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  1. S A F E FAMILY Kitchen Fires Keeping your home hazard-free

  2. Kitchen Fires • Every year without fail, personnel and spouses are injured in kitchen fires, triggered when they overheat grease while frying food. • Grease fires are extremely dangerous because the burning grease is easily spilled, which spreads the flames to curtains or cabinets. • According to the National Fire Protection Association, unattended cooking is the leading cause of home cooking fires. Stay by the stove and be prepared for flames. • Don’t use water on a grease fire. It won’t put it out, but instead, will cause it to splash and spread. It will also produce dangerous steam. S A F E FAMILY For more safety resources, visit

  3. Kitchen Fires • Get everyone out of the building. Fires spread extremely quickly and can overwhelm victims in minutes. • Call 911. The fire department can always go back to the station if you are able to get the fire out without help. • The easiest way to smother a grease fire is to cover it with a pan lid, preferably metal. Glass lids can break from the extreme heat of open flame. • Grease fires can also be smothered with baking soda, but it takes a lot of baking soda to do the trick. Unless the baking soda is easily accessible, it's usually easier to quickly find a lid. S A F E FAMILY For more safety resources, visit

  4. Kitchen Fires • A dry chemical fire extinguisher will also work, but it will contaminate your kitchen and food. • Don’t try to carry the fire outside. • You can also spray the fire with a Class B dry chemical fire extinguisher. Note that this method will ruin the food and contaminate dishes and utensils. • Carefully slide a lid over the pan. Turn off the burner, don't move the pan, and keep the lid on until the pan cools completely. S A F E FAMILY For more safety resources, visit