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Happy Healthy Me PowerPoint Presentation
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Happy Healthy Me

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Happy Healthy Me - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Numeracy – Main focus – Number bonds to 20. Count on and back in 1’s or 10’s from a 2 digit number; write figures up to 100. Partition 2- digit numbers into T and U. Order numbers up to at least 100 and position them on a 100 square .

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Numeracy – Main focus – Number bonds to 20.

  • Count on and back in 1’s or 10’s from a 2 digit number; write figures up to 100.
  • Partition 2- digit numbers into T and U. Order numbers up to at least 100 and position them on a 100 square.
  • Rehearse addition and subtraction facts for pairs that total up to 9.
  • Estimate, measure and compare lengths in centimetres; use a ruler.
  • Use units of time: hours in a day, days in weeks. Begin to tell the time.
  • Use names of common 2D shapes; sort 2D shapes and describe their features.
  • Solve word problems and apply what they know in real life conexts.
  • Learn 1 and 10 x tables.
  • Literacy- Main focus – Stories with familiar settings and instruction writing.
  • Dogger – using drama and role play to begin to see how a family work together to solve a problem which is set at home and school.
  • Funnybones – Allan Ahlberg stories about a family of skeletons who live in the cellar of a house. They have different adventures in a number of familiar settings such as the park and the pet shop. Focus – writing in sentences.
  • Children will be describing and then changing the setting and developing their own stories based on the skeletons.
  • Reading a variety of stories which have familiar story settings and focussing on repetitive and descriptive vocabulary.
  • Baboon on the Moon BFI short animation. Focus on writing instructions that will help Baboon carry out different tasks.
  • .
  • Art/DT
  • Self portraits and collages for classroom rules wall.
  • Funnybones skeleton pictures and paintings.
  • Baboon clay tiles and masks, rockets and moon models.
  • Florence Nightingale charcoal drawings and clay tiles.
  • Observational drawings of fruit and vegetables – linked with Cezanne
  • ICT – Main focus - logging on and off laptops and saving work in correct folders.
  • Data handling activities recording favourite fruits and vegetables,
  • 2 Simple creating and reading block graphs to record data.
  • Digital microscopes to record changes in food over time.
  • Flip cameras to record role play and drama group work.
  • Music video toolkit create spooky music.

Happy Healthy Me

  • Science – Main focus – Learning new facts about the Human bodythe children deciding what they would like to know/ investigate.
  • The different parts of the body and their main functions.
  • The human skeleton, bones and x rays.
  • How to keep our bodies fit and healthy.
  • Different investigations which will involve prediction, planning and recording.
  • Non fiction writing recording experiments.
  • Medicines and germs and the role of doctors, nurses and scientists including Louis Pasteur.
  • Visit by medical professionals to discuss the importance of personal hygiene and how to keep safe with medicines.
  • Humanities - Main focus – How medical care has changed over the years.
  • Florence Nightingale and the changes she made to the way hospitals were run.
  • ‘Magic Grandad’ DVDabout the hospital in Scutari and how Florence made it a cleaner and healthier place.
  • Black History Month – Mary Seacole and the work she carried out to improve health conditions.
  • Family trees and personal history.
  • My life time lines.
  • Think about where our fruit and vegetables come from, which grow locally and which are imported and the reasons for this.
  • Nottingham Playhouse – Rapunzel project, details to be confirmed.
  • R.E/ Music main focus – Christianity
  • Importance of food in religious ceremonies.
  • Feeding of the 5,000.
  • Songs about the body
  • Creating spooky and space music.
  • Global Dimmension
  • Learn names of the body in Spanish.
  • Sing songs about the body in Spanish.
  • Find out about fruit and vegetables and the places they come from.