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AFRICA African Geography 59-64 Africa is the second largest continent. It has more nations then any other continent as well. (55) African Geography The Great Rift Valley

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african geography 59 64
African Geography 59-64

Africa is the second largest continent. It

has more nations

then any other

continent as well. (55)

african geography the great rift valley
African Geography The Great Rift Valley

The Great Rift Valley extends over 4,000 miles along the east coast of Africa. This land is slowly pulling apart. Scientist believe Madagascar was once part of the GRV. Somalia is believed to be the next part to drift off of the continent.

african geography nile river
African GeographyNile River

The Nile is the longest river in

the world. However, the

Amazon holds more water? Why?

africa geography aswan high dam
Africa GeographyAswan High Dam

Desertification- The growth of the desert.

Savanna- The grasslands in Africa

supporting generalizations
Supporting Generalizations
  • Loyalty to family was an essential part of the African social fabric
  • In a consensus form of government the good of the community was stressed over that of the individual
  • In farming societies women did all of the hard work. Nice!
  • Understanding one’s role in the community was an important aspect of education in some societies.
activity cont
Activity cont…

E. Traditional beliefs played a significant role in the life of many Africans.


A little family get

together. In Africa

most people live with

their extended family?

How does this compare to how we live in the US?


Consensus- to try to come to an agreement on an issue. This is the theory that Africans attempt to govern by?

-What are some hindrances to this working?

Africans stress the importance of the group over that of the individual. How does this compare to the US?

african slave trade 93 96
African Slave Trade 93-96

Drawing Conclusions

With your group please look at the following list and first determine if the statement is true or false. Identify the facts from the reading and support the accurate statements, and rephrase the other statements so that they are accurate.

african slave trade
African Slave Trade
  • In the 1400’s Europeans were more interested in India than Africa
  • Racism was the main cause of slavery
  • Slavery was perpetuated because it was economically profitable
  • The outlawing of the slave trade in the British Empire helped end the trade.
  • African diaspora destroyed their culture.
slave trade terms
Slave Trade: Terms
  • Diaspora- This is a scattering of people away from their homeland. This happened to the Africans during the time of slavery. What other groups have had to endure this?
  • Abolition- The end of slavery
  • Middle Passage- The journey of a slave from Africa to the Caribbean.
  • Seasoning- beating a slave into submission.
european imperialism
European Imperialism

Free write five sentences on:

“The Scramble for Africa.”

european imperialism15
European Imperialism


-Market for finished goods.

-Inexpensive source of raw materials.

-A source of national pride.

-Spread of Christianity

-The White Man’s Burden

fight back
Fight Back

Never bring a knife to a gun fight.

What African’s put up a strong resistance to imperialism and how did they do so?


Shaka Zulu- Warrior king

from the Zulu tribe. He took

no prisoners.

  • Ethiopia- They had
  • Western trained
  • armies.

Liberia- We had their back. Why?

political cartoon
Political Cartoon

Pick a point of view and create a political cartoon on one of the following ideas.

-Motives for colonization

-Berlin Conference

-Belgian rule in the Congo


Winning Independence 107- when the section ends.

-Have you seen the Philadelphia Daily News? What are the first things that you notice about the paper?

We are going to write catchy headlines for the following topics.

-followed with 3 bulleted points on each

headlines cont
Headlines cont…
  • The pan African movement
  • Independence for Ghana
  • North African independence movement
  • Kenyatta’s role in Kenya’s independence
  • Effects of colonial rule on African nations
pan africanism

This means the unity of all Africa as one nation. This movement used the slogan “Africa for Africans.” They sought to over throw white European rule.

Question: Can white people be considered Africans?

african independence
African Independence
  • Most African nations started to get their independence at the end of WWII. Why?
african independence26
African Independence

Most African nations got their freedom peacefully.

african independence27
African Independence

When Africans had to fight they used Guerrilla Warfare- hit and run fighting in small groups. Why would they fight like this? Where do we presently see this style of fighting?

colonial legacy
Colonial Legacy

European imperialism both helped and hurt Africa. It helped their infrastructure and set up the basic foundation for a more advanced economy and government.

BUT… It created new nations that included tribes that had a tradition of hostility with each other this often times lead to lawlessness if not genocide. Africa had little of no experienced leaders. Especially in running a democracy.

changing patterns of life
Changing Patterns of Life
  • Break into groups and discuss each of the following issues and how it may be addressed
changing patterns of life30
Changing Patterns of Life
  • Formal Education is minimal for many African people
  • Employment opportunities are scarce in many urban areas of Africa
  • Decent housing is not available for many African people
  • African people need more and better health care
  • Many African women do not have = rights
africa in transition
Africa in Transition

Democratization- The movement from dictatorship or military rule towards democracy. This phenomenon is sweeping through Africa.

Socialism- The government runs major businesses and has a hand in all economic activity. It is a command economy.

africa in transition32
Africa in Transition

Multinational corporations- These are corporations who operate in more then one nation. These companies bring capital, tax revenue and jobs to Africa.

The government has caused problems for farmers. How and why? Turn to page 114.

africa in transition nigeria
Africa in TransitionNigeria

Find evidence with your partner to support the following statements.

  • The people of Nigeria live together uneasily.
  • Nigeria has the potential to be a leading nation.
  • Oil has been a source of problems and riches for Nigeria.
  • Nigeria’s government differs significantly from a democracy.
  • Nigeria is not able to feed itself.
zimbabwe 126 130
Zimbabwe (126-130)

What we are going to do today is we are going to make a quiz for the next period. Each group will be responsible for writing two quiz questions.

zimbabwe quiz
Zimbabwe- Quiz
  • Zimbabwe’s geography and natural resources.
  • Rhodesia
  • Gaining independence (1965-1985)
  • Reforms of Robert Mugabe
  • Zimbabwe’s economic development

What does it mean to be a landlocked nation?

What are economic sanctions?

activity 133 138
Activity 133-138

With a partner discuss and record the effects of each of the following developments.

activity cont39
Activity Cont…
  • The OAU was formed in 1963
  • Nations in southern Africa wanted to reduce their dependence on South Africa
  • The USA and USSR competed for influence in Africa
  • The IMF set qualifications for loans to African nations
  • The population of Africa is exploding
  • Tori Teeter has big guns

The Cold War was a war (without direct fighting) between the USA and democracy v. The USSR and communism. The USA won this war and the USSR fell due to this great man:

the end of the cold war
The end of the Cold War

Mr. Reagan &

Mrs. Thatcher

together caused the USSR to collapse by out producing and outspending it. This lead to a rebirth of freedom in Africa and around the world.


Condoms and birth control can help solve many African problems. What problems does Africa face that condoms can help reduce?

south africa
South Africa
  • Working in a group of 3-4 create a time line of South Africa.