profound leadership assessment tools
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Profound Leadership Assessment Tools

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Profound Leadership Assessment Tools. Stan Payton, Profound Leader. What Is the First Thing You Need to Know Before You Can Go Anywhere?. Profound Leadership. Where you want to go!. Profound Leadership. When it comes to LEADERSHIP, IT IS A CHOICE!!!. Profound Leadership.

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profound leadership assessment tools

Profound Leadership Assessment Tools

Stan Payton,

Profound Leader

profound leadership
Profound Leadership

Where you want to go!

profound leadership1
Profound Leadership

When it comes to LEADERSHIP,


profound leadership2
Profound Leadership

Do you choose to


profound leader
Profound Leader

Once you have decided on your destination (LEADER), what else do you need to know to be able to get there?

Or put more generically…

profound leadership3
Profound Leadership

Where you are now?

when it comes to profound leadership
When It Comes to Profound Leadership


428-348 BC


profound leadership4
Profound Leadership

Assessment of where you are is the first Critical Piece of the Process to Develop/Improve your Leadership.

profound leadership assessment tools1
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tools

We have three sets of assessment tools. All three are based upon an enhanced version of the US Federal Government Competency Model discussed earlier.

profound leadership assessment tool s 1
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tool(s) 1

The first assessment tool(s) consists of thirty (30) questions each directly corresponding to one of the twenty-seven (27) Federal Competencies and three (3) Profound Leader Competencies.

profound leadership assessment tool s 2
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tool(s) 2

The second assessment tool(s) consists of ninety-six (96) questions distilling the twenty-one (21) competencies in the IRS model and three (3) other Profound Leader Identified Competencies.

profound leadership assessment tool s 3
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tool(s) 3

The third assessment tool(s) consists of one hundred and twenty (120) questions distilling the twenty-seven (27) competencies in the OPM model along with three (3) Profound Leader Identified Competencies.

profound leadership assessment tools2
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tools

All three (3) of assessment tools use the same input format:

Example of format

profound leadership assessment tools3
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tools

All three (3) assessment tools provide similar output:

Example of Output

profound leadership assessment tools4
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tools

All three (3) assessment tools use a similar registration format:

Example of Registration

profound leadership assessment tools5
Profound LeadershipAssessment Tools

The limited self-assessment version of all three tools is provided free of charge.

You simply register for the assessment you wish to take:

profound leadership assessment tools6
Profound Leadership Assessment Tools

"Give me a lever long enough

and a place to stand,

and I will move the world."-Archimedes, 230 BC