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Go Green Rainforest!

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Go Green Rainforest! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Go Green Rainforest!. What makes a Rainforest.

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what makes a rainforest
What makes a Rainforest

A rainforest lie’s in a tropic area, and receives plenty of rainfall. Each rainforest has a canopy which is a layer of branches and leaves formed by closely spaced trees. A Rainforest is also Biodiversity, Which means to have all living things such as plants, animals, and fungi. Lastly is has Symbiotic relationships between species. This means that all species work together. Where two or more different species benefit from helping each other.



Hoh Rainforest, Washington

Kalopa Rainforest, Hawaii

La paz waterfall garden, Costa Rica

Mango moon, Costa Rica


You're a NEED!

Rainforest help give us oxygen considering how many plants are there. The rainforest also stabilizes the worlds climate. It acts like huge sponge sucking up the water. In fact it stores over half the earths rainfall. The plants and trees then take that water and put it back into our atmosphere creating clouds and such.

It’s a big cycle. There are also plenty of undiscovered things in the rainforest that way may never find do to the people tearing them down.




As the human population increases they need to expand the grounds. They need to build more houses and farms, pave out a couple more roads. All while doing this there killing hurting and leaving animals homeless. Without us they are defenseless. We have spaces other than the rainforest but because we don’t live there we don’t care. America is selfish ignorant bullies. We have everything and still want more.


Save them!

The animals and plants that are located in the rainforest are in grave danger. When we tare down the rainforest were taking away homes food and lives. They rely on the rainforest the way we rely on oxygen. It is a need. Its up to us to save them. There are things from there we need that helps make medicines for certain things and without the rainforest we wont be able to produce those medicines any more.


Tare down your own home!

New conservation policy must be built on the principal of sustainable use is development of rainforest.