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Home-school Communication

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Home-school Communication. By: Kari Finck. Home-schooling. Some families organize their home-school the same as a traditional school, with the children studying the same subjects the same way as public school students.

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home schooling
  • Some families organize their home-school the same as a traditional school, with the children studying the same subjects the same way as public school students.
  • Some families use the opposite approach and "un-school" their children-a far less structured approach where the children’s schedule is determined by their interests and readiness.
  • Many parents pick and choose the classes and materials that meet their children’s needs.
who home schools their children
Who home-schools their children?
  • Most home-schoolers are just normal parents who have decided to take charge of their children’s education.
is home schooling legal
Is home-schooling legal?
  • Home-schooling is legal in all fifty states and throughout Canada.
  • Home-schooling is also becoming increasingly popular in Australia, New Zealand, England, and Japan.
  • However, every state and province has its own laws regarding home-schooling.
  • Some home-schooling laws merely require you to let your local school district know that you will be home-schooling your children.
  • Some laws require you to fill out paperwork as if you were a private school.
costs of home schooling
Costs of home-schooling
  • You could home-school for free using public resources like libraries, PBS shows, museums, the Internet, and hand-me-down educational supplies.
  • Home-schooling costs are higher for teenagers than for elementary school students, and fees are normally charged on a per unit basis.
  • Additional funding for extracurricular activities.
  • Since home-schooled children have more time, they tend to participate in more of these activities.
advantages disadvantages
Strengthening family bonds

Flexibility in how they learn

Have more time for other activities

Loss of income because someone must be home to teach, not working.

Lack of confidence

Public and/or family criticisms

Advantages Disadvantages
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the end
The End
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