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  1. Gatsby Chapters 4-7

  2. Sealed with a Kiss Compose an aprx. 1 page letter that Gatsby might have sent to Daisy while he was fighting in World War I OR one that Daisy might have written to Gatsby after her wedding to Tom. Consider… dominant character traits Diction Syntax Style

  3. Nick’s List: • Why keep it? • Names on it: Belcher, Smirks, Haag • Vulgar sounding • Fitzgerald’s POV: Pointlessness and violence of “these people” • Doctor Civet drowned, Ripley Snell went to prison, Earl Muldoon’s brother strangled his wife, etc. •  Gatsby: Showing off or something more? Gatsby’s Guests

  4. Exposes Gatsby’s true self • Foreshadows the destruction of his dream—it is the destruction of his image. • What is Gatsby’s dream? • Daisy • Repeating the past • Doomed to fail? • Daisy’s maiden name was “Fay”—a synonym for fairy—ethereal quality Flashback—fragmentation of Modernism

  5. Daisy and Gatsby meet—where? • Nick’s House (neutral ground) • Daisy will come because… • Tom will not suspect anything because… • After initial awkwardness, they enjoy each other and move on to—Where? • Gatsby’s house…why? • Daisy’s reaction? Setting (chapter 5)

  6. Gatsby: • unaware of social norms of Daisy’s class. How so? • Set up meeting thru Nick • Gaudy parties to impress • Does not realize—or refuses to accept—the snub from the Sloanes. • Kind of makes Nick a “pimp.” How is this statement true? False? • Offers Nick a job to pay him back • Daisy: • becomes emotional when seeing Gatsby’s house for the first time because… • What does this reveal about her character? Character development

  7. Car—symbolizing ease and wealth BUT • Immorality of materialistic dream = wreck • Carelessness with the dream (they are all drunk as they are leaving) •  New York—an illusion of happiness Theme: American Dream

  8. Gatsby realizes his dream isn’t what he thought…why? • The culmination is the beginning of the destruction • Daisy comes to Gatsby’s party and… • Gatsby expects her to be impressed, but she is not. She’s too “cultured” for the gaudy lifestyle he’s created. • Dream crashes into reality Theme: American Dream

  9. Find one passage the indirect characterizes each of the following characters. Gatsby Myrtle George Character development

  10. Trimalchio, a character created by the Roman satirist Petronius, is a vulgar upstart whose low origins are shown by his extravagance and ostentation. • Why does Gatsby’s Trimalchio ways end? Trimalchio is no more

  11. Dan Cody—who is he? • aimless drifter • no life purpose. •  “a satisfactory hint of the unreality of reality, a promise that the rock of the world was founded securely on a fairy’s wing.” • Idealism • Gatsby’s goal—repeat the past Flashback—Fragmentation of Modernism

  12. Cody’s life • Gatsby’s idealism Theme: Purposeless wealth destroys souls

  13. MOTIF: MIRRORS chapter 1 • Daisy and Jordan are lying on the couches in white dresses. • Tom is on the telephone with his mistress. • Tells us? • Gatsby has changed nothing significant in the lives of the Buchanans. • The action moves to the neutral ground of the hotel suite. • Mood • Wedding march • Hot weather Setting

  14. Identify the Nuances in the passages Nuance: subtle differences

  15. What is it? • Daisy and Gatsby take off together and Myrtle is killed on the way home. • Who is driving? • What foreshadowed this event? Climax

  16. Daisy • Kisses Gatsby in front of Nick and Jordan—tells us she is… • Displays Pammy the way Tom displays Myrtle • Reluctantly tells Tom she never loved him • Driving • Tom • Reminds Daisy of “the good ol’ days” • Reveals origin of Gatsby’s wealth • Gatsby • Watches Daisy in the window after the incident • Sees Daisy with Tom; doesn’t get it • Nick • Begins to feel moral responsibility in light of the incident Character development