled

These numbers do not reflect Spring or Summer Semester New Student Enrollment

This enrollment represents home educated applicants from non-accredited programs.

relationships with
Students & Parents

Support Groups

Accreditation Agencies

Curriculum Providers

Other College & Universities


Relationships with…
a look at what we do
A Look At What We Do…
  • Dedicated Counselor
  • Web Site
  • An Admissions Handbook
  • Workshop and vender fair
dedicated counselors
Admissions Counselor dedicated to working with home educated applicants since 1996

Back up Admissions Counselor since 2003

Secretarial Support to manage contact lists and prepares materials

Involved in Community Home School Groups, ACIS Centers, National Home School Support Organizations

Stays current on literature

Follows Enrollment Trends nationally, in Georgia, at KSU

Program Development

Personal Research

Dedicated Counselors
web site
Web Site


web site features
Web Site Features
  • Admissions Requirements
  • Admissions Handbook
  • Deadlines
  • Resources
  • Financial Aid Links
  • HOPE Reimbursement Request Form for Homeschoolers
web site benefits
Web Site Benefits
  • Provides students with access to requirements and forms 24/7
  • Saves times – an information session/phone call can last an average of 40 minutes
  • Over 14,000 hits since 1999
an admissions handbook
An Admissions Handbook
  • A Checklist
  • An Information Page with Release
  • Home School College Preparatory Credit Evaluation Form
  • Affidavit of Successful Completion of Home Study Program
the workshop vender fair
The Workshop & Vender Fair

An Admissions Forum for

Home Educated Applicants

  • Workshop Registration
  • Video
  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Admissions Information
  • Financial Aid Overview
  • Vender Fair
  • Campus Tour
vender fair
Vender Fair
  • Something New in 2005
  • 27 Venders Participated
  • Over 100 in attendance
  • Door Prizes
  • Refreshments
who are the venders
Who Are The Venders?
  • KSU Student Services
  • Financial Aid / GSFC
  • ACIS Centers
  • Curriculum Providers
  • Commercial Venders
why have a vender fair
Why Have A Vender Fair?
  • Brings Students to Campus
  • Builds Relationships
  • Sponsorships
  • Free Food
  • Fun
  • Great Publicity
implementing alternative evaluation methods for home educated applicants
Implementing Alternative Evaluation Methods for Home-Educated Applicants

Understanding the value of a portfolio review process that provides the admissions office with a uniform method to evaluate home schooled applicants while still providing them with an opportunity to showcase their individual merits

what are portfolios
What are Portfolios?
  • A transcript of High School Courses

(a mini-syllabus for each subject taken)

  • SAT or ACT and other standardized tests
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • Proof of Compliance with State Attendance Laws (Declaration of Intent to Home School)
  • Samples of Work (Essays or Projects)

Portfolios can be anything… But you need to be specific or you will get everything!

what are the benefits of portfolios
What are the Benefits of Portfolios
  • A Portfolio Gives You The Opportunity To Get To Know An Applicant Before Or Without An Interview
  • It Gives The Student The Opportunity

To Express The Abilities And

Explain Their Educational


  • You Can Control What

Information You Are

Reviewing And Keep It


accreditation for home education
Accreditation for Home Education

A Unique Organization Developed in Georgia to Accredit Home Based Education

The Accrediting Commission for

Independent Study, non-profit,

non-government is established

for the purpose of accrediting

community centers for independent

study. The accredited designation is

for those centers established and

functioning under standards of the


what are others doing
What Are Others Doing?
  • Struggling to Understand!
  • Open House Events for Home Schoolers
  • Web Pages Dedicated to Explaining Home Educated Student Admissions
  • Recruitment Fairs
  • Advertising in Home School

Magazines and Support

Group Newsletters

  • Direct Mail (Buying Lists)
  • Participating in Local Support

Group Meetings

  • Chat Sessions
contact information
Contact Information

Angela J. Evans, Ed.D.

Assistant Director of Admissions

Kennesaw State University

1000 Chastain Road, Box 0115

Kennesaw, Georgia 30144-5591