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Managing MicroStation Workspaces and Standards in ProjectWise PowerPoint Presentation
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Managing MicroStation Workspaces and Standards in ProjectWise

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Managing MicroStation Workspaces and Standards in ProjectWise - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Managing MicroStation Workspaces and Standards in ProjectWise. Introducing the Managed Workspace. ProjectWise 8.1 introduced Workspace Profiles Allowed for the usage of MicroStation Workspaces in ProjectWise as resources

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Presentation Transcript
introducing the managed workspace
Introducing the Managed Workspace
  • ProjectWise 8.1 introduced Workspace Profiles
    • Allowed for the usage of MicroStation Workspaces in ProjectWise as resources
    • Workspace data (cell libraries, materials, seed files, etc.) were maintained outside of ProjectWise
    • Limited integration between ProjectWise and MicroStation (file open dialogs, etc.)
introducing the managed workspace1
Introducing the Managed Workspace
  • ProjectWise XM introduces the Managed Workspace
    • Store workspace data (cell libraries, materials, seed files, etc.) in ProjectWise
    • Absorb Microstation configuration files (*.CGF, *.PCF, *.UCF, etc.) into ProjectWise Configuration Settings Blocks (CSBs)
    • Tighter integration between ProjectWise and MicroStation (file open dialogs, etc.)
managed workspace definition
Managed Workspace Definition
  • Working with workspace resources imported into ProjectWise and configuration files translated into configuration settings blocks
  • Configuration settings blocks assigned to DGNs (either directly or through inheritance)
managed workspace benefits
Managed Workspace Benefits
  • One storage location for all workspace data
  • Better integration between ProjectWise and MicroStation
  • More Priority Levels
  • Can work with data outside of ProjectWise
  • Assign CSBs to data sources, applications, users, folders, projects, and documents
  • Better support for the “off-line” work scenario
  • Can work with Workspace Profiles
advantages over workspace profiles
Advantages over Workspace Profiles
  • Providing access to the workspace data (configs and resources) across projects and sites
  • Allows users to leverage caching and distributed file shares for workspace data
  • Simplified mechanism for managing resource data in ProjectWise
managed workspace operations overview
Managed Workspace Operations Overview
  • Import workspace data into ProjectWise
  • Translate CGF files to CSBs
  • Redirect CSBs to ProjectWise data
  • Assign CSBs
  • On DGN open from ProjectWise, configuration settings are applied
  • Works with MicroStation XM, V8 and J
configuration settings blocks
Configuration Settings Blocks
  • ProjectWise implementation of Microstation Configuration files and levels
  • Each CSB contains configuration variables
  • Configuration variables operate as they do in MicroStation (mostly)
    • Respect =, :, >, <, +, %undef, %level, and %lock operations
    • Do not need #, %include, %if, %else, %elif, %error, %endif
  • A CSB can be thought of as a CFG file in ProjectWise
configuration settings blocks1
Configuration Settings Blocks
  • Six levels of Priority:
    • Global – Mapped to System Level (0)
    • Customer – New level
    • Site – Mapped to Site Level (2)
    • Project – Mapped to Project Level (3)
    • Discipline – New Level
    • User – Mapped to User Level (4)
configuration settings blocks2
Configuration Settings Blocks

Added ProjectWise Folders and Documents to Edit Dialog Value Types

Value Edit Dialog

Variable\Value List

  • CSBs can be assigned in ProjectWise to the following:
  • Support relative path statements
  • CSBs can be linked together (similar to %includes)
  • Follow inheritance rules in ProjectWise
managing csbs
Managing CSBs
  • Edited in ProjectWise Administrator
  • Can be manually created
  • Can be created from existing MicroStation configuration files (Import Wizard)
  • Assigned to ProjectWise objects in ProjectWise Administrator and\or ProjectWise Explorer
assigning csbs
Assigning CSBs
  • In Administrator
    • Datasource
    • User
    • Application
  • In Explorer
    • Project
    • Folder
    • Document
opening a dgn file with a csb file associated
Opening a DGN file with a CSB file Associated
  • Associated CSBs are copied locally as text files to the %PWWorkdir\workspace\ folder
  • A “master” CSB file is created that contains all the %include statements for each of the CFG files generated from the CSBs.
  • Any file that is referred to by a configuration variable in the CSB is copied locally from ProjectWise to the appropriate DMS folder
opening a dgn file with a csb file associated1
Opening a DGN file with a CSB file Associated
  • MicroStation is launched with a –wc statement pointing to the temporary “master” configuration file
  • Note – does check cache for files before copying out
working in microstation
Working in MicroStation
  • Integrated File Open Dialogs
  • New Workspace Configuration Dialog
    • Filter row
    • Dialog can be resized
    • Icons for restart and lock
  • UCF file is replaced with the Personal Workspace
personal workspace
Personal Workspace
  • Replaces UCF as storage for variable changes
  • Visible from MicroStation and ProjectWise Explorer
  • Administrator can disable the usage for users if desired
importing existing workspace data
Importing Existing Workspace Data
  • Use the Import Wizard, launched from ProjectWise Administrator
  • Overall Process:
    • Copy Workspace Data from system disk to ProjectWise (outside of wizard)
    • Import CFGs to CSBs
    • Change CSB paths to refer to data in ProjectWise instead of system disk data
import wizard details
Import Wizard Details
  • User enters MicroStation installation and workspace root directory
  • Wizard processes all configuration files in the workspace root and allows the user to pick which ones to import to CSBs
import wizard details1
Import Wizard Details
  • Wizard displays configuration file dependencies (%included files)
  • Imports selection of configuration files to create CSBs
  • Can end session and work with CSBs referring to data on system disk or continue to change references to data in ProjectWise
import wizard details2
Import Wizard Details
  • To change variable paths, select CSB, and is shown a list of file system paths from each variable
  • Specify which ProjectWise folder corresponds to each file system folder in the CSB (called mapping)
  • Can choose the top-level folder, the wizard will cascade automatically through all folders and modify the path statements
import wizard details3
Import Wizard Details
  • The wizard will update the variable paths in the CSBs to refer to data in ProjectWise instead of the file system
  • Existing workspace data not modified
managing workspace data
Managing Workspace Data
  • Files copied out for managed workspace support are visible in the Organizer ->Workspace Files
  • Files can be purged from Organizer separately from standard copied out data
managing workspace data1
Managing Workspace Data
  • Documents\folders with CSBs assigned retain assignment on copy
  • CSBs can be copied retaining or removing links
  • Deleting folders in ProjectWise Explorer that have CSBs assigned asks for deletion of variables
workflows supported
Workflows Supported
  • Multiple offices using redundant copies of workspaces (use cache to remove need for multiple copies)
  • Different workspace configurations for projects, applications or users
  • Datasource “global” settings
  • Site specific configurations
  • New methodology for managing MicroStation workspaces in ProjectWise
  • Data and configuration settings now managed in ProjectWise
  • Provides more administrative controls for the management of workspace configurations in ProjectWise
  • Will require some administrator effort for import/migration of existing data